Star Trek: Reloaded


21st Century Earth. Raiden, a criminal, lit a cigarette outside an Abandonned Warehouse. He stared up at the night sky thinking about his plan, and smiled. The stars were looking particularly bright tonight.
Raiden: "Mheh, heh, heh."

In the distance at the roadside, a black Corvette follows three grey Cars. The grey Cars suddenly pull into the parking lot of the Abandonned Warehouse, where three white Cars are parked.

The Corvette pulls over to the roadside. An out of uniform, off-duty officer steps out looking at the Warehouse in the distance.
Lei: "What is he up to...?"

Raiden gets the Gangs from both the white Cars and grey Cars to meet inside the Warehouse. They approach a table in the center.
Jergen: "What are you doing here?"
Turks: "What are we doing here, what are you doing here?"
Jergen: "This must be some kind of set up... and you're in on it!!"
Both Gangs immediately pull out guns and aim at each other. They all start firing as people hide behind crates and shoot away at the enemy.

Outside in the parking lot, Lei hides behind a white Car, spying on Raiden. Raiden has snuck out the Warehouse, carrying a suitcase of money. Lei takes out his modified 9mm Handgun and stands up, aiming it.
Lei: "Hold it right there, Raiden!"

Raiden stopped in his tracks, just in front of one of the grey Cars: "Well... if it isn't Lieutenant Lei." Raiden knew him well.

Lei: "You promised those two gangs experimental laser rifles, didn't you?"
Raiden: "Heh, heh, yeah... They're so gullible. Unfortunately, there's no such thing as laser rifles!"

A bullet from the shoot-out inside, gets out and hits Lei in the thigh. Lei falls to one knee in pain.
Lei: "Argh!!"

Raiden uses this chance to get into the grey Car and hotwire it. The grey Car drives around, as Raiden sticks a shotgun out the window, firing at Lei.

Lei rolls to the side, being missed. He fires his bullets into the Car as its driving around the parking lot. The Car's outer body is damaged, and windows are shattered.

Lei ducks more escaped fire from the Warehouse as Raiden drives the grey Car out onto the road. He fires at Lei from the distance, hitting Lei in the shoulder.
Raiden: "Hahaha!"

Lei leans behind and against one of the white Cars in pain. He holds his bleeding shoulder, watching as his foe has escaped.


Chapter 1

Shots flew out from the Warehouse. Lei wasn't going to just sit there. He got up and ran along the parking lot, ducking bullets flying overhead. He made it to the roadside, leaping over the hood of his Corvette.

He wrapped a cloth around the wound in his leg and turned on his Corvette. The Corvette sped around and jetted down the street, after the Raiden's grey Car.

Lei: "Don't be a fool Raiden!"
He yelled as he drove up beside him.

Raiden: "You just don't quit, do you!?"
He pulls his grey Car over, ramming against the Corvette. Lei slams his Corvette right back against the grey Car, returning the favor.

Raiden loses control and tries to break, as the grey Car spins down the road and smashes against a tree. The tree is just outside a large Forest. Raiden, gets out, okay, and runs off with his suitcase deep into the Forest.

Lei screetches his Corvette to a stop and jumps out. He puts his Handgun in his belt holder as he takes the Shotgun out the grey Car and runs on after Raiden.

They both push past leaves and bushes through the Forest.

Raiden starts to lose his breath until he finds an open area where a strange structral vehicle sits. A back door unhatches from the Structure as a strange green looking man walks over from the Forest. The green man has collected tree branches.
Kelik: "I hope these taste good. I'm so hungry."

Kelik, a Suliban, enters the structure, which is actually a small Starship Shuttle of some sort. Raiden figures the guy has some disease, until he hears Lei coming.

Raiden sneaks into the Starship Shuttle and looks at all the flashy controls in confusion.

The Starship Shuttle, which is actually a 30th Century Timeship, suddenly starts hovering off the ground. The door hatch begins to close, while Lei steps out into the open area seeing this. His eye immediately catches Raiden, inside the hovering Timeship.
Lei: "Raiden!!"

Lei runs and leaps onto the closing hatch. Raiden runs deeper inside the Timeship, intending on hijacking it. Lei climbs inside as the hatch closes.

The Timeship ascends up into the sky, knocking a flock of birds off course. The Timeship speeds out the atmosphere into space.

Raiden enters the control room and picks up Kelik and slams him against the console.
Raiden: "Where am I!? What is this thing!?"
Kelik: "Ackk!! --Erg-- don't-- kill-- me--!!"
Raiden: "I'm taking over this government cover-up space ship!"
Kelik, struggles: "I crash landed here from the future, you fool!"
Raiden swipes his Frequency Disrupter and aims it: "I said, I'm taking it over..."
Kelik goes over to a wall as Raiden takes the Helm, still aiming the Disrupter with his other hand. Raiden starts tapping at the control panel, trying to figure it out.
Kelik: "Oh God! The Station doesn't even know I time-jumped. No one's going to know about this and fix the alteration to the timeline!"
Lei: "Nice try, Raiden..."
Lei enters the control room, aiming the Shotgun at Raiden who turns around.
Raiden: "Lieutenant! ...You're like some kind of unstoppable... person!"
Kelik: "You primordial idiots! Don't you realize where you are!?"
Lei looks out the front window and sees space and all the stars in it. Raiden uses this opportunity to grab the nose of the Shotgun, pulling it away.
Raiden: "Argh!"
The Shotgun is fired, piercing the Helm controls. Electric currents ride along the panels in the background as Raiden and Lei struggle for the Shotgun.
Kelik: "Aahh!!!"

Raiden steps back and is about to fire his Disrupter but the Timeship suddenly jerks.

The Timeship flows with energy, and warps through space, jumping to sometime in the future... the 24th Century. The Timeship spins out of control through space.

Kelik gets to the Helm, trying to regain control. He's suddenly shocked with energy from the panels and knocked unconscious. Raiden fires the Disrupter into Lei's chest, sending Lei into the other wall and also unconscious.

The ship's computer compromises the uncontrolled energy currents until they disappear.
#Computer: "Defected controls have been re-routed to Workstation 7."
Panels light up in another part of the front controls, showing the resaved configurations. Raiden walks over and accesses them.
Raiden: "Err--, uh, how do I... fly the space ship...?"
#Computer: "Primary Helm controls are located here."
Certain alien shapes on the panels light up, as Raiden figures them out.


Chapter 2

Lei woke up on a medical bed. An Emergency Medical Hologram stood over him.
EMH: "Well you're looking better."
Lei: "...Wh--?"
EMH: "Second degree disrupter blast to the chest, bullet wound to the leg, two smaller bullets to the shoulder."
He walks over to a table and picks up Lei's Handgun.
EMH: "I'd say you live an interesting life..."
Lei gets up and grabs his Handgun back: "Give me that! ...Err, uh, thanks... Doctor?"
Jackie enters the room and turns off the EMH. She approaches Lei.
Lei: "Oh God!"
Jackie, offers her hand: "Ensign Seanna Jackie of the Utopia Shipyards."
Lei, carefully shakes her hand: "Uh... Lieutenant Lei Sanchez..."
Jackie: "Nice get up, sir. Holodeck fun?"

She leads him to the control bridge. They're inside of a Federation Runabout, the Trinity, speeding through space at Warp.
Lei looks out the window: "Ugh! ...We're really travelling through space, aren't we...?"
Jackie: "Yeah, you made it. Your vessel was attacked by a Remen Warbird. I was nearby and tried to save you guys, but I only beamed you out before they got the ship."
Lei had a hunch that his next question should be: "...What year is this...?"
Jackie: "2379, Stardate 56918-point-5. You must of hit your head? I couldn't get a good scan of your vessel, but I don't think I've seen its type before...."
Lei, takes a seat in astonishment: "Unbelievable..."
Jackie notices Lei's emotional pause. She takes a seat next to him: "I'm sorry you lost your friends..."
She tries to sympathize, looking at the floor.
Jackie: "I... lost a friend to alien's last month. He was like a father to me... It was a cloaked vessel that abducted him."
Lei, glances at her: "Huh?"
Jackie, stands: "That's why I'm not at the Shipyards right now. I snuck away on this Runabout to search for him."
Lei turns to the Helm controls, studying them in curiosity: "The future..."
Jackie: "Don't tell anyone okay? My Commander is going to have a breakdown."
Lei: "Ensign... Is there a... police station of some kind, I could do a background check?"
Jackie: "What? You can do a background check in the Federation Database."
She leads him over to side panel on the wall and accesses it. Jackie looks over at Lei, who has a look of preliminary fear on his face.
Lei: "...Lei Sanchez."
Jackie is confused by this request of him wanting to background check himself. She taps at the panels as the computer pulls through lists of names. Lei's department picture clicks on screen.
Jackie: "Nice pic."
Lei reads through his stats.
- Born 1978. Went missing in the field. -
Jackie, checks the helm: "Here we are!"

The Runabout Trinity drops Warp and approaches the Cardassian built Deep Space 9. The Trinity lands on a platform, so that Jackie and Lei can enter the Station.

Jackie: "I'm supposed to meet a Bajoran trader here. He told me he had information on what happened to my friend."
The entire Station seems busy and crowded as usual.
Lei: "I can't believe this..."
They make thier way to the upper level of the Prominade, where Lei looks down at all the aliens walking around casually.


Chapter 3

Lei enter's Quark's Establishment, which is active and busy. He goes over to the Bar to order a drink, but the bartender is no where to be found.

Walking around, he suddenly notices a Nausicaan holding a Ferengi up to a wall in a secluded corner of the establishment.
Flerge: "You owe me money from last week's shipment...!!"
Quark: "I have it. I swear!"
Flerge, takes out a knife: "Too late, Ferengi..."
He's about to stab Quark until Lei calls from the distance: "Don't even think about it!"
Flerge turns to see Lei, with a Handgun: "What the hell is this...?"
Lei, aiming: "Put your hands up and step away from him!"
Flerge drops Quark to the floor and starts walking toward Lei: "I do not recognize your authority, Human..."
Lei: "Drop your weapon!"
Flerge just keeps walking towards Lei, amused by his weapon. Lei is forced to fire one shot. Flerge is hit in the shoulder and pushed back to an angle in pain: "Argh! That hurt!!"

Flerge chases Lei into the table area. Flerge takes out a plasma discharger and fires two shots of plasma at Lei. Lei dives accross a table, ducking one, and then hits the floor, pulling the table over as a shield against the other: "So much for the cop approach."

Flerge steps forward, adjusting the frequency setting on his discharger. He blasts a couple shots at the table, destroying it, but Lei has rolled away under another table.

Three bullets are fired into Flerge, hitting his chest, waist, and leg.
Flerge: "Grggh!"
He steps towards the table area, trying to get a clear view of his enemy until Lei jabs a table edge into his stomach. Lei stands, picks it up, and uppercuts the table across his chin.
Flerge, drops his discharger: "Grarghh!!!"

Flerge uses this close range to smack the table away. He arcs his head forward, trying to bite at Lei with his long teeth.

Lei leans back, dodging, and then pulling up his Handgun, firing bullet after bullet into Flerge's body. Flerge walks slowly towards Lei, taking in each loud shot. He begins to weaken.
Flerge: "Argh!"

Two more Nausicaan's suddenly run in, backing up Flerge.

Lei, looks around: "Great..."
Plasma shots are fired at him, as he turns and runs. He jumps, grabbing a hanging tapestry, and swings over the table area to the other side. He hits the floor and runs out into the Prominade.

He weaves through crowds of aliens, hiding behind a control panel wall. The Nausicaans run out, unable to find him. They turn back into the Establishment.

Lei, sighs: "Well I hope that's all the chasing there'll be today."

He bumps into Jackie and her Bajoran contact.
Pren, hands an iso-chip: "Take this."
Jackie, recieves it: "Thanks."
Thier heads turn, noticing a group of Federation Security Guards heading towards them.
Lei: "Oh now they come."
Brian, grabs Jackie's arm: "Jackie..."
They make eye contact, having known each other intimately in the past.
Jackie: "Brian. I didn't think I was going to see you."
Brian: "We're taking you in. I'm... sorry I have to do this, Jackie."
Jackie: "...And I'm sorry I have to do this."
Not really sorry, she slams an electro magnetic device onto his forearm.
Brian's suddenly shocked with bands of energy: "Augh!"
Jackie makes a run for it, grabbing Lei with her.

She leads the way as they push through crowds of people: "Ugh! ...You're not really in the Federation, are you?"
Lei, leaps over someone's bag: "How'd you know?"

They hide behind a wall at the Infermary.
Jackie: "Cut me a break. You stick out like a sore Bolian."
Bashir, walks over: "Is there something I can help you with?"
Lei: "Uhh, no. Is there something we can help you with?"
Bashir is momentarily confused. Jackie and Lei use this opportunity to run.

They make thier way to the docking rings level, running past airlock after airlock.
Lei: "They're coming!"
Jackie finds a console, and searches through the Station's Arrival list. She then drags Lei down a corridor and opens a specific airlock. They enter a Federation Starship.
Jackie: "We lost 'em."

They go down a hallway, seeing someone coming. They quickly turn the corner and enter a cramped weapon's storage closet where they're forced against each other.
Lei: "Ugh! ...I'd just like to say that I find you really attractive."
Jackie, ignores him: "...The Prometheus... The Beta Anteras Shipyards' best work in five years."

With the two of them stowed away on it, the Prometheus undocks Deep Space 9, and heads out. The Prometheus treks for the Wormhole, entering it.


Chapter 4

The Prometheus exits the Wormhole, flying into the Gamma Quadrant. Jackie and Lei make thier way through the corridors of the busy ship, as Lei is wearing a Starfleet Uniform to blend in.
Jackie: "Good. No one's caught on to us yet. I wonder what those Guards at Deep Space 9 think happened to us."
Lei: "Yeah, and I wonder if those tall aliens got a chance to kill that big eared alien back at that Bar."
They suddenly glance at each other having not listened to each other's ramblings as they enter a Turbolift.

The Prometheus rondezvous' with a Jem'Hadar Battle Cruiser, the Neikada, in space.
Texas, the temporary Captain, is hailed: "On screen."
>Neyern, a Vorta: "Greetings. We have requested to meet with you."
Lei and Jackie enter the Bridge unnoticed. Jackie starts tapping at panels in the back, accessing systems.
Texas: "What the dag nabbit do you think you-er doing? This is a very strange way to meet after the whole Dominion war thing! I killed ten of you sick bastards!"
>Neyern: "My vessel has come to hear rumours that the Remen's are going to start an alliance with the Orion's. Word is that a Human is putting them together!"
Texas: "Fer what?"
>Neyern: "Who knows. All I know that the Human goes by the name of Raiden."
Texas: "Never heard of him. He ain't in the Federation that's fer sure! What the dag nabbit are-ye-doin-out here? You know that the Changelings are under extensive trials. You have some explaining to do, dag nabbit!"

Lei is shocked at this. He looks away in deep thought, talking to himself: "...Raiden."
The panel Jackie is working on suddenly starts beeping: "Come on!"
She grabs Lei, re-entering the turbolift out of there. The tactical officer turns around to find the problem.
Kayla: "Captain! ...There's an overload in the top-Vector rerouting system!"
Texas: "What are you talkin about, woman?"
Kayla, working: "Cause unknown, but in five minutes the entire top-Vector will be flooded with static EM-surges!!"
Texas: "Consornit! ...Alright, let's evacuate everyone to the middle and bottom Vectors!"

Red Alert goes on as everyone on the Bridge and a couple decks below it, rush out to turbolifts, dematerialize, and jefferey tube thier way off the top section of the Prometheus to the lower sections. Jackie and Lei enter the empty Bridge, where Jackie accesses the back consoles.
Jackie: "I've locked out the main computer and placed level 10 forcefields around crucial access corridors."
Lei paces the Bridge, startled by the Red Alert: "What are you doing? You're doing something illegal, aren't you?"
Jackie, while working: "Uhh... no I'm not."
Lei, snaps: "Yes you are!"

The top-third of the Prometheus unhatches from the rest of the ship. It impulses past the Jem'Hadar Cruiser Neikada.
Neyern: "I knew it. The Federation is up to something!"
'First: "What are your orders?"
Neyern: "After them!"

The bottom-two halves of the Prometheus just sit there as the Neikada turns and accelerates out of there.
Kayla, trying to get control of systems: "It's going to take me a while, sir. Someone's locked out the main computer."
Texas: "Derg nibbit!"

The top-third, aka Vector 1, sleek and cool, speeds through space.
Jackie, approaches the helm: "I initiated the Multi-Vector serperation sequence, only for this one Vector."
Lei, sitting at the helm: "Hmm... I flew an airplane once."
Jackie: "Where the hell are you from anyway?"
The Vector suddenly shakes, being fired at by the Jem'Hadar Cruiser.
Jackie runs over to tactical: "You need at least four years of Starfleet Academy training to do that! ...Oh my God. We're being followed by that Jem'Hadar ship."
She accesses weapons.

Vector 1 blasts phasers out its back, hitting the hull of the Jem'Hadar Cruiser. The Jem'Hadar Cruiser launches a quantum torpedo towards them, but the Vector veers downward, dodging it.

Lei: "Hahaha! If only the boys at the precinct could see me now."
Jackie, scanning: "See if you can get us a clear shot of thier aft dorsal section."

The Vector lowers and falls back, right under the Jem'Hadar Crusier. It cuts phasers into the Crusier's bottom shields and destroys important circutry.

Jackie: "Great work!"

The Cruiser starts to lose stability. It launches three heat seeking torpedos, which fly around. Vector 1 sinks to dodge them, then parallels around the Cruiser until it hovers over head.

The heat seeking missles approach from behind, until Jackie slams a tractor beam onto Cruiser, and Lei pulls both ship's upwards. The Jem'Hadar Battle Cruiser is triple hit and begins to explode, as the Vector drops tractor.
Neyern: "Damn! ...Who cares about the stupid Federation. Stop the ship and repair damages!"

The Jem'Hadar Battle Cruiser maintains structure as only parts of it explode. It holds position to heal its wounds as the Prometheus Vector jumps to Warp, out of there.

Jackie takes over the helm: "That isolinear chip Pren gave me was co-ordinates for the location of my friend, Darpa."
Lei, looks around: "Don't you people have washrooms in the 24th Century?"
He leaves, to change his clothes.

The Prometheus Vector drops Warp, and speeds towards a complicated Borg city structure in the distance; built around two large asteroids with a noticible energy beaming between the two asteroids.

...This is where Jackie's co-ordinates led her.


Chapter 5

Jackie watches the viewscreen in awe as the Vector keeps speeding towards the Borg city built around the energy linked asteroids.
Jackie: "...The Borg."
Lei walks over, with a Shotgun: "These replicators are amazing! Those tall aliens won't know what hit 'em."
He takes out his 9mm Handgun and wrenches it.
Lei: "...Totally reloaded. "
He notices Jackie's attention to the viewscreen.
Jackie, ponders: "I don't understand. The Borg are a Delta Quadrant species. What are they doing all the way out here? ...They must've Transwarped over. They're trying to assimilate that energy those two asteroids are producing..."
Lei has no idea what she's talking about. He approaches her, looking down at the floor.
Lei: "Look, Jackie, I'm really sorry, but I don't know anything about this Century. I shouldn't have followed you into the run."
He picks up his Shotgun.
Lei: "Now you're a Wanted Starship hijacker. I chase people like you for a living... or at least I used to. You know, not including the Starship part."
Jackie is way too busy working on the sensor readings to listen to him.
Jackie: "I think I'm on to something here... I'm reading so many assimilated aliens, and one of them seems to match Darpa's."
Lei: "Jackie, are you even listening me?"
She gets up and runs over to tactical.
Jackie: "I know his readings anywhere... I can't believe it. The Borg kidnapped him? ...Now he's assimilated... Pren was reluctant to tell me about the Borg part, as usual..."
She picks up her Tricorder with the isolinear chip stuck in it, trying to find anymore information.
Lei: "Jackie, listen, I'm not going with you this time. I have to figure out what happened to me."
Jackie: "Maybe I can beam him out or something..."

A Borg Sphere, and two Borg transport Pods fly out towards the Prometheus Vector. They slam tractor beams onto the Vector and pull them towards the Asteroided City.

Jackie stops: "...Shit!"
Lei, startled: "What? --Is it bad? --Are the Borg bad?"

In the distance, the bottom-two section's of the Prometheus suddenly drop Warp. It starts firing phasers and torpedoes at the Borg Sphere's and Pod's.

A Borg Cube suddenly approaches, rotating, and firing torpedoes. Jackie and Lei are beamed off the Vector by the Borg.

The torpedoes from the bottom Vector's of the Prometheus knocks the Sphere and Pod's away from the helpless top Vector. The Prometheus reintegrates, just as the Cube hits it with energy beams.
Texas: "Take us out of here, consornit!"

The Prometheus, fully intact, jumps to Warp. The Cube turns around, not caring much.

Jackie and Lei rematerialize inside one of the Borg bases on one of the Asteroids. Two Borg Drones walk towards them in the corridor.
Lei: "What the hell are they??"
Jackie: "...The last thing we'll ever remember."
Lei holds up his Shotgun and blasts one of the Drone's in the chest. The Drone falls back onto the floor.
Jackie immediately goes over her tricorder: "Yes! We got lucky! I think I'm picking him up..."
She continues to reconfigure her tricorder as she runs down the next corridor.

Jackie stops, coming face to face with a Drone. Lei pulls her away and blasts a pack of bullets at the Drone. The Drone goes flying over a ledge.
Jackie: "This way!"

They approach an alcove with a Drone regenerating. The Drone is a Human, short, and is an old man.
Jackie: "Darpa!"
She taps at panels, and struggles to pull him out the alcove.
Lei, looking out: "Your friend is one of them...?"
Jackie: "Not by choice. He hasn't been gone long, so he might be easy to seperate from the Collective."
She starts working on the Darpa Drone's temple device.
Jackie: "I learned this in Borg Class."

A whole crowd of Drones approach from another side of the corridor. Lei arcs around and blasts his Shotgun at Drone after Drone, blasting each one away and into other Drones.
Lei: "They just keep coming!"

A Drone in the crowd is hit by a pack of bullets and knocked down. Another Drone is hit, but shields the bullets.
Lei: "Umm... okay. Level 2?"

Jackie has just about sabatoged Darpa's interplexing beacon. Lei grabs Jackie, who grabs Darpa. They make a run for it.
Lei: "Let's go!"

They take a platform down to the bottom floor of the Borg Base. Jackie leans Darpa next to a wall as he awakens.
Darpa: "Uhh... uhhhh..."
Jackie: "Darpa! Darpa! It's me! Jackie!"
Darpa: "...Jackie?"
He focuses his eyes.
Darpa: "...Wha... what are you doing here?"
Jackie: "I came to save you. I missed you so much."
Darpa: "All I remember is being transported onto a Jem'Hadar vessel... Then they brought me to the Gamma Quadrant... then the Borg..."
He tries to make sense of his memories.

A Drone approaches Lei. Lei smacks the end of his Shotgun across the Drone's face. The Drone recovers. He then forces the nose of the Shotgun through the Drone's shields and blasts it. The Drone goes flying back, but takes the Shotgun with it as it got stuck to its shields.

Jackie: "A Jem'Hadar vessel?"
Darpa, pulls her closer: "The Niekada. They're working for the Borg!"
Jackie: "That doesn't make any sense..."

Lei is confronted by another Drone. It sticks its assimilated arm out at him, but Lei grabs the arm. He redirects the arm into a console in the wall, electrocuting the Drone.
Lei: "Okay, I'll just do this for the next hour!"

Darpa, looks at Jackie like a father would his daughter: "...Ja... Jackie. Why did you come here? The Borg are ruthless!"
Jackie: "I had to save you Darpa. You're like a father to me. You're all I have left!"
Darpa: "Jackie no!"
Jackie, starts crying: "...After dad died... and Brian left... you're..."
She stops.
Darpa: "Now you've doomed us all!"
He embraces her, showing her he still loves her.
Jackie: "I know... I'm sorry..."

Tubules fly down from above. One of them piecres into Jackie's shoulder, slamming her against the wall.

Lei dodges a soaring tubule, forced to jump at the sight of an attacking Drone. He leaps off the drone's chest and clings onto a wriggling tubule. He swings around, coming back to kick the Drone down.

He then starts bobbing up and down, grabbing Jackie. The tubule pulls them both up into the air until one Drone leaps off an upper level, tackling them. They all go flying, slamming back to the bottom floor in pain.
Lei: "Augghh!!!"

The Drone picks Lei up and stabs tubules into his neck.
Lei: "Ugh! --You got to admit. I had you guys going there for a while..."
He looks for a response in the Drone's eyes.

Later, Lei and Jackie are placed in an assimilation room. Thier consciousnesses slowly falling in and out as they lay against beds beside each other. Drones work on them. They have accepted thier fate.
Jackie: "They've already begun the assimil-- ation procedure..."
Lei, tries to turn his head: "Ugh... the what? I still can't believe all these cybernetics."
Jackie: "Well... heh. It's been nice knowing ya... or at least, it'll be nice to know you more in the next few minutes."
Lei: "I should've known better than to follow you around this god forsaken future."
Jackie: "Hey, Lei. You have anyone where you come from... a family or a girlfriend or something?"
Lei, tries to maintain his focus: "Ugh! ...No. My girlfriend left me for another girl... you know... that whole lesbian thing."
Jackie is surprised.
Lei: "I guess you don't see much of that in your Federation. What about you?"
Jackie: "I-- argh!! --I thought I was in love with Brian... but I found him with another woman."
She glances over at him, in pain.
Lei: "You know Jackie. If we weren't about to be assimilated... I'd defintely take you out for a beer..."
Jackie, smiles: "...Really?"
Lei: "Yeah."
He breaks the romantic moment.
Lei: "But then we'd defintely have to have sex."
Jackie, smiles anyway: "You rugged types are all the same."

A Drone walks over and slams Lei's head against the metallic bed. The Drone takes a spinning drill and aims it for Lei's left eye.


Chapter 6

Using the last of his strength, Lei arcs his head to the left. The drill hits the table.
Lei: "Ugh!"
The Drone is alerted to this change of routine. He pulls the drill machine out the table and uses his other hand to reposition Lei's head.

Another drone's hand suddenly clasps onto that Drone's hand. It turns out to be Darpa. He takes the drill machine between them, stabbing into the Drone's forehead. The Drone is swung around to behind the tables, hung.

Darpa stabs his tubules into a nearby computer frame. Jackie and Lei regain strength and slowly sit up. Parts of thier skin are pale and grey. They have few assimilated devices on them.
Jackie, confused: "Darpa...?"
Darpa, takes out the tricorder with the iso-chip sticking out it: "There's a... micro-cellular viral agent in this isolinear chip... It seems it was made specifically to sabatoge Borg technology."
Jackie, walks over and takes the tricoder: "...Ha! Lucky Bajoran resistance fighter gets into my good books for that."
Lei picks up his Handgun from a nearby table: "We have to get out of here."

Jackie and Darpa quickly access wall consoles, in hopes of finding a way out.
Jackie: "There's a Vessel nearby... but it's in the Energy Field!"

Red laser lights flicker around Lei's body as a crowd of Drone's walk out from a dark corridor, motivating Jackie to dematerialize herself, Lei and Darpa out of there.

Lei, Jackie, and Darpa beam onto the Bridge seeing an entire Suliban crew who are glowing slightly, frozen in thier tracks during normal ship operations. Borg Drones are everywhere setting up frequency antennaes around the ship.
Lei: "Things just keep getting weirder and weirder."

A single Drone beams in. All the other busy Drone's on the Bridge are suddenly alerted. The whole lot of them stop working and start moving towards Jackie, Darpa, and Lei.

Jackie: "Lei!!"
Lei realizes she needs help. He quickly falls to one knee, pulling a second Handgun from his ankle belt. He tosses both Handgun's to Jackie.

Jackie, catches one after the other: "What do I do with these?"

Lei takes out a couple packs of ammo and tosses them to Jackie aswell: "Keep them loaded!"
He turns around as two Drone's suddenly step in front of him.

The first Drone reaches out its arm and grabs Lei's shoulder.

The other Drone shoots out tubules, but Lei forces his weight against the first Drone to spin both bodies around. Because of this, the other Drone accidentally stabs the tubules into the first Drone.

Lei kicks both Drone's into a Suliban.

The Suliban just stands there, unmoved.
Lei: "Hey, I recognize that guy."

A Drone confronts Jackie, but Jackie holds a Handgun in each of her hands, blasting bullets into the Drone.
'Drone, goes flying back: "UuUUuUhhh!"

She ducks the swing of another incoming Drone, as the Drone's swing hits a frozen Suliban. Jackie kneels on one knee, blasting bullets at approaching Drone's in the distance. Pieces of them go flying.

Lei: "I know this guy. This is the guy who was in the Timeship that brought me to this Century."
A Drone approaches from behind a kneeling Suliban. Lei rests his back against the back of the kneeling Suliban, and arcs himself over it. His feet fly around, each hitting the face the Drone, as he gets to the other side.

Jackie turns and stands, firing repeatedly both Guns at a Drone who's arm was stuck in a Suliban. The Drone tries reaching for her, but the pressure from her constant rapid fire knocks him over.

Jackie reloads her Guns.

Lei study's the Suliban: "I don't understand. What is he doing here, frozen?"
A Drone steps over, flinging tubules out at Lei, but Lei sees this and quickly dodges his head to an angle, grabbing the free arm of the Drone with one hand, and snatching the tubules in mid air with the other hand. He spins the Drone around, tying the tubules around its neck.

Jackie sidesteps around the Bridge, firing one Handgun after another, weaving around frozen Sulibans. Loud bullets take out Borg Drone after Borg Drone, sending pieces of technology flying into the air in chaos.

A Drone tries to grab Lei but Lei moves behind his frozen Suliban, Kelik.

Lei kicks, dodges, back hands the Drone, all around the complicated pose of the Suliban. He flips himself, resting onto Kelik's extended arms, grabbing his legs around the attacking Drone, and pulling its head to smash into the Kelik statue.

Lei, gets off and stands up in exhaustion.

A Drone approaches him from behind, but Jackie fires constant bullets from both guns at that Drone from the distance. Close enough to Lei, pieces from the Drone fly. Lei shields himself as the Drone falls to the floor.


All the Drone's have been rendered defeated, while Jackie goes around scanning with her tricorder: "My readings indicate that this Vessel has been caught frozen between the temporal gravitational energy caused by these two Asteroids for well over 200 years now."
Darpa, steps over: "...The Borg were unable to get past the protective barrier, that's why they wanted me... and any other successful scientist, to figure it out."

Jackie goes over to a Borg computer frame that has been set up, and taps at its console franticly. Lei walks over.
Lei: "They all really have been frozen for over 200 years?"
Jackie, working: "Yeah. It doesn't look like they're going to unfreeze anytime soon either."
They glance at each other for a second, adrenaline still rushing. They're about to feel a romantic connection--

But the Borg panel suddenly beeps.
Jackie, checks: "I've located a nearby Vessel to escape on again."
She glances at her companions, pressing a shape on the panel.

Jackie: "...Third time's a charm."

They're beamed out and onto a Borg Sphere, passing by. The Sphere speeds over one Asteroid and heads out into deep space.

It stretches into Transwarp.


Chapter 7

The Sphere continued through Transwarp.

Lei sat at a set up table in a seperate Borg room. With his elbow on the table, his forehead cupped in his hand in despair. Darpa entered.
Darpa: "Where are you from?"
Lei, looks up at him: "The distant past."
Darpa, walks over: "You don't expect me to believe that?"
Lei: "No. I guess not."

The Sphere drops Transwarp to normal space. Two Federation Starship's, the Sentinel, and the Enterprise, hover over and trek along side it in escort.

Lei enters the Control Center of the Sphere where Jackie is conversing with a viewscreen transmission. Her isolinear chip sticks into the console, rendering the Borg Sphere out of contact with the Collective.
>Madden: "We're detecting some intense magnetic asteroid fragments in the Sphere's dual couplink compartments. We may want to study it to possibly find out what the Borg were planning."

Jackie, Lei, and Darpa beam onto the Enterprise. Captain Picard hears of thier travels and arranges to meet with them. Lei, Jackie and Picard take a stroll down a hallway.
Picard: "I understand ones desire to go to extremes in order to save someone so dear to them... But we've taken an oath to the Federation and its rules."
Jackie: "But--"
Picard, stops: "We simply cannot have every Federation Officer stealing runabouts everytime someone they care about is taken by the Borg."
He then walks off, leaving them.
Lei: "Man, they still haven't cured hairloss in the future?"
Jackie, crosses her arms in depression: "You don't understand. Captain Picard is one of the most respected people in the Federation... Maybe he's right. Maybe I shouldnt've done what I did."
Lei becomes uncomfortable for a second.
Lei: "Err, come on Jackie. Darpa was the only important person in your life. It was understandible and, I think, justifiable. I break the rules all the time."
Jackie glances at him and smiles. Her mind becomes lost again.
Jackie: "Hold on, I want to catch up to the Captain and talk to him some more."

She runs off. Lei finds that he has no idea where he's walking until someone grabs him over to behind a corner, slamming him against the wall.
Thine: "You've been injected with Borg nano probes."
He's faced with two shady Federation Officers.
Swine: "Maybe the Borg let you go on purpose."
Thine: "Maybe they're trying to assimilate the Federation again."
Swine: "Section 31 doesn't like that."
Thine: "Section 31 doesn't like that at all."
Lei: "What? I have no idea what you're talking about. Leave me alone!"
He tries walking away, but they shove him into the wall again.
Swine: "No one gets away from us."
Thine: "Those who try fail."
Lei: "Well I'm proud for you."
Swine: "You're to come with us to be examined."
Thine: "Probed."
Swine: "Scanned."
Thine: "Dissected."
Lei pushes them aside, walking past them: "I don't think so."

He stops in his tracks, realizing that those two probably won't quit so easily.
Swine, takes out a phaser: "Come with us please."

Lei makes a run for it. Swine shoots as Lei ducks his phaser beam around a corner and it hits the wall.

Lei jets down a corrider, pushing past people, leaping over pushcart plasma containers.
Ogawa: "Hey watch it!"

Thine and Swine are running until they're stopped by the containers. They then run around them and continue to run until Lei comes out from a corner punching Swine across the face.
Swine, falls: "Ugh!"

Thine takes out his phaser, but Lei grabs his hand in its moving direction and increases an arcing direction to the corner of the wall. The phaser is knocked out as Lei jabs a fist for Thine's face.

Thine: "Argh!"
He leans back to dodge it, grabbing Lei's extended arm. Thine punches Lei in the side.
Lei: "Grgh! You're not..."
He pulls Thine over, spinning around and elbowing him in the face.
Lei: "...getting me!"
Swine recovers, coming over but Lei uses his position to swing around backwristing Swine across the face, knocking him over.

Lei pushes his foot into Thine's back shin, colapsing Thine to the floor.
Lei: "Tell your Doctor's I took a late vacation."
He leaps over Thine, running off down another corridor. He knows he hasn't lost them yet.

Thine and Swine slowly get up in pain: "He's a danger to the Federation."

Lei stops running finding a group of many Starfleet Officers. They're checking equipment, walking to the Transporter Room.
Geordi: "Alright people; the Teams from the Sentinel have already started complicated procedures dismantling the fragments. We think they're tied into the Sphere's propulsion systems."
The transporter chief beams out supplies sitting on the transporter pad. Lei pushes through the group making his way into the Room.
Thine: "There he is!"
Swine: "After him!"
Thine and Swine push through the group aswell.
Geordi: "What the hell is going on?"
Lei shoves the transporter chief aside and accesses the already-set controls: "This shouldn't be too hard."

He runs over to the transporter pad and is beamed out.

Lei beams onto the Sphere in a corridor. A couple Federation Officers working on transwarp initaters, notice him.
Nelk: "Stop right there!"

Lei runs, past a few inactive Drones, making his way to the Control Center. He starts tapping at the control panels.
Lei: "Let's see if I remember how to do this..."

Thine shoves Swine away from the transporter controls in the Enterprise's Transporter Room.
Thine: "He's getting away."
Swine: "He's gone..."

The Sphere stretches, trying to jump to Transwarp. It hits a Transwarp Conduit violently.
Lei, falls: "Augh!!"
In the Sphere, Borg placed asteroid fragments piece apart through the transwarp emitters out into the transwarp domain.

As the Sphere flys through, the Conduit walls become irritated and spiked.

The Enterprise and the Sentinal pick up dangerous readings.
Madden: "He just jumped to Transwarp..."
Jackie: "Commander! He doesn't know what he's doing!"

A man approaches Lei at the Control Center.
Nelk: "You have to recalibrate the initiaters first!"
Lei: "Huh?"

An erratic white current of energy streaks through normal space, lining the subspace conduit. The Sphere can't maintain Transwarp and drops to normal space, dragging the current of energy.

The Sphere slows to a stop, as the thick current of energy has extended two lightyears. It just sits there, tempramental in the time continuum.

Lei looks on the view screen: "What is that?"
Nelk: "I don't know, but it can't be good..."
He grabs Lei's shirt in anger.
Nelk: "You're coming with me, pal!"
Lei knees him in the side and shoves him over a control deck.

Lei feels his molecules seperating as he's suddenly beamed out and onto an alien Vessel.
Torn: "What exactly is the Federation planning here?"

The vessel is Romulan and it cloaks out of sight.
Lei: "Aah! Where am I?"
Torn: "I'll ask the questions here."
She points to the viewscreen.
Lei: "That was an accident. I'm sorry-- I..."
He thinks about what he has done, even though not sure of the details. But he has a feeling it probably wasn't good...


Chapter 8

Torn: "Relax."
She went over to her command chair.
Torn: "I was just wondering. Besides, it looks like an accident. Well I guess we'd better return you."
Lei, looks away: "I'm not sure I want to go back."
Torn: "Oh? If the Federation finds we have you, we're going to have to anyway."
Lei placed his head down in his arms against a nearby back control deck in dispair.
Torn: "We stay cloaked only because it's our nature. But we're actually on good terms with the Federation right now."
Lei, head still down: "...I can't believe I did that..."
A panel beeps.

Kelen: "We're being contacted on a secret channel."
The screen clicks on.
>Raiden: "Hi, uhh... you're the Romulans...?"
Torn: "Yes. We were told you wanted to contact our ship."
>Raiden: "I was wondering if you were interested in a trade? A Remen Weapon's Initiator Array for a few Romulan Disrupter Guns...?"
Torn: "Hmm... That would greatly advance our data on the Remen's new technology... I think I may accept."
>Raiden: "Great. We'll talk later."

The screen clicks off as Lei slowly brings up his head from his arms, knowing exactly who's voice that was: "Oh my God..."

Torn hands Kelen a padd: "See if you can get a research team prepared."
Kelen, leaves: "Yes, ma'am."
Lei, walks over: "Listen, you can't do business with that guy. He might be up to something!"
Torn: "Please. I'm very busy right now."
She goes over to a console and starts working.
Lei: "He's a liar, he's a criminal! Trust me, I know him."
Torn, stops working, annoyed: "I'm beggining to think Romulan abductions are soon to be a thing of the past."
Lei: "Let me talk to him. He didn't see me that time."
Torn: "Ugh. Brax! Take this Human to the Brig for the time being. I don't trust him."
Brax walks over, aiming his Disrupter Pistol: "Mhm."

He pushes Lei with it, getting Lei to start walking for the back door.
Lei, hands up: "Please listen to me--!"
They pass through the door and go out into the hallway as Brax is behind.
Brax: "Move it!"
Lei decides to think fast. He swings his body and leg around, snatching the held Disrupter away with his foot, and slamming his foot and the Disrupter up against the wall.
Brax: "Huh!!"
Lei releases the pressure, letting the Disrupter fall to the floor as he swings his foot even higher around to hit Brax across his face.
Brax, loses balance smashing against the other wall: "Uff! --You pesky little human!"
Lei gets his footing and kneels, picking up the Disrupter. He aims it at Brax.
Lei: "Don't even think about it!"
Brax is leaning against the wall with his weight, slowly falling. Lei spins around kicking Brax across his face one more time, knocking him out. Brax hits the floor: "Ugh..."

Lei starts running silently through the halls like he was trained. He hides behind a corner as two Romulans casually walk by.
Lei: "Damn! ...I have to get out here."
He looks to the side.
Lei: "I have to find Raiden somehow..."

One of the Romulan's turns his head, seeing Lei.
Clen: "Hey!"
Lei sees that they've spotted him and sprints for it. He runs down another hallway.
Lei: "Argh! There's always a chase!"
He stops before two other Romulan's who are holding Disrupters at him.
Thane: "Freeze."
Lei: "Uh yeah, let me think about that for a second..."
He pulls up his Disrupter and blasts a shot at Thane. Thane dodges to the right as the disrupter pulse hits the wall, and Thane returns fire.
Lei: "Ergh!"
Lei dives to the side as the return shot hits a corner, and Lei has dived through doors into a Medical Room.

About four Romulans are surrounding and interrogating a clump of slowly moving mud on a Medical Bed. The mud is really a liquefied Changeling under anti-shapeshifting emitters.

Lei, gets up: "What the hell is this?"
Derk: "Intruder alert!"
Lei pulls his Disrupter at them in fear, but three other Romulans from the hallway burst into the room aiming thier pistols.
Clen: "Now we've got you..."
Lei blasts a disrupter pulse at them, while diving behind a computer frame. The pulse misses the Romulan's as the Romulan's return fire, but hit the computer frame by accident.
Everyone fires weapons as the other Interrogator Romulan's hide behind the Medical Bed. The Changeling tries moving its protoplasm in depression: "Ugghh..."
An anti-shapeshifting array, sticks out from the computer frame on an arm, aiming its giant head at the Medical Bed. Lei sees this set up and jumps onto the giant anti-shapeshifting array, circling around.
Lei, hiding behind the large array, cricles it around the room towards the firing Romulans, smacking it into them: "Hahaha!"
The kneeling Romulans fall back clumsily, as Lei drops off the array letting the arm pull it back across the room, so it smacks into the other Interrogator Romulans.
Derk, falls back clumsily: "Ooof!! Augh! That stupid human!"

The Changeling starts shapeshifting a little easier now.
Krone: "Eerrhhh..."
Lei: "What the hell are you?"

The other Security Romulans from behind get thier footing and start blasting disrupter pulses at them. Lei and Krone dive out of the way as a chaos of disrupter pulses fly through the room. Walls and consoles are hit, sending peices flying.

Lei hides behind a computer frame, with the Romulan Interogators who are frightened.
Derk: "You let him go, you idiot!"
Saine: "Now we're all doomed!"
Lei: "Huh...? Shut the hell up!"
He aims his Disrupter at them and they shut up in fear.

The large Changeling liquid pours around the floor, dodging incoming pulses. It meets up with Lei.
Krone: "Thank you for saving me."
Lei: "Oh. Don't mention it."
A disrupter pulse nicks the computer frame.
Lei, tries to make conversation: "So... What brings you to one of these abductions?"
The liquid just sits there. This is obviously not the time for conversation, as one of the computers in the corner explode.
Lei, shields face from debris: "Why aren't you answering me? That's really rude you know."
Krone: "...Uhh... Perhaps we should escape this vessel. I have a ship in the Shuttle Bay."
Lei: "Great idea!"
Lei gets up, running for the door while dodging pulses and returning fire. The Changeling follows in liquid form along the floor, as they make it out into another hallway.

Krone: "This way."
The Changeling is far enough from the array now and shapeshifts into a Human being. He starts running as Lei follows, having awkward feelings: "What are you...?"

They approach the Shuttle Bay entrance doors which are locked. Krone liqufies his arms, pouring them into the cracks in the door. He hardens the liquid and pulls the doors open with his strength.
Lei: "Whoa."

They enter the wide Bay, where Shuttles sit. A strange structural Ship sits at the end. But suddenly, a pack of Romulans burst into the Shuttle Bay from the broken doors, firing disrupter pulses like crazy.

A pulse hits the Changeling Human, injuring it badly.
Krone, liquefies: "Ugh!"
Lei: "We have to get inside!"
The Changeling liquid creeps up the Ship's hull and accesses a panel. The back door of the Ship opens.

Lei fires three last shots and dives into the Ship. The door is hit and two Romulans are hit, sending them back.

The Changeling has already gotten inside and accesses helm controls, as the Ship starts hovering off the floor. Lei gets to the control bridge.
Lei: "What type of ship is this?"
Krone: "It's a... Dominion Timeship; from the future."

As dirupter pulses rain harmlessly upon the Timeship, the Timeship engages impulse engines breaking out the large Shuttle Bay Doors out into space.

The Timeship has broken out the cloaked Romulan Ship, and speeds around away from the Borg Sphere and the two approaching Federation Vessels from earlier.

The Timeship jumps to high speeds, out of there.


Chapter 9

The Dominion Timeship sped through space, as the Changeling is at the Helm flying it. Lei walks over.
Lei: "This ship is a lot different than the last Timeship I was on."
Krone: "--Human, you have saved my life. I am indebted to you..."
Lei, shrugs: "Don't worry about it."
He walks over to a console and sifts through data casually.
Lei: "Hey, this thing says your Chronometric Drive is offline. How are we moving through space then?"
Krone: "That is a different drive; the time jumper. When I found this Vessel, it was already like that."
Lei: "So you've never travelled through time before?"
Krone: "No. The original Dominion occupants of this ship were killed from thier time jump to this period."
The Changeling liquefies to another seat, launching out tentacles to tap at other consoles.
Krone: "I was roaming the galaxy, alone, until I found them dead here. It wasn't long until the Romulans ran into me."
Lei: "I was doing a lot of roaming the galaxy myself before. But now I have a purpose... to find Raiden."
He looks to the side.
Lei: "Where we come from, Raiden was responsible for many gang related wars. He's also a murderer..."
The Changeling liquefies around to face Lei. Lei just looks at the liquid.
Krone: "Then I will help you find this Raiden."
Lei: "Huh? Oh, no. I couldn't ask--"
Krone: "Do not worry. Besides, my mate is somewhat of a law and order keeper herself."

The Timeship is suddenly hit by two torpedoes. A Remen Shuttle is responsible, as it follows behind. Krone and Lei see this, and Krone is about to increase speed until the Remen Shuttle fires again, badly damaging the Timeship's Engines.
Lei: "Who are they?"
Krone, tapping at panels frantically: "I do not know."
Lei runs over to nearby consoles looking for weapons control until the front holo-screen clicks on, hovering.
>Kelik: "Your Timeship is mine!"
Lei quickly recognizes him: "You!"
>Kelik: "Surrender your vessel and you will not be harmed!"
Lei figures out part of the weapons control: "No I have a better idea. Why don't you surrender your vessel so you won't be harmed?"
He looks down accessing controls, and accepting activation commands.

The Timeship fires a static pulse at the green Shuttle, badly damaging it.
Kelik: "Ugh!? ...You're the other Human from the 21st Centruy!"
>Lei: "That's right."

Kelik immediately pans his Shuttle away into another direction, retreating, and leaving the Timeship behind. Krone glances his liquid-self over at Lei in question.
Lei: "If we get him, then maybe he can tell us where Raiden is!"
Krone nods.

The Dominion Timeship changes course and speeds off in the direction of the Shuttle.

The Remen Shuttle sees them coming and decides to drop Warp. He knew where he was going, as Kelik flew the Shuttle towards a Planet. He flew the Shuttle through the atmosphere and blue sky, slowing as it came closer to the surface. On the surface was a Klingon Outpost.
Kelik: "Erk--!"
As it landed, he jumped out the Shuttle and ran across the walkway towards a large cut building. He ran inside where many Klingon's were walking around casually.

The Timeship came in from the sky and hovered near the Shuttle. The Changeling desperately tried to figure out the transporter controls as Lei jumped out and ran across the walkway aswell.
Lei, enters: "...Urgh..."
He gasped for air, and he looked around at all the Klingon's, in search for Kelik. Inside this building was a trading centre. Klingon Commanders were visiting merchant stands and buying accessory jems for thier wives.
Lei: "Okayyy..."
His eye suddenly caught Kelik, climbing a pillar in the background.
Lei, runs over: "Don't move, or I'll shoot!"

He takes out his Romulan Disrupter and aims it up at the climbing Suliban.
Kelik: "You would be a fool, Human!"
Lei fires a warning shot out at the open walkway. The disrupter pulse flys off into the sky. This brings the attention of most the Klingon's in the room, as all the commotion of trading has stopped and one head after another turns to look at Lei and Kelik.
Kelik: "See...? I told you."
Dartok, walks over: "Mhmph! Intruders!!"
A Klingon in the crowd flings a knife up at Kelik. Kelik jumps off the pillar, dodging it, but falls to the floor. He gets up, beside Lei. He now has a hatred for him.
Kelik: "You Human's ruin everything!!"
Lei and Kelik ignore the Klingon's as Lei aims his disrupter and fires again at Kelik. Kelik bends his head rubbery to dodge, as the pulse hits the pillar.
Gergh: "Kill them!"
Kelik grabs Lei's extended arm with the Disrupter, to aim it away. Lei then pulls Kelik closer and swings his fist. Kelik bends back, doging it and letting go.
Dartok: "Aauuuh!!!"
All the Klingon's attack. Dartok takes out his mek'leth and stabs it towards Lei. Lei spins to the side, missing it, and elbowing Dartok in the face.
Lei: "Argh!"
Two Klingon's grab Kelik's arms and pull him back, but Kelik stretches his neck around to smack his head onto both those two Klingon's heads. They let go in pain, as Kelik approaches Lei.
Kelik: "I can take you on. Bring it!"
Lei arcs across a standard kick, and then switches positions, arcing around another kick. Kelik is hit on both his sides in pain, but Kelik then stretches his arms out punching for Lei.
Lei, dodges to the left: "Ah! That's cheating!"
A Klingon runs over and swings his bat'leh around towards Lei's stomach. Lei falls purposely, his back hitting the floor, as the bat'leh flys over and he kicks it out of the Klingon's hands. Lei gets up and catches it out of mid-air, and uses it against other Klingon's. He turns in another direction clashing bat'leh after attacking bat'leh.

The Changeling shoots himself out the Timeship and onto the walkway to find out what's going on. He shoots himself to the wall of the building and creeps inside. Inside he sees the crowd of Klingon's who have thier attention focused on fighting Lei.
Krone: "Lei!"

A strong Klingon knocks the bat'leh out of Lei's hands. Lei backs away from this Klingon, jumping backwards. His back lands ontop of another Klingon's back, as he rolls himself over. Lei's feet hit the floor as he punches two other attacking Klingon's in the face.
Treth: "Haha! Your strength cannot compare to ours."
Pagoth: "Hahaha!"
Lei uses this oppourtunity to jump up, forcing a kick into Treth's stomach accurately, and then spinning around to jump kick Pagoth in the stomach accurately. They both fall back clumsily onto other Klingon's.
Lei: "Your stupidness can't compare."
Kelik beats a few Klingons away and runs over to Lei, grabbing Lei from behind. His arms coil around Lei's arms, capturing him.
Kelik: "You started all this!"
Lei head butts Kelik, causing Kelik more pain.
Kelik: "Augh!"

The Changeling, Krone, shoots himself into the crowd, flinging liquid tentacles around. Klingon's are hit and knocked unconscious.

Lei head butts Kelik again, and then hooks his foot around Kelik's ankle. He lift's Kelik's leg, positioning Kelik on and angle and then backs up, slamming Kelik into the pillar. Kelik's side hits the cracked edge that was disrupter blasted, causing much excruciating pain.
Lei: "Maybe I'll end it."
Lei is let go as he turns around to punch Kelik, but Kelik runs off, outside.

Lei watches as Kelik runs into the next Operations Facility in the distance. Nearby, Lei dodges an attacking Klingon, spinning the Klingon around into another Klingon and then runs outside after the Suliban. Krone sees this and leaves the crowd, chasing after Lei.
Lei: "Krone!"
Krone, moves along side: "You live an interesting life, Human."

Lei and the liquified Krone stop in their tracks in a field, as all the grass starts flickering in a sudden wind... They look up to see a Klingon Bird of Prey hovering in the sky, and aiming disrupters at them.

Lei, looks up in fear: "You mean 'lived'..."


Chapter 10

The Klingon Bird of Prey blasts' a photon torpedo at them. But before they can be hit, the Changeling liquefies a lasso around Lei, pulling the both of them out of the way.

The grassy field explodes in a blossom of chaos, with dirt flying everywhere.

Lei and the liquefied Changeling have rolled to the side, against a building, safe.
Lei: "...Ughhh..."
He opened his eyes, as Krone took humanoid shape beside him.
Lei: "You... saved me life."
Krone: "As you have done for me."

Before any of them could have continued the conversation, the huge Bird of Prey Starship hovered around catching a glimpse of them. They knew they couldn't escape a second shot.
Krone: "Why aren't they firing?"

The Captain on the Bird of Prey suddenly recieved a transmission from one of the nearby Structures.
>Nargh: "You patoks!! You're firing on Klingon soil!!"
Sigon: "You wanted those intruders annhialated."
>Nargh: "Did I also say that I wanted the Outpost destroyed on the side!?"
Sigon then cut the transmission out in anger: "Urgh! I have much more important things to do."
He walks over to his second in command at a station.
Sigon: "What is the status of the Jem'Hadar ship?"
Maze: "They have broken a subspace link into the Fleet's Klingon Database, and have downloaded everything."
Sigon, slams his fist against a console: "Damn! When will the Fleet get here?"
Maze: "Not for a couple hours..."

Lei sat up, and noticed a movement as he looked through the doors of a nearby Building inside. Something was clinging to the cieling in the shadows, watching him.
Lei: "There he is!"

Lei got up and ran. He leaped over large sitting clumps of land, slid down crevices, and made it to the door. He busted the door more open entering a dark corridor. Kelik scurried along the cieling escaping deeper inside.

Krone: "Huh??"
Krone looked over and saw his Timeship being investigated by Klingon's. He ran over.

Gergth: "What is this thing?"
Trel: "I don't know. Let's destroy it."
Krone, liquefies over: "No!"
He slammed himself against the parked Timeship, intending on going inside.

In the Command Centre Building, Nargh took another stab at communications with his only Ship in range.
Nargh: "Captain Sigon! You are to apprehend the Alien Vessels for research."
>Sigon: "I am not a puppet, to do your every bidding!"
Nargh: "Yes you are! Now get them!"

The Bird of Prey hovers past the Merchant Centre and locks a tractor beam onto the Timeship and Remen Shuttle which were both sitting on the walkway.

Krone was suddenly shocked by pain sticks, as his Timeship began to hover off the ground. Krone hit the walkway in pain as he was suddenly surrounded by Klingons. The Bird of Prey took in both Ships.
Trel: "Well look what we have here..."
Krone quickly liquefied his leg out, knocking out a Klingon with great accuracy.

Meanwhile, Lei tackled Kelik as he was entering an elevator platform. The platform started moving upwards in the building as Kelik grabbed Lei and threw him on the platform floor.
Kelik: "Erk!!"
Lei grabbed a loose cable and swung it around, tactfully. He faked a hint that he was going to fling it at Kelik's left side but didn't, causing Kelik to want to dodge right. Lei extended the cable to the right, as it wrapped around Kelik.
Lei: "Gotcha!"
He came in close and slammed Kelik against a railing.
Lei: "I saw you frozen on one of your Ships. Either you got free, or there are two of you!"

The platform ascended into the fresh air, outside. They found themselves on the roof of the Building. Kelik ran... Lei ran after...

Kelik leaped off the Building as his cables unraveled, as the Bird of Prey was hovering by. Lei stepped off the side of the Building, soaring through the air, right after him. He rolled along the wing of the Brid of Prey. The shields weren't on.
Kelik: "You never give up, do you!?"
Lei, stands: "Not really."
Kelik turned to face Lei again. He was going to give this another shot... He jabbed a fist out, and hunched a knee forward; which Lei shifted his head to the side and angled his body parallel to dodge. Lei hooked his arm under Kelik's arm and around Kelik's back neck.
Kelik: "Erk!"
Lei threw Kelik around to disorient him and give distance, and kicked Kelik in the side.
Kelik: "Argh! ...You're friend never gave up either."
He took a few breaths, and then attacked again.

They both jumped and kicked back and forth on top of the wing of the hovering Bird of Prey, fighting. The daytime sky in the background.

Lei: "What are you talking about?"
While a complicated jab angle, he locked his arm around Kelik's. They both stopped for a second.
Kelik: "Ha! I don't know for sure, but I think he persuaded the Remen's to work with him."
Impatient, they let go as Kelik arched a kick around which Lei purposely locked his leg around. They stopped again.
Lei: "What about you; who are you working for?"
Kelik unraveled his leg and punched Lei in the shoulder, giving them distance again: "No one. Working for someone is so mediocre."

They both suddenly beamed out, and into the Bird of Prey. They found themselves approached by Sigon.
Sigon: "We have your Timeship, and to us, it seems Dominion based technology... None of you are from the Dominion are you?"
His voice was condescending.
Lei: "No, but I might know people."
Maze: "Captain!"
The sensors picked up something that inturpted this meeting.
Maze, went through consoles: "The Jem'Hadar vessel has taken orbit. They've beamed off Professer Felkane from the Science Institute!"
Sigon: "He is, like, the smartest scientist we have on the Outpost..."

The Jem'Hadar Battle Cruiser, the Neikada, sits in orbit.
Neyern: "Hah! They're fleet isn't even here..."
Torpedoes rained up from the Planet.
'First: "But they are firing at us."

The Bird of Prey flew up out the atmosphere and opened fire at the Neikada. Thier hull breeched violently.
Sigon: "Great shot!"

Sigon's attention glared only at the viewscreen. Lei looked to the side, finding that Kelik had already escaped.
Lei: "Huh??"
Lei ran out into a hallway and made his way around the Ship interior.

On the Planet, the Changeling Krone whacks the last of his tentacles at one of many Klingon's. He re-instates his shape, looking around at all the fallen Klingon's he had beaten.
Krone: "If only someone were here to see all that."
He then shot himself into the next Building, and liquefied into a control room. He picked up signs of his Timeship, on the Bird of Prey flying above the Planet.

Lei made his way, passing Klingon after Klingon who were too busy as the Ship shaked under fire, Lei making his way into the Shuttle Bay. There he found the Timeship, wired into the Ship's main computer and a couple Klingon's working at the Timeship's back engines.
Lei: "What is going on here?"
Poroka: "We are trying to get power from this thing. Who are you?"
Lei: "That's a Chronometric Drive. Your Ship is probably not compatible!"
Poroka: "Oh, what do you know?"
Lei then grabbed a wire that was hooked into the Timeship, away from Poroka: "Give me that!"
Poroka, takes it back: "No!"

Krone continued to watch on a viewscreen as the Bird of Prey flew through space, around being hit by energy currents from the Neikeda.

The Bird of Prey passes underneath the Neikeda, blasting a disrupter pulse into thier engine's. The bottom part of the Neikeda explodes, but the Neikeda quickly stabs an overloading beam onto the passing Bird of Prey. The Bird of Prey is overloaded with energy.

This causes the Timeship to be overloaded with energy, activating its Chronometric Drive. Lei and a couple Klingons quickly run inside to see its controls.
Lei: "...Of course."

The Bird of Prey statics out of existence. Krone reads his sensors, finding that they have gone.

The Bird of Prey statics back into existence, a week later. The Planet is infested with Jem'Hadar vessels. One of which opens fire at them, knocking them into orbit, and another which knocks them into the atmosphere.
Sigon: "What the---!?!?"

The Bird of Prey soars down from the sky, on a crooked course, slamming right into the centre field which was blasted earlier, surrounded by all the Outpost buildings. It seems that the Outpost had been taken over and was now operating under Vorta and Jem'Hadar law.

Sigon was not stupid and figured all this out quickly through sensor sweeps. He glanced over at his companion.
Maze: "I don't know what to say sir... we traveled through time...."
Sigon, punches a wall unit: "Argh!! That Nargh is the patok! How could he let this happen to the Outpost!?!"

The Bird of Prey was crashed upon the pile of dirt and grass near the buildings, but was okay. Lei made his way off the Ship and stepped outside, where he started. He sighed.
Lei: "...Green aliens..."

He suddenly felt a pull, as a Changeling liquid wrapped around him. He found himself brought into a corner, beside one of the Klingon Structures.
Krone: "Lei!"
Lei: "Hey...!"
Krone: "I calculated by the energy readings you were jumping for a week, so I came back here."
Lei: "What are you talking about?"
Krone: "Your time jump. While you were doing that, I went out and found this guy..."
He pulled away a plating against the wall to reveal a man, a Human, who was tied up and conscious. The man looked up at Lei, recognizing Lei.

It was Raiden.


Chapter 11

Raiden slowly arched his head towards Lei, and smiled: "...Lieutenant."
Lei: "Raiden!"
Lei was shocked. But he finally had caught his criminal.
Lei: "You're under arrest."
Lei walked over, taking out his handcuffs.
Raiden: "...Mh, heh, heh, heh... Hahahaahaha!!"
Lei stops for a second, slightly embarasssed.
Raiden: "Don't you know what Century you're in? You have no authority here! ...I'm a free man."
Lei: "You seem awfully confident for man captured."
Krone just watched the both of them at the side as Raiden glanced down at the rope around his wrists.
Raiden: "Hahahaha! You can't capture me, fool... I have a Ship coming for me."
Raiden took out a small homing device out his pocket. Krone realized he never checked him for anything.

Raiden then kicked a piece of broken metal from the side of the building at Lei. The metal flew past Lei as Lei ducked, finding Raiden running off.
Krone: "Huh!!"

Lei leaped over a pile of debris and chased after Raiden along the field, away from the Outpost Structures, towards mountians in the distance. Lei stopped in his tracks when suddenly Raiden was beamed off the surface of the planet.
Lei: "Ghg--!"
He choked at the unexpected change in events, then ran back over to his Changeling friend.

Krone: "I'll get to my Ship. Stay here."
The Changeling liquefied out and up a wall. Lei just watched.

Meanwhile, the fallen Bird of Prey smoked in inoperation. Klingons stepped out, bewildered. Behind a wing, Kelik climbed along, trying to figure out where he was.
Kelik: "What the...?"
He then saw Jem'Hadar troops, training at a distant platform in the Outpost.
Kelik: "Looks like a change in command."

A group of Klingons approached Lei.
Sigon, angry: "You caused my Ship to be sent forward in time, didn't you?"
Lei: "No. There was an energy overload."
Sigon spits on the ground in disrespect: "Patok! ...Look what's happened now. The Outpost has been taken over! ...I will have your blood before I die..."
Maze, cheers: "Yeah! Ha! Get 'em!"
The group of Klingon's cheer them on, as Sigon throws his heavy armour onto the ground. He takes out his dk'tang knife, approaching Lei.
Sigon: "Heh, heh, heh..."
Lei doesn't wait for him to attack. He grabs Sigon's extended arm holding knife and pulls him in, freeing up Sigon's side. Lei kicks Sigon in his side, and then force kicks Sigon back.
Sigon: "Grgh!!"
Sigon charges forward, piecring his blade in and out the Lei's space, as Lei quickly dodges each swing, falling back. Lei uses his inconvenience and purposely falls onto his back, so that he can pick up the nearby piece of metal wall plating and shield himself.
Lei: "Ha!"
He clashes it against another knife swing from Sigon. The Klingon's continue to cheer in the background.
Sigon: "Ggrr..."
He stabs his knife right through the plating, tearing into it. Lei smacks the plating against Sigon and twists the knife and plating both away. Sigon swings a punch at Lei, hitting Lei in the stomach.
Lei: "Argh!!"
Lei holds his stomach in pain as Sigon walks over, but Lei then slams his foot into Sigon's knee crippling Sigon to the ground. Lei jumps and kicks Sigon again, sending Sigon onto his back. Lei then runs off.

Lei, running: "Ha! ...Klingons."

Kelik crawls his way through the Buildings, finding the Science facilities. There, a Vorta and two Jem'Hadar's are going over test-tubes in the Lab. Kelik drops to the floor, getting thier attention.
Kelik: "Nice little Lab you've got here."
Neyern: "Who are you? Intruder!"
The two Jem'Hadar drop thier work and approach Kelik. Kelik jabs his fist, hitting the First's shoulder. The First tries grabbing, but Kelik swings around and knee's the Second in his stomach.
'First, orders the Second: "Don't let him live..."
The First and the Second activate thier cloaking suits. Kelik is shocked and then quickly cloaks himself. He can then see the cloaked Jem'Hadar, as the Jem'Hadars themselves with the use of their visors, can see him.
Kelik: "Where were we?"
The Second grabs for Kelik, but Kelik punches the Second across his face. The Vorta, Neyern is confused as to where they are, panicing. A bunch of test-tubes and experiments on the nearby table are smashed into pieces all over the floor as Kelik has thrown the disoriented Second into it.
'Second: "Uhh!"
Kelik leaps up overhead and flys his foot down, extending it, upon the First's chest. The First is sent back into Neyern as they both hit the wall unconcious.

A bunch of Jem'Hadar troops surround the crashed Bird of Prey, and capture the remaining Klingons, who put up a few good fights.
'Eighth, defending: "Auuhh!!"
Thern, attacking: "Hahaha!"

The small Timeship suddenly breaks out the side of the crashed Bird of Prey and flys over head. Everyone on the surface notices. Lei is running along the sidewalk when suddenly he's beamed out.

Meanwhile, a Remen Warship sits in orbit of the Planet. Raiden enters the Bridge.
Raiden, nods: "Chancellor."
Gehtn: "Where is that Changeling? It was him who knocked me out the other day and captured you!"
Raiden: "Now's not the time. We have a trade to get to!"
Gehtn: "Alright, alright. --Helm, set a cour---"
Tij: "Sir! We're being approached."

The Remen vessel is suddenly hit by a torpedo, knocking part of its cloak offline. The Dominion Timeship speeds out the atmosphere, in time to catch the Remen vessel flaming in a decayed orbit.

Lei enters its Conrol Bridge.
Lei: "Got the transporters going?"
Krone, nods: "I've also knocked that Remen vessel into a decay."
Lei: "That's the second decay today."
Krone: "It's a hazardous Planet."

Escape Pods bust out the Remen vessel, along with a cargo Shuttle, and a very familliar Timeship. Inside this Timeship is Raiden and a few Remen companions.
Gehtn: "Argh! My Ship!"
He looks around the Timeship, his new home.
Gehtn: "Hm. You never told me what type of vessel this was."
Raiden: "I told you, an American Tactical Shuttle."
Tij: "I've never heard of these American's."
Raiden: "They're a distant species."
He gets to the Helm.

A bunch of Jem'Hadar Battle Crusiers come to watch in confusion as the Remen bessel burns.

The Dominion Timeship follows the first Timeship down into the atmosphere of the Planet again. The Dominion Timeship blasts torpedoes, which hit grassy fields as the first Timeship passes close above them.
Lei finds Human lifesigns on the sensor panels of his Timeship: "Raiden! ...That sneaky bastard!"

Both Timeship's head straight for a bunch of mountains in the distance. Raiden taps frantically at his controls, unsure on what to do. He finds the panel for the Temporal Engines, and scrolls time space indications.
Tij: "Do you know what you're doing?"
Raiden, annoyed: "Yes!"

The first Timeship jumps to temporal warp. Flashing out of there. The Dominion Timeship sees this.
Lei: "He's gone!"
Krone, tapping at helm: "He's time jumped."
He gets the Dominion Timeship to activate its Chronometric Drive and jump after. It disappears in a flash.

The Outpost isn't too far off, and Kelik sees these two distant flashes from looking out a window. He knows what they were.
Kelik: "Idiots."
He goes over to a table in the Lab, and starts mixing alien chemicals.

Both Timeships flash back into normal space a month later. They're in space because the Planet they were on is in a different place of orbit. The Dominion Timeship continues to chase the first Timeship. They speed through warp, approaching a strange white tear in the distance.

They are forced to drop Warp due to interference; and are surrounded by Federation vessels, who are busy taking surveys and experiments of this giant white tear in space.

This is of no interest, as both Timeships weave around Federation vessel after Federation vessel, blasting torepdoes at each other.
Krone: "He's getting away...!"
Lei goes through weapons systems: "We're running out of torepdoes."
Krone is too busy dodging incoming tractor beams from the other Federation vessels.
Lei, shakes his head: "...I have under estimated Raiden. We had him!"
Krone: "You are loosing focus!"

The Dominion Timeship is suddenly locked by two Federation tractor beams. They watch as Raiden's Timeship flashes away in another timejump.


Chapter 12

So many Ships, almost two entire Federation Fleets, hold position around the Sector-wide Temporal Rift; a giant white anomaly, torn through space.

The Ticonderoga tractor beams the Dominion Timeship into thier Shuttle Bay. Lei looks over to his Changeling companion.
Lei: "Argh! I can't believe this! ...Can you get us out of here?"
The Krone liquid swoops over to the consoles and taps at them quickly.

The back door is suddenly blown out, as the Timeship is surrounded by Federation Officer's who charge in and surround Lei and Krone with Phaser Rifles.
Fenton: "Don't move!!"
Lei and Krone glance at each other as Lei raises his arms.
Lei: "...I'll get us out of this."

Lei grabs the Rifle of a nearby Officer, and smacks him in the face with its handle, knocking him out. Lei spins the Rifle to his own use and runs right into the group, blasting phaser beams left and right.

The Officers immediately fire phasers, but miss before Lei runs past, phasering out a kneeling Officer. Lei jumps out the Timeship landing on the Shuttle Bay floor.
Stan: "He's escaping!"

Lei makes another run through a larger group of Officers, blasting phaser beams, knocking Officer after Officer out, until a single Federation Officer from the side, tackles him. They hit the floor as the other Officers have them surrounded indefenitely.
Lei: "Ugh!!!"
He's apprehended by two Officer's and picked up to his feet. The Commander approaches him.
Fenton: "Who are you?"
Krone steps out the Timeship and walks over.
Lei: "We're... from the future."
Fenton nods to the two Officer's to let him go.
Fenton: "The future?"
Krone nods.
Lei: "We were after that other Timeship. It was stolen by a criminal named Raiden."

It was a partial lie. Hopefully it would hold them over.

Fenton: "...We did detect that other Timeship."
She looks down and then back up at them.
Fenton: "I'm sorry. We weren't sure about you."
Lei: "It's understandible. Please, will you let us continue on our mission?"
Fenton: "That depends."
Lei: "On what?"
Fenton: "On the circumstances of your next timejump. This part of space isn't exactly in the best condition."
Krone glances over at the both of them and nods: "I'll assess the situation."

He walks back into the Timeship to access the computers. Lei and Fenton walk in after.
Krone: "She's right. This may take a while for me to readjust the chronometric sequencers."
Fenton: "My personnel is currently working on temporal sciences dealing with the Rift. Perhaps they could share thier data with you. Could I offer you a meal or something in hospitality?"

Lei's mind was too much focused on his enemy, he didn't realize how hungry he was.

Lei: "...Well... uhhh... yeah, I guess. I am kind of hungry."
Fenton: "Follow me."

Later, the last Officer leaves the Ten-Forward to get back to duty, as Lei continues to scroll through replicator menu's at the wall panel. He makes a plate of food and brings it over to the Bar to hang out with the Bartender.
-Illia: "You love that replicator, don't you?"
Lei: "Do you know an Ensign Seanna Jackie?"
-Illia: "No, I don't think so. I get a lot of people in here everyday... Ugh. Especially since this whole Tear thing that's been going on..."
Lei, eating: "Tear thing?"
-Illia: "Yeah, we've got two whole Fleets of Science Vessels out here trying to find a way to stop it. It grows everyday, consuming space. People want to come in here to try to forget everything, even if it's for a short while."
Lei stops eating his meal and gets up. He slowly walks over to a window and peers out at the spectacular display of energy out in space...
Lei: "Wait a second... I---"
Thine: "--Lieutenant Lei Sanchez."

Two men stood at the doorway, and then entered, both eyeing Lei.

Swine: "We didn't think we'd ever see you again."
Thine: "We heard about your arrival just five minues ago."
Swine, turns to Thine: "When we last saw him, over a month back, we did a background check..."
Thine, turns to Swine: "...He's not from the future; he's from the past."
Swine: "Our cloaked vessel is out of range; I'll go alert Commander Fenton instead."
Thine nods, agreeing to this... But Lei skips over and grabs Swine's shoulder.
Lei: "No wait! Heh, heh... You don't have to do that... Come on, let's have a drink or something."
Swine immediately pulls his shoulder away: "Eu, he touched me."
Thine: "That's disgusting."
Swine and Thine immediately pull out Pulse Disrupters and aim them at him.
Swine: "You're not getting away this time."
-Illia: "Wait a second, who the hell are y---"
Thine aims his Disrupter at her: "Don't interfere, lady. This is a very dangerous man."
Illia puts up her hands, stepping back... when suddenly Lei stretches out his foot and kicks left, knocking Swine's Disrupter out his hands, and then right, knocking Thine's Disrupter out his hands.
Swine: "Owe!!"
His Disrupter hits off a table to the floor, as Thine's Disrupter goes flying across the other side of the room, pausing in mid air. Lei, Illia, and the two Operatives notice this.
Thine: "What the--?"
Lei: "It's just floating there!"
Illia, steps back: "Oh my God... our shields must be defecting. The Rift's effects are moving into the Ship!"
The Disrupter suddenly picks up its momentum again and hits the floor.

This becomes but a side-concern as Swine approaches Lei and they both start exchanging quick punches and blocks. Lei's face is punched on its right, knocking his stance to his left.
Lei: "Argh! --What the...? You guys can't fight!"
Swine, kicks: "We've had a little time to practice since our last encounter with you."

Lei grabs Swine's foot in mid air, and redirects it to the side. Thine jumps into thier fight area and starts spin kicking one foot after another. Lei is hit again and again and then sent back onto the floor in pain.
Lei: "Argh!!"

Lei jumps onto his feet and kicks at them both with one foot, hitting Swine and then Thine. Thine and Swine then break formation, circling Lei, as Swine apprehends Lei's arms and Thine force kicks Lei in the stomach, sending Lei over a table.

Lei slows in mid air, passing over the table, due to the temporal interference.

Thine and Swine glance at each other not giving into expressions.
Thine: "Interesting."
Swine: "...Problematic."

Lei speeds up to normal time, flying into a bunch of chairs on the floor: "Augghh!!"

He quickly gets up, noticing the distorted strands of altered space slowly passing through the windows and into Ten Forward, as he tosses a chair through one of them.

The chair speeds right through it, not giving enough time for Swine to move out of the way as Swine is hit and knocked back against the Bar, blood flying.
Swine: "Gggh!!!"

Thine runs over, kicking his foot at Lei, which Lei dodges. They both jab and redirect thier arms at each other, stepping around their fight area, falling into different time-distortions.

Stan enters the Shuttle Bay and runs into the Bridge of the Dominion Timeship in panic.
Stan: "Stop! Stop it!!"
Krone is working on three panels at once with liquified arms, with two friendly Officers at other panels.
Krone: "What?"
Stan: "Whatever it is you're emitting from your deflector is interfereing with our shields!!"
Krone: "I emit nothing."
Stan just looks at him in confusion.

Thine and Lei fight, moving over to the Bar, not knowing they are in the most concentrated confusion of distortions in the room.

Lei jumps up, slowing in mid air, realizing that Thine is existing much slower. Lei kicks Thine in the head, sending him against the Bar.
Thine: "Aa-ah-h!!"

Swine leaps from behind, tackling Lei out of mid air and onto the Bar table in slow motion. They slide along, smashing through sitting glasses and bottles, with pieces of shattered glass blossoming out even slower.

This indicates an upward spreading of slow-time as Lei and Swine's movement away from this speeds them up. Time increases as momentum gives and Lei quickly grabs his plate.
Illia: "Aaaaa!!"

Swine is over Lei, but Lei smacks Swine across his face with the plate. Food and blood goes flying out, passing the slow-time distortion.

Thine gets up in pain, noticing the food and drops of blood in mid-air slowing even more than he is. This leads his eye to Lei and Swine who are punching and kneeing each other over the Bar in increased time. His eye can barely follow thier movements as they are way too fast.
Thine: "Ugh-- I can't believe--"

He doesn't bother to finish his train of thought as he decides to pick up the chair from before. He walks over to the quick moving Lei and Swine, trying to decide when to throw it.

Both lying on top of the Bar, Lei and Swine kick, punch, knee, spin, jab, redirect, grab, turn, head-butt, force-kick--- They both spin horizontally as Lei kicks Swine out of the distortion and into normal time, into Thine.

Swine takes Thine to the floor, clumsiliy as the chair is left in mid air, that of which Lei sees all in slow motion... Lei looks up at the chair and circles himself around to kick it with his foot, altering its direction of momentum and speed.

The chair then rotates and falls to a 45 degree angle. --The chair crashes into Thine and Swine, knocking Thine out and forcing Swine's head against a floor-step, knocking him out.

With speed Lei jumps off the Bar, slowing through the slow-distortion into the air, and then speeding up to normal time when his feet hit the floor. He looks down at the unconscious Thine and Swine.
Lei: "That was unconventional."

He grabs Illia's hand leading her out Ten Forward and down the corridors.

Meanwhile in the parked Timeship, Stan watches as Krone taps at his consoles in confusion.
Chad, scans with his tricorder: "Lieutenant! It's not the deflector, its the multi-deranium regenerative hull. It has its own inverse polarty frequency."
Stan, sighs in anger: "Okay. Send it back out into space."
He glances at Krone, who understands.

Lei and Illia run down abandonned corridors.
Illia: "Looks like the whole Deck was evacuated because of the invading time-folds."
Lei: "Those folds... they're from that big Rift outside?"

They take a tubrolift.
Illia, nods: "The Rift's been there for well over a month."
Lei: "This wouldn't have been due to a Borg Sphere would it?"
Illia: "I did hear conversation over its origin being caused by a Borg Transwarp Conduit..."
Lei, looks to the side in deep thought.

The three Officers leap off the Timeship as it begins hovering in the Shuttle Bay. The Timeship's back door closes as the Timeship impulses out the Bay's forcefields and into space.

The Timeship just sits there, unmoved.

Lei and Illia enter the Bridge of the Ticonderoga. The Dominion Timeship is on screen with the Rift energy covering its background.
Mint, tactical: "Shields at 98-percent."
Fenton: "The Timeship's stuck in a distortion. It's frozen in time."
Mint: "...The Rift claims yet another victim."
Lei: "What? ...This Rift thing is all my fault. I have to put a stop to this."
Fenton, walks over: "Not unless you know how to alter temporal anomaly."


Chapter 13

A group of Science Officers and Commanding Officers meet in the Briefing Room of the Enterprise. This public meeting is transmitted to the fleet and open for instant messages from any ship.

Interactive. Lei thought as he crossed his arms and leaned back against a wall on the Ticonderoga. The Bridge crew huddled around looking up at their small viewscreen at the back.

>Picard sat at the head of the table.
>Kayla: "...If we could alter a chronometric particle beam and decelorate its molecular flow, we could fire it into the core of the Rift and mend the space-time continuum."
>Seven of Nine: "Theoretically. Although the Fleet has no convergence dianametric enhancer device that would simulate the choronometirc particle concept."
The Federation was still unable to deal with thier problem.

...Until two Borg Cube's and three Sphere's approached the Rift and started examining it.

Lei stood up from the back wall, watching this as everyone else watched this on-screen in awe.

The Borg ignored the other Ship's in the Fleet, engaging sub-molecular sensor sweeps in different areas of the Rift... They were studying it, everyone realized.

The Bridge crew was too busy as Lei was grabbed by Thine and Swine, and brought into the Briefing Room. They cuffed him, but he quickly kicked Swine in the side. Swine kicked his leg out to block another kick by Lei.
Lei: "Ergh!"
Swine: "Humph!"
Thine, pressed a comm-unit implaneted under the skin of his wrist, speaking to a superior Section 31 Officer: "...Yes, the Enterprise is planning that selected Officer's in the Fleet infiltrate a Borg Cube for a type chronometric device."

Lei pushed down a high kick from Swine and backed off. He kneeled and took out his Handgun from his ankle strap, aiming at Swine.

Thine finished talking and activated a nearby console, showing a Jem'Hadar Vessel approaching the great Rift area: "Section 31 knows everything that is going on, except why that Vessel is here..."

Swine was too preoccupied with Lei. He put up his hands, but Lei suddenly then fell through the floor... as if his molecular density was changed.

He fell through the cieling of someone's Quarters and hit the floor hard. His cuffs were off, but he was still holding the Handgun.

Up in the Briefing Room, Thine and Swine saw that thier handcuffs were sitting on the floor: "What happened!?"
Swine: "We have to find him!"

An Ensign stepped out her shower, placing her towel around her naked body as she entered her living room: "Aaahh!!! What's going on here!?"
Lei got up and examined his arms... his molecules were fluxuating and he could see his arms fading in and out of existence: "What the--??"
Vicky, picked up a tricorder: "Are you okay...?"
Lei: "I-- I don't know."
He passed his hand through a chair.
Vicky walked over, reading her tricorder: "You're being transported...!"

Lei suddenly found himself on the Bridge of the Dominion Timeship; Krone turned around from his chair, humanoid with liquified arms from working on the consoles.
Krone: "You're alive!"
Lei: "Huh? ...Did you just transport me?"
Krone: "Yes, but the Timeship is stuck in this slow time frame... --Are you alright?"
Lei: "Yeah, thanks."
Krone: "Okay."

Lei suddenly then found himself back in Vicky's Quarters, she was still scanning him.
Lei: "Huh? ...I'm back?"
#Thine, voice over comm: "Bridge to Ensign Vicky. There is an intruder in your Quarters. Apprehend him."
Vicky, taps her commbadge on her night table: "Aye..."
Lei didn't have time for this and walked for her door.
Vicky: "Hold it right there, please."

Lei continued walking until Vicky grabbed his arm, spinning him around and slamming him against the wall: "Ugh!!"
Vicky: "Trying to sabatoge our efforts in sealing the Rift?"
Lei: "Ergh-- no!!"
Vicky: "The Rift is extended into the Prexis Sector, and has destroyed Phelcon Prime. My cousin was killed!"
Lei: "Please believe me! I want to put a stop to this Rift as badly as you do! ...The Fleet has a plan to do it. Maybe you can help them infiltrate the Borg..."
Vicky, lets go of Lei in deep emotion: "That won't work. The Borg are nothing but trouble."
Lei, looks to the side and then back at her: "...I agree. --Would the..." He searched his memory for the name, "...Jem'Hadar have one of those particle devices?"
Vicky had watched the confrence earlier: "...A device that could simulate a chrono-feed...?" She thought about it for a second. "Yeah... I think they would. It's called a Veriban Transmodulator. They use it in thier Warp drives."
Lei was coming up with a plan...

The Jem'Hadar battle cruiser, the Neikada, floated past two Federation Ships near the Rift. The Borg Cube on the other side tried hailing them.
#Borg: "Information update..."
There was no response from the Neikada.
#Borg: "...Information update," the Borg demanded. "We are the Borg. Transfer selectively captured Scientists over for assimilation."


The Neikada came to a stop, the crew was dead and blood leaked all over the ship. A liquefied Changeling then destructively broke out one of its airlocks into space.

Vicky shoved Lei out her Quarters so she could get dressed. Lei found himself surrounded by Thine and Swine.
Lei: "Hey, are you guys lovers or something?"
Thine flung out his fist in anger; Lei blocked this and fought him rapidly, then turned to Swine fighting him with rapid kicks and blocks. They all spin around as Lei takes turns close range fighting both Thine and Swine, alternating between the two... until he punches through Thine like a ghost.

They all stop and glance at each other until Lei finds himself back on the Bridge of the Timeship. Something strange was going on here...
Lei: "I'm back!"
Krone: "You never left."
Lei: "Yes I did! I was transported again!"
Krone turns to his console, examing the transporter logs: "I know I did not see you leave this room."
Lei looks over to his arm which is still fluxuating. He wondered if it would ever stop.

The other escaped liquefied Changeling, floated through space away from the Jem'Hadar battle cruiser. It noticed the Ticonderoga which was sitting in front of the Timeship that was caught in the Rift. The Changeling slammed itself against the hull of the Ticonderoga and made its way inside so it could read thier sensor logs.


Chapter 14

Lei went over to a control panel and accessed it.
Lei: "Computer... show me what a... Veriban Transmodulator looks like..."
The Computer displays this onscreen.
Krone liquefies over: "I, uhh, just want to apologize if I have ever done anything to insult you..."
Lei, trying to work: "Huh?"
Krone: "Sometimes when I am under pressure, I tend on not to think about how I treat other people."

Lei then suddenly found himself on the Ticonderoga, with Thine and Swine. They were experimenting with him, trying to punch and kick and fire phasers at him, but it was all just passing through.
Swine, kicks: "Argh! He is..."
Thine, phasers: "...non-corporeal!"

Lei wanted to experiment more himself. He left them, casually, and went over to the wall, knocking on it. He could control his own physical density... Amazing.

He then stepped through the wall and into another room, a Nacelle Control Room. There he saw another Changeling, who immediately noticed his entrance.
Infinite: "Huh!?"
Lei, stopped: "Oops."
Infinite liquefied her hands and fore-arms, and started walking towards Lei intending on attacking him.
Lei: "Nice try, but nothing can touch me."
She shot out her left arm, liquefied, at Lei passing it right through his shoulder. She was momentarily confused.

Lei pulled his shoulder away as she retracted her liquid attack. She readjusted her molecules and fired another current of liquid, puncturing Lei in his other shoulder. Lei was then shoved back in pain.
Lei: "Ugh!!! --How'd you...?"

Infinite leaped over a computer frame, and in the air fired another current of liquid. Lei quickly phased himself out of her right arm liquid, and ducked her left arm attack.

Lei jumped through the wall, escaping as Infinite hit the floor and brought back her arms. She liquefied herself and shot herself through one of the vents.

Krone: "Lei!!"
He went over to the main control deck on the Bridge of the small Timeship. Lei found himself there again.
Krone: "I think I know what's wrong with you. You're still in mid transport!"
Lei: "Isn't that done by some kind of... confinement beam?"
Krone: "Yeah, but I transported you the instant the Ship got stuck in this time-distortion. Your molecules are in temporal transport!"
Lei, looks at his hands: "You mean, I exist in both places at once?"
Krone: "Exactly! ...My transporter buffer is still cycling you, without the beam."
Lei went over to a control deck and leaned on it, thinking...: "But, how is it I can control my own density?"
Krone, moved over to him: "...Temporal anomaly can affect beings on a non-corporeal level. Your mind controls everything!"

Lei passed through another wall and entered the Transporter Room. Vicky was there.
Vicky: "Ready?"
Lei: "I... can't use the transporter. I'm already in a mid-transport...!"
He looked at her, while trying to think of another plan.
Vicky: "Why are you in mid-transport?"
Lei really didn't have time for this and ran... maybe there was another way...

The Enterprise launched two Type 13 Shuttle Crafts. They passed over a part of the Rift and headed for the Borg Cubes and Sphere's not too far away.

Lei passed through a wall and into a Control Room. There, the female Changeling bursted through a jefferey's tube opening. She took shape in front of him.
Infinite: "Where do you think you are going?"

She liquefied her entire body, firing out strings of her protoplasm everywhere.
Lei, jumped back over one, dodging another one, and spinning around past two: "Ehck!!"
He altered his molecular structure, as two strings of liquid passed through his thigh, but another string stabbed him in the stomach, lifting him in the air.

Lei phased himself, passing through it and landing on the floor. He leaped towards Infinite's main-mass and kicked his foot into it. He took the confused liquid to the floor, as it splerted all around, forming more masses around him in chaos.

Lei phased himself again, passing through the floor escaping.

He hit the floor and found himself in a Locker Room lined with new-type Starfleet Environmental Suits. There was another way...

Lei: "Krone!!!"
He was back on the Timeship.
Lei: "There's another Changeling after me!"
Krone: "Another Changeling?"
Lei: "Yeah, she's a female! ...What are the odds?"
Krone: "Infinite... she must've found me! She takes over Starship's for a living you know."
He took a moment to accept that she really was there.
Lei: "Yeah, that's great-- but she's fighting me!!"
Krone turned in the Helm chair. He didn't realize when he was ever going to see her again.
Krone: "Okay, okay! ...Tell her that I'm trapped in this time-distortion."

Lei picked up an environmental suit in the Locker Room and started putting it on.
Lei: "Ugh... how do I...?"
Illia, suddenly entered the room: "Lei!"
Lei: "Hey, how'd you know I was here?"
Illia: "Internal sensors barely pick you up."
She started helping him with the suit devices.
Illia: "I just want to let you know... I'm here for you if you have anything you need to talk about."
Lei, feels awkward: "Uhh... thanks."
She locks his helmet and then leaves the Locker Room.
Lei: "...Okay. That was a strange encounter."

Captain Picard stood at the Bridge of the Enterprise, which was examining Away Teams that were infiltrating the Borg Cube.
Picard: "Status?"
Madden: "Omega Team is lost... they're not sure if thier in Section E-6 or K-11..."
Seven of Nine, at the back: "I told you I should have joined them."
Picard: "Enough! ...I'm very delighted you volunteered to assist the Federation with the Rift issue, but I know you have a history with the Borg."

Lei opened the secondary hatch to the outside Hull, a forcefield was put up as he looked out into space. Infinite then sifted through cracks and took shape beside him.
Infinite: "You're far enough from Federation space. What does Starfleet care about this Rift anyway?"
Lei: "You know, Krone is trapped inside it."
Infinite slammed her liquid into the neck of the suit, slamming Lei back against the edge of the hatch: "What do you know of Krone!?"
Lei: "Ugh-- he told me to tell you where he was--! You're looking for him aren't you?"
Infinite let him go and thought for a second: "...I don't know what I'm doing... He left me years ago, and years ago before that..."
Lei used this oppourtunity to leap out into space.

He magnified his boots and clung onto the hull of the Ticonderoga.

Inifinte: "Hey!!"
She liquefied out into space after him.

Out in space was the spectacular display of the Rift, looking like a slow-motion snow-avalanche spurring outwards. It seemed to slope on forever in a east-ward direction.

There were so many Federation Ships floating around. He looked behind him and saw Inifnite jumping her liquid off the hull after him. She came down from above prompting him to toggle his boot controls and leap off the Ticonderoga.

Lei floated through space, and used the pressure thrusters on his boots to steer him.

He approached the Federation Starship Destiny passed through its shields and landed on its hull. Federation Environmental Suits usually automatically recieved a signal from nearby Starships, frequency matching to thier shields.

These shields were not a problem for Infinite. She passed through them like they were nothing. Lei saw this as she descended from above.

Krone: "So what'd she say??"
Lei took a seat next to the Helm of the Timeship.
Lei: "She's uhh... kind of mad at you."
Krone looked to the side, taking this in: "Oh..."
Lei: "But on the up-side, she's hot. You know, for a shapeshifter."
Krone: "It must be because we keep seperating... Well that's her fault too!"
He liquefies his fist and slams it against the far wall.
Lei: "Oh yeah, did I mention she's trying to kill me?"

Infinite liquefied around as Lei spun a kick into her. She was flung away, but stopped herself, running back along the hull of the Destiny towards him.

Lei jumped up in mid-space, floating backwards, and took out both his Handguns. A good Cop always kept them convenient. Lei blasted one Handgun after the other, down at her.

Infnite was punctured multiple times, but continued running and leaping up into space towards him.

As she came closer, Lei rapidly pumped the remaining bullets out his Guns into her shoulder which was beggining to indent. He blasted the last bullet out his left gun, sending Infnite back and disoriented. Her momentum was changed and she spun away parallel to the Destiny with liquid drops trailing.

Lei activated his thruster boots and sped towards another Federation Starship. He could see the Jem'Hadar Battle Cruiser not too far off in the distance.


Chapter 15

A Team of Federation Officers made thier way through the Decks of the Borg Cube, in search of a Convergence Dianametric Enhancer Device: "This way!"
A group of Drones block thier path and start attacking them... Adapting to each Phaser blast and assimilating each Officer after Officer to doom...
Hutchenson: "Ugh!! Help!!"
...No such luck.

Lei jumped off the hull of the Lexington, and was sent flying through space.

He looked around space at the Rift and all the Ships in the area, wondering where the female Shapeshifter was.

In an instant, he slammed into the hull of the Jem'Hadar Vessel, finding a hatch and crawling inside.

He dropped into one of the corridors of the Neikada and started running. The floors were covered with dead Jem'Hadar's everywhere: "Hello?"

Lei stopped, taking off his helmet, thinking he may have heard something. He looked around carefully... The ship was completely void of sound except for slight morphing noises in the distance: "...Infinite."

His double existence found himself back on the Timeship with his friend: "Krone! How do I get to the Engineering Department of the Jem'Hadar Vessel?"
Krone: "Department? --Uhhh... Tell me where you are now."

With Krone's help, Lei finds the Neikada's Engineering. Everyone was dead there too. He finds the Veriban Transmodulator device connected to a Warp Unit and starts tapping at panels, hoping the Unit will let it go... No luck.

Crash! Lei heard a sound from above the far cieling. The dead alien bodies and blood littering the floor told him that this was not safe territory... The female Changeling poured out from the cieling taking shape near the entrance. Lei turned and violently pulled the Transmodulator out the Unit, breaking the Unit down.
Infinte: "Destroying the merchandise, are we?"
Lei: "I'm trying to save Krone... Or don't you care?"
Infinite, forges a metallic spike and walks towards Lei: "Hahaha, Krone!? He's a bastard!"

She charges forward with her spike at Lei, but Lei dodges to the side as she speeds past. He kneels down and picks up a Jem'Hadar Disrupter Rifle off a dead guard, and blasts it at Infinite, missing her. A control panel in the distance explodes, as Lei picks up his Transmodulator and runs out Engineering, having more important things to take care of: "If only Jackie were here."

His existence jumps back to the calm Timeship Bridge.
Krone: "...Infinite's changed. She used to be law-abiding..."
Lei: "She must be disgruntled because of your shakey relationship."
Krone, looks to the side: "...I still love her."
Lei: "You love her?"
Krone: "Yes. Is that such a surprise?"
Lei: "Actually, yeah. I didn't know alien's fell in love."
Krone gives him an angry look.

Lei makes his way to the Transporter Room, places the Transmodulator on a platform, and accesses a Communications panel: "Neikada to Vicky on the Ticonderoga... I'm sending you the Transmodulator."
#Vicky: "Lei? ...Wow, you're good."
He taps at panels about to beam it over, but Infinite comes flying in from above, taking Lei to the side: "Hahaha!"
Lei: "Ugh!!! --You don't have to do this!"
Infinite: "I know. But it's so much fun killing humanoids! But before I do... Is that Device really going to save Krone?"
She was about to stab him at the chest.
Lei: "Yes... and hopefully disappate the entire Temporal Rift."
She stops to think about this.
Lei: "Krone loves you, Infnite. He told me himself."
Infinite immediately strengthens a spike closer to Lei's chest, in anger.
Lei: "I'm telling you the truth!!"

She pulls away in deep thought: "He... still loves me?"
Lei quickly runs over to the control panels and beams the Transmodulator away: "As soon as the Federation can work that Device with the Rift, the Timeship will be free. I figure it may take them a while. The people in the future don't seem as bright as you'd assume them to be."
Infinite waves her excess liquid strands back into her body, about to leave: "I... I love him too..."
She walks towards the door.
Lei: "You do?"
Infinite: "Yes. Is that so hard to believe?"

With that, she liquefies out of there, leaving Lei alone. Infinite and Krone were meant to be together.
Lei: "I wonder where Jackie is..."
He suddenly stops in his tracks, realizing his constant referral to her. He had feelings for her.

A Team of Engineers on the Ticonderoga got to work on the Veriban Transmodulator Device, as they placed it in the middle of the Tech Lab: "Put it here. Yes, that's perfect." - "Scan for chronometric particles." - "Find the access ports." - "On it." - "Hand me that laser tool."
From above, Infinite watched, unseen by anyone.

Lei entered the Bridge of the Neikada: "Krone!! I'm going to the Utopia Planitia Shipyards. You have to tell me how to operate this Ship."

Krone: "Are you crazy? The Federation will shoot you down the first instance you appear on thier scanners."

Lei: "Look, it won't be a while until you're free on this side of the timeline. I have to use this time to find Jackie."

Krone: "Who is Jackie?"

Lei: "Are we going to play 20 questions here?"

Krone: "Alright, alright. But this is not a good idea."

Lei starts accessing the Helm. The Jem'Hadar Vessel, Neikada, powers up its engines, and rotates around.

The Lexington picks this up.
Dar: "Sir, the Jem'Hadar Vessel is moving!"
Jegaul: "Where is it going?"

The Neikada moves past them and away from the Rift, jumping to Warp towards Federation space.
Lei: "Ha! This is so easy."

Krone: "One man cannot keep an entire Starship running. Especially if he is from ancient times."

Lei: "Hey. How'd you know that?"

Krone: "It wasn't hard to figure out."

A couple days go by.

The Neikada speeds through at Warp. Lei comes into range and hails the Shipyards: "I'm looking for Ensign Jackie Seanna."
>Commander Duchen: "Jem'Hadar Vessel. You are in pursuit. Drop out of Warp and lower your shields."
Lei: "No. I am looking for Jackie Seanna. Please--"
The transmission cuts out... But then it clicks back on.
>Jackie: "Lei?"
Lei: "Jackie!"
>Jackie: "What are you doing on that Ship!? --I thought I'd never see you again."
Lei: "I'm coming to get you. I..."
He stops, unsure that his true feelings would be returned.
>Jackie: "Hey guess what! I spent a month in the Brig. But I'm free now!"
Lei: "The what?"
>Jackie: "I guess they really hated that I ran away from work."
The Computer beeps, and the screen cuts out.
Lei: "What was that?"
He reads a panel.
Lei: "The Computer says there's a Warp Engine failure."

Krone: "A Warp Engine Failure?"
Lei still existed in the Timeship, although he was so far away.
Lei: "Yeah."
Krone: "I told you one man couldn't maintain a Starship! A team has to work in Engineering!"
Lei: "What do I do??"
Krone: "I don't know!"

The Neikada dropped Warp, and approached the Utopia Planitia Shipyards. Two other Federation Starships dropped Warp behind it, and opened fire.
Lei: "Yes! I'm here!"
The ship shakes.
Lei: "Uh oh... I better get off this Ship..."

Jackie runs over to a console in a Docking Ring. She picks up scans of the Jem'Hadar Vessel approaching: "Lei...!"

The Control Center of the Planitia Main Station also picks this Ship up.
Duchen: "Open fire on enemy vessel. This invasion is a breech of Treaty!"

Lei jumps out a hatch and into space, with his suit on. He treks across a great distance, towards the Main Station, passing floating debris of ship parts.

Jackie runs down the Hallway, passing Docking Ring window after window, catching her eye on Lei. He stops at the Ring that Lei lands on. She accesses panels, letting him inside.

The two Federation Starships, the Titan, and the Destiny, destroy the Neikada. The Neikada explodes, too close to the Main Station and the floating debris.

The debris goes flying out into space, and the Station shakes like crazy.

Lei struggles to get up, entering through the final air-lock. Jackie holds him, as he gets to his feet.
Lei, takes off his helmet: "Jackie!! It's so great to see y---"
Jackie: "Lei! You made it!!"
Lei takes off his environmental-suit: "There's so much that's been going on. You have no idea!"
Jackie smiles about to say something else, but suddenly sees Lei's hand pass through hers.
Lei: "Oh... That's the transport. I'm stuck in two dimensions, being beamed onto the Timeship. It's caught in a time bubble."
Jackie: "Oh my God... Are you okay?"
Lei: "Yeah, I'm fine."
They stared into each other's eyes, about to speak again, but Lei was suddenly dematerialized. He was gone.
Jackie: "Lei!! ...Lei!?"
She walked around, confused, and looking around.

Krone: "...And welcome back. You're completely transported."
Lei was on the Timeship, Lightyears away, lodged against the spectacular Rift. Lei couldn't believe it... He was stuck there.


Chapter 16

The Timeship seemed to be held in space, like a paused video.
Lei checked his two 9mm Handguns: "Hey, the bullet's are back!"
Krone was too busy, tapping strands of his liquid onto the panels, trying to access thrusters: "It is no use... The thrusters are fractured in a completely slower time-frame!"

Row's of recently assimilated Federation Officer's, stood in regeneration units on the larger Borg Cube. The Borg recieved all thier thoughts.
#Borg: "Scientists... insufficient knowledge."
#Borg: "Searching new memories for plausible subjects for assimilation..."

Surfaced along the cieling structure, Infinity watched the Starfleet Officers below hooking the Transmodulator into consoles and recievers in the Technology Research Room, on the Ticonderoga. Energy began to flow along tubes.
Gero: "The injectors are at perfect efficiency."
Kayla: "Great!"
A few Officers walk by, nodding to Gero, an old man.
Kayla: "You know, Dr. Gero, it is an honour working with such a brilliant scientist."
Gero: "Oh, come on now. If my collegue, Darpa, heard you say that, he'd have a fit."
They shared a laugh as the Transmodulator was then activated.

Meanwhile, the Federation Starship Titan sped through at high Warp.
Charn: "Captain... there's a general distress signal going out from the Rift Project. The Borg are attacking."

The Ticonderoga shook like crazy. Gero fell onto his back: "Ugh!!"
Kayla: "Doctor!"

Two Borg Sphere's sped over the Rift and engaged the fleet. One Sphere blasted torpedoes onto the Enterprise, and kept on a heading stright for the Ticonderoga... they were after something.

Captain Riker paced the Bridge of the Titan.
Jackie, walks over: "Sir, I'd just like to personally thank you for letting me come along the Rift Mission."
Riker: "This is not the time Ensign. The Borg are attacking the fleet."
He looked back on screen.
Jackie had to think for a second: "Sir! The Borg aren't after the fleet. They only want an intelligent scientist."
Riker: "What's the difference? They get the fleet, they get any Scientist.... and we have our best Scientists working on that Rift."

Lei walked over to Krone on the Timeship.
Krone: "I have the specifics of the jump that occured ahead of us. I may be able to recreate it."
Lei, looks out a window: "So, if we're in slow time, and all of the Galaxy is in a faster time than us... then won't we be freed any minute?"
Krone: "Yes. It has been only 10 minutes in here."
Lei looks out the window, seeing all the Federation Ships moving around, like a fast forward video.

Borg Sphere's and incoming Cubes, fly around attacking Federation Ship's, really, really fast.

Lei: "Hahaha! That's so funny! ...Terrible... but funny."

The Titan fly's in, blasting trans-phasic torpedoes onto the Borg Cube cutting lasers into the Ticonderoga's Shields. It begins to explode.
#Borg: "Systemmss-- ffail--urrre!!@%^!!"

Infinity takes the shape of an Officer on the Bridge of the Ticonderoga, as its blasting a beam into the Rift as all the Borg chaos is happening all around.
#Riker: "Riker to Ticonderoga, you gotta get out of there!!"
Fenton: "Almost there... --Just give us one more minute. If we reach a compensation level of 77 particles, it'll be enough to degrade the Rift!!"

Riker jerks his head in curse: "Dammit Fenton! --Ensign, get to a console. What's their output level!?"
Jackie links computers with the Ticonderoga: "...68... 71... 74..."

A deathening black crust suddenly sours throughout the internal structure of the cloud Rift... Krone realizes the Timeship is free.

Riker: "Ensign. What's their radial output?"
There's no response.
Riker, turns aorund: "Ensign?"
He finds Jackie gone as the Turbolift Doors at the back just close.

The Cube partially explodes fire and plasma.

Jackie beams aboard the Timeship. She makes her way to the Bridge: "Lei...?"
Lei turns around, seeing her: "Jackie!"
Krone: "Ohhh, so she's Jackie."
Jackie: "I'm here under permission from Admiral Ross himself. He wants to meet you."

The Titan and the Enterprise swoop in and tactor beam the Ticonderoga away at full impulse.

Krone taps at the panels frantically...
Thine: "Hold it...!"
Swine: "...Right there!"
Two Section 31 Operatives come out the corner of the back of the Bridge. They had just beamed in.
Thine, aiming a disrupter: "We're confiscating this Timeship."
Krone stops.
Jackie, turns to the Operatives: "Who are you??"

The Cube can't contain itself any longer.

Thud! Something enters the Timeship from outside.
Swine: "What was that?"
Krone: "Warning. We are too close to the Borg!"

The Cube explodes into huge pieces. These pieces go flying out, catching time fractures, so that the explosion happens in slow motion.

This gives Krone enough time to access the consoles... He jumps the Timeship out of there-- disappearing out of existence, and into another time and spacial co-ordinates.

The Enterprise and the Titan had succesfully cleared the Ticonderoga. Unfotunately, the Lexington suffered major damage and was flaming as it passed aside the Ticonderoga, accidentally affecting thier shields.

A Borg Sphere passed by, piecring a transport beam through. They had taken Doctor Gero.

Thine: "Take this!!"
He blasts a disrupter pulse across the small Bridge at Krone. Krone quickly liquefies out of the way as the pulse blows a console.
Lei: "Hey, here's a reciept!"
He leaps accross, with his foot flying out and spin kicks Thine's disrupter out of his hands.
Jackie: "Lei, watch out!!"
The disrupter is caught by another liquefied Changeling around. Swine aims his disrupter right up to Lei's temple.
Swine: "I don't think you'll be able to watch at all..."
He's about to press the trigger, until the other Changeling, Infinity, pierces a liquid tentacle through it. She circles around, taking Swine and Thine to the floor.
Krone: "Infinity!!"
Infinty: "Krone!"

Krone takes shape, and approches her, reuniting thier presence. Jackie accesses the Helm: "Where are we?"
Lei jogs over: "Kansas?"

Outside the Timeship exists nothing but white space... a nothingness.

Lei: "What the--?"
Jackie: "We seem to be stuck in a temporal plain of existence."

Meanwhile, Thine and Swine are held by Infinity. She links one of her strands into Krone's chest, sharing her thoughts... her feelings.
Thine: "Let us go, you pathetic jello people!"
She roughly shoves him into the wall as she continues linking with Krone on the other side.

Lei and Jackie sift through scans.
Lei: "...This must all be a dream."
He paces.
Lei: "I know I'm going to wake up in bed, or in my Office any second now..."
He closes his eyes.

He'd no idea where he was, even for the future.

Jackie: "Got it!"
The Timeship re-appeared back in normal space.
Jackie: "It was just a temporal set back caused by left over radiation from the Rift."
She glanced over at Lei.
Jackie: "Are you okay?"
Lei, opens his eyes seeing the stars: "Yeah. I think I'm starting to enter a mental shock from all this..."
Krone let Infinity keep holding the others as he walked over.
Krone: "Lei. Are you alright?"
Lei: "Yes, I'm fine. I just..."
He looks to the side.
Lei: "I'm from the past."
Krone and Jackie glance at each other and then back at Lei.
Jackie: "I know."
Krone: "A man in any time is still a man."
Lei, looks up at them, and then out the window...

The Timeship sat out in space, a good distance from a fleet of four Remen Warships who were facing a fleet of five Orion Transports and Cruisers... This wasn't your average traffic jam.


Chapter 17

Jackie: "Come back with me to the Federation. Admiral's Paris and Ross want to meet with you."
Lei continued sifting through scans of the other vessels. He was getting the hang of future technology, fast. Thine and Swine were held by Infinity's liquefied arms.
Swine: "You're not going anywhere, you annoyance!"
Thine: "Section 31 says you're a risk to the Timeline. This Timeship is a risk to the Timeline!"
Jackie: "Your people aren't Temporal Investigations; you just want the Timeship for yourselves!"
Lei stopped scanning and started thinking about the Timeship. Krone moved around to him, knowing exactly what he was thinking.
Krone: "You want us to return you to your time period?"
Lei thought for a second.
Lei: "Yes, but there's just one thing I have to take care of first..."

Lei beamed onto the head Remen Warship, sneaking through the dark corridors with a Disrupter Rifle. He stopped at a corner, hiding near a big Shuttle Bay where a group of Remen's and a group of Orion's were meeting. He could over hear them.

Raiden: "...We can have these 20 Scorpion Class Attack Flyers in your ships in less than two hours."
Sune: "...Really. You don't look like you know anything about Scorpion Attack Flyers."
One of the Orion's mocked.
Raiden: "I know more than your mother did when she was concieving you."
Sune felt a great anger when this clicked and squeezed his fist, but Raiden was suddenly pulled back by one of the Remen's.
Gehtn: "Why are they talking to you like this, I thought you were good friends with the Orions...?"
Raiden: "Enough! Let's get this trade underway."

Lei safely snuck behind one of the Attack Flyers, trying to get in better earshot.

Sune: "I am Director Sune of the Orion Syndicate..."
He shook Gehtn's hand.
Gehtn: "...Gehtn Lonar of the Remen Alliance."
Sune: "Together we can become very powerful..."
Gehtn: "I agree... very powerful indeed..."
Raiden, places his hands on each of thier shoulders: "Well gentlemen... Let's begin planning our Empire..."
Sune glances over at him.
Raiden: "...And put all the bickering behind us."
Sune nods, agreeing to this. He didn't succeed in this business without being smart.

Crash! ...Lei knocked over an open tool case, spilling laser tools all over the floor behind an Attack Flyer.

Remen and Orion troops ran over and aimed countless disrupters at him.
Lei: "Oops."
Raiden walked over, catching his eye.
Lei: "What do you think you are doing, Raiden?"
Raiden: "Lieutenant!"
He became increasingly angry.
Radien: "...I should've prepared for you. But I thought you were too stupid to figure out how to get this far!"
He signals to two Remen Soldiers.
Raiden: "Pick him up."
Two Remen's picked up Lei by his arms.

Lei quickly kicked his right foot into the Soldier to his left and switched support legs, kicking his left foot into the Solder to his right. He kicked left to right and right to left again, knocking both Remen's away.

Gehtn: "Get him!!"

Surrounded by Remen's and Orion's, Lei spun to the side as one of the Remen's tried grabbing him. Lei elbowed an Orion out, and turn-kicked another Orion in the stomach.
Ftil: "Ugh!"

A shot was fired from the crowd, and Lei could hear the pulse's launching, quickly ducking. The pulse passed over him and hit an Orion in the chest.

The Orion hit the floor as Lei leaped over him, stepping his foot off the behind Orion's chest. Lei launches himself into the air, turning and kicking another next Orion across the face. That Orion is sent into two more Orion's as they stumble in close range on top of each other to the floor.

Lei lands on his left knee, right foot, right palm before he's tackled off to the side by a Remen. The Remen holds him down.
Lei, struggles: "Argh!!"

Raiden walks over.
Lei: "Whatever you're up to, Raiden, I'm not going to let it happen--!"
Raiden: "I can do as I please."

The fallen Orions got up slowly in pain.

Sune: "Who is this loser?"
Lei: "Listen to me. Raiden is not who you think he is... He is from the 21st Century. Whatever he's told you is a lie."
Gehtn, walks over: "What is he talking about?"
Raiden: "Nothing! He's just an enemy who lost a bet once."
Lei: "Raiden and I are from the past. We came here on that Timeship over there!"

As the Remen brings him up to his knees he motions his head to the Timeship sitting in the Shuttle Bay in the distance.

Sune: "Time travel? Proposterous!"
Raiden grabs a disrupter off one of the Remen's and aims it at Lei: "It's time to die!!"
Sune, pushes the disrupter away: "No! I don't want blood on these Attack Flyers!"
Raiden: "Are you kidding me?"
Sune: "..."
Lei struggles to get free, but three more disrupters are aimed at him.
Raiden: "What, you think you're going to escape this with your martial arts skills?"
Lei: "No, I think I'm going to escape this with my martial arts skills while capturing you."

On his knees at eye level with the disrupters, he swings his upper body around so that his head hits the side of one of the Remen's disrupters; changing its direction. It's fired on the Remen's accidental impulse, killing the next Remen.

Lei frees his arms punching rapidly repeatedly into the Remen that was holding him and pulling him to the side, to use him as a shield against the incoming fire of another disrupter pulse.
Jqan: "Uuh!!"

Lei places himself, back to another Remen's front, comfortable, grabbing use of his hand disrupter and firing it across the way, killing two Orion's and three Remen's. Lei pulls the Remen around, shielding against more incoming pulses.

Raiden: "Very fast, Lieutenant!"
Lei throws the limp Remen into Raiden's impulsive hold and kicks a behind approaching Orion in the face with an extended leg. Lei takes back the limp Remen and throws it into another approaching Orion. --The two bodies collapse, but the Orion's disprupter fly's into the air.

Lei amazingly runs, and flips in the air, grabbing it, flipping over the two falling bodies. He lands on his feet, pumping out shot after shot, hitting Remen after Orion; body parts go flying. He tactfully hits an approaching Remen in the shoulder, exploding a chunk of the Remen's upper body across the way so that it smacks into Gehtn's face.
Gehtn: "Augh!!"

Lei leaps, and jumps off the side of a Flyer, flipping over a crowd of Remen's and Orion's and upon a reposition of form, kicks Raiden into the chest and takes him to the floor.
Raiden, jumps to his feet: "He is one man!!! One man!!"

Pulses continue flying, as Lei gets up, and grabs Raiden's arms tactfully. He spins Raiden around and against a nearby Flyer. Lei is harassed by that close-knit group again, trying to grasp his shoulders. Lei leans himself against them while using his feet to lift Raiden's feet off the ground aswell.

Raiden, leaning against the Flyer is lifted into the air, as Lei gets his feet back to the floor and uses his arms to push Raiden over the Flyer: "Aaaahh!!"

Lei swipes himself under the nose of the Flyer to the other side, escaping the group, and force kicking his foot into a falling Raiden. Raiden's falling direction is changed as he is sent flying across the way to the Shuttle Bay doors to the hallway.

Lei runs out to the hallway with Raiden.

They are both beamed onto the Timeship. Krone and Jackie are watching scans on a console.
Lei: "You beam me out now??"
Krone: "Well those moves were amazing!"
Jackie nods in agreeance.
Raiden: "No!!! You morons!!! You don't know what you're doing!! Put me back!!!"
Lei grabs Raiden's shirt: "You fool! You're just using your same tricks over again!"
Raiden, pushes him away: "Well they work don't they? I have been able to manipulate two major galactic powers into an Alliance!"
Jackie: "What?"
She quickly realizes what's going on.
Jackie: "...The Remen's and the Orion's..."
Lei: "What did you tell them? That you were good friends with the other?"
Raiden: "Precisely."
Lei, squirms in the fact that he is right: "Listen to me Raiden; you have to change your ways. What you do isn't right!"

The Timeship is suddenly caught in a tractor beam from the head Remen Warship.

Raiden, grins: "...And what you do, is never carefully thought out."


Chapter 18

A Klingon Bird of Prey static's into existence, above and to the right of the Orion Fleet facing the Remen Fleet who drag the Dominion Timeship closer via tractor beam.
Kelik: "Pitiful!"
The Bird of Prey fires a torpedo onto the Remen Vessel's tractor beam, deactivating it and then fires a modified disrupter-probe which clamps itself onto the Timeship's hull.

Raiden faces Lei, in the centre of the Bridge of the small Dominion Timeship.
Krone, taps at panels: "I don't get it-- the time jump is inoperative!"

Raiden punches for Lei's head, but Lei quickly blocks it. The viewscreen clicks on, and they both turn thier heads.
>Kelik: "I picked up my Timeship in this area... but this is not my Timeship!!"
Raiden, gasps: "It's you!"
Lei: "I thought you'd turn up somewhere..."
>Kelik: "In a few moments, your loly Changeling was about to cause a self destruct due to a time-jump activation under tractor beam stress. You and a few Remen Ships were about to explode!!!"
Raiden: "And what are you, the gypsy king?"
>Kelik: "I'm from five years in the future. Where you have caused a second temporal rift, that axials itself with the other temporal rift. You morons destroy the Alpha Quadrant because of this!"
Lei: "Oh my God..."
Raiden: "Oh give it up, Lei. You don't even know what the Alpha Quadrant is!"
Lei, shoves him: "You don't even know what your mom is!"
Raiden: "What!?"
He jabs Lei's chest and towards his face. Lei blocks his face and kicks Raiden in the side.
>Kelik: "Stop it!! ...I placed a temporal dampening field emitter on your hull so that you cannot time-jump."
Jackie: "My scans indicate your Klingon Bird of Prey is a Timeship itself..."
Lei: "Of course... He spent all those years on that Klingon Planet that was taken over..."
>Kelik: "I developed a time-travel device, as the Dominion fixed up this crashed Bird of Prey. Then I stole it."
Lei: "Well if you want your Timeship, it's on that Remen Ship."
Raiden: "The Remen's have kept thier hands off it on my orders."
>Kelik: "Very well then, I bid you adieu."

The Bird of Prey passes over them and heads for the Remen Fleet. Lei and Raiden face each other once again. Everyone around them is unsure at their intentions.
Lei: "Alright, nobody interfere..."
He and Raiden bring up their arms both in a ready-to-fight stance. Raiden takes the first move and jump kicks Lei's shoulder side. Lei is tilted to the side, but launches out fist after fist.
Raiden: "Ugh!"
Raiden is forced to dodge his head left and right and left and right until he's punched in the face. Blood spills from his nose as he spins a roundhouse jumpkick into Lei, sending Lei flying back.
Jackie: "This is not a good idea. Stop it!"
Thine: "Wait!
Swine: "For a moment."
Krone grabs Raiden, holding him with his liquid.
Thine: "The data on that Klingon Bird of Prey is the only thing that can tell us what the Dominion's plans are."
Swine: "It's possible they are planning on breaking the treaty."
Infinity, holds the two: "Want me to kill them?"
Jackie: "Hold it! --...Go on."
Thine: "Section 31's only concern is the safety of the Federation. That ship is the only thing that has been to the future and knows what moves the Dominion has made."
Swine: "Will make."
Krone, checks a console: "I can check the History records right here..."
The panel flickers.
Krone: "--Or not."
Lei: "Maybe it's that probe that was launched on us."
Krone, nods: "Its corrupting a lot of Systems on the Timeship."
Jackie: "You two will have to wait." She goes over to a panel and taps at it. "Listen, we may be able to isolate certain Systems and have them working without interference from that Device."
Infinity: "Or we can destroy the Device itself."
Krone: "Good idea."
Infinity nods and lets the two Section 31 operatives go. She liquefies through the ventilation ducts. Thine and Swine are suddenly beamed out.
Jackie: "Figures. They must have a cloaked ship somewhere."

Infinity goes out onto the Hull in space and spikes her liquid into the Device. She's shocked with bands of energy in pain. She sits there, weak.

An unknown Section 31 Ship decloaks and fires phasers onto the Device. An automatic shield adapts around the Device, blocking the beam.

Jackie: "They do have a cloaked ship!"

The fleet of Remen and Orion Ship's engage them, firing torpedoes. The Dominion Timeship shakes from hits.
Krone: "Ugh! We're dead in the water!"
Raiden: "If you return me, they might stop!"
Lei takes out his handcuffs and cuffs Raiden's wrist together: "Stop talking, and keep still!"

The Bird of Prey close ranges around the lead Remen Vessel, blasting disrupters into their hull. The Suliban Timeship is beamed out and onto the Bird of Prey.

The Section 31 Ship cloaks out of there, as Infinite shakes her head and jumps off the Hull into space. She transforms propuslion gills and speeds out into space aswell.
Krone: "Infinite!"
Jackie: "Hey, keep rerouting the secondary transwarp stabilizer!"
Krone gets back to work: "...She's gone again. I can't believe it."

The Bird of Prey jumps to Warp, out of there. Kelik runs to the Shuttle Bay to find his Timeship.
Kelik: "Finally!"
He accesses a panel and runs inside.
Kelik: "Now to get this thing back where it belongs. My Commander won't even know its gone from the Station."
He taps at the Helm panels.
#Computer: "Warning. Missing component."
The holoscreen shows a model of a Temporal Quantum Regulator. It is about the size of a hand, and has specific codes inscribed on its side.
Kelik: "What!?!?"
He turns away.

Meanwhile, Orion Ship after Remen Ship start Warping out of there. Leaving only one of each to handle the small Dominion Timeship. They each take turns pumping torpedoes at it.

Raiden: "Those idiots! Don't they know they can have this Vessel if they just capture it??"
Jackie: "They probably can't scan our Vessel properly."
The Computer beeps.
Jackie: "We've isolated the propulsion systems, sensors... and a cloak!"
Krone: "Activate it!"

The Dominion Timeship cloaks out of visual and sensor ranges. They then Warp out of there.

On the distant Bird of Prey, Kelik paces inside his own Timeship.
Kelik: "That is impossible to repair. The one I've created for this Vessel has already been leaked of power. I know! I'll create another one."
He leaves his Timeship and out into the Shuttle Bay. Dead Jem'Hadar lie all over the floors.
Kelik: "Curses!! The Timeship only works on that specific component. The Station's Technicians would know something was wrong."
He makes his way back to the Bridge in anger.
Kelik: "...It's those confounded Orions... and Remens; they have my component."
He stops.
Kelik: "They won't live to find out what it is..."


Chapter 19

The Dominion Timeship sped through space. Lei just looked out the window.
Jackie, walked over: "Hey."
Lei: "Hey..."
Jackie: "Look, I'm sorry but we can't get the Timeship going."
She goes over to a console.
Jackie: "It looks as if that device sabatoged most of the systems. We don't even have Weapons."
Lei: "What are you saying... I'm stuck here?"
Jackie and Krone glance at each other, knowing this is true.

Lei went to the side: "I can't believe it..."
Krone: "That Bird of Prey has the other Timeship. If we get to it, we could bring you back home."
Jackie: "I'm not even so sure that's a great idea. You've learned so much about the 24th Century now, if we bring you back we'll be contaminating the timeline."
Lei: "You're kidding me. You're not going to let me go back??"
Jackie: "It's probably for the best."
Krone: "Perhaps I will be able to get the Temporal Chamber online."
He left them.
Jackie: "Look, Lei. There've been way too many close call time-travel incidents in the past... Way too many."
Lei: "Oh, I see how it is. You're willing to help me, but when it comes to time-travel, it's out of the question."
Jackie: "I have to stand up for the Temporal Directive. If I didn't, I wouldn't be a very loyal Federation Officer."
Lei: "This is my life we're talking about here. I have a life in the 21st Century!"

Radien, who was leaning against the wall with his hands cuffed, began laughing: "Heh, heh, heh... And what about me? Don't I get a life?"
Jackie and Lei glanced at him.
Radien: "Laws, and order. It's nothing but crap in this Century too!"
Jackie: "Shut up!"
Radien: "...Even if we did go back, my life would be taken away from me. 20 years in prison! People like you, all you want is control. Especially control of my life."
Jackie, takes out a phaser: "Yeah, and it's about to end."
Lei, stops her: "Hold it!"
Jackie, puts it down: "He'll get life on a penial colony."
Radien: "Oh joy! ...Perhaps they'll let me play 24th Century solitare!"
He adjusted his stance.
Radien: "You people are locked in a law and order system that takes you in constant circles... and it's closing in on you as time goes on."
Lei grabbed Raiden's shirt in anger.
Radien, smiles: "The way I see it, I have no chance of freedom in either Century. So I really don't care where I end up."

Lei glances at Jackie: "Is there anywhere we can put this guy?"
Jackie: "Let's take a look aorund the ship."

They both walk out the small Control Room into a back Control Room. There, the Transporter sits. They make thier way further back, and find a hallway.
Lei: "Hm. I guess we never really looked around this Ship."
To thier right was a door labelled, Bio-Chamber. They opened it and looked inside. There, rows of bio-chambers circled the room.
Jackie: "This is probably where the Jem'Hadar are manufactured."

They go into the room across the hall from that, finding a Conference Room. They leave that and re-enter the hallway. At the end of the short corridor, is a split to a back corridor. It is also where the door to the Temporal Engineering room is.

There, Krone was going through computer data: "Hey. The Chamber is completely offline. Maybe some kind of energy is supposed to work inside of it...?"
He continues working.

The form of the corridors is basically a T. The back corrider leads to two ends. On the left end, is where the Weapons Storage locker is. And on the right end, is where the single Brig Cell is. That's where they threw Raiden into.

The forcefield went up.
Radien: "Aw, you mean I don't get to stay in the Weapons Storage Locker?"

Jackie and Lei continued to look around.
Jackie: "Where are we going to sleep?"
They returned to the main Corridor. On one side was the Conference Room and the other was the Bio-Chamber Room. Beside each of those rooms was an easy access office. One meant for the Vorta, and one for the Founder.
Jackie: "I guess in these Offices."
Krone steps out Engineering: "They can probably be converted to Quarters."
They all stood out in the Main Corridor.
Jackie: "We're not planning on staying that long."
Lei: "We have to track down that Bird of Prey."
Jackie: "No. We have to go back to the Shipyards, and send that criminal to jail."
Krone: "If we change course now, we'll never find that Bird of Prey."
Lei: "Then I won't be able to go home."
Jackie: "No!"
Lei: "Jackie, maybe Radien's right. Maybe the system is closing in on us. I remember a time when you'd break that system to go after your friend."
Jackie, glances to the side: "....."
Lei: "I need your help. If we can travel through time, then maybe we can alter events so that I never left Earth."
Jackie takes a moment to accept the situation. She thought her reformation was complete, but it was obviously not: "....Okay."

With that, they all headed for the Bridge Control Room.
Lei: "Now, track the location of that Bird of Prey."
Krone went the Helm and checked. Jackie went to a side panel to maintain the engines.
Jackie: "Hey, you can't order us around."
Lei: "I outrank you, Ensign."
Jackie: "Oh please!"
Krone, a signal beeps: "I've found a Warp trail..."
Lei: "Accelerate."
Jackie: "The word is, Engage."
Lei: "Oh, that's what I meant... Hey, does this vessel have a name?"
Krone: "No."
Lei: "I see..."

The Dominion Timeship accelerates its speed to Warp 9.


Chapter 20

Lei lied in bed... resting from everything. His thoughts wandered to if he'd ever return home.
Lei: "It would be nice." He got up, feeling restless. "What if don't get home?" He paced. "What if I'm stuck here forever?" His door chimed. "Come in?"
Jackie entered: "You okay?"
Lei: "Yeah. I was just wondering if I'd ever get home."
Jackie: "Kind of like the whole Voyager thing."
Lei: "The what?"
Jackie: "Nevermind--"
#Just then Krone called in over the comm: "We've arrived at a Trading Depot. The end of the ion trail."

The Trading Depot was a big Ferengi space station. There, aliens would come to trade goods for latinum. Lei and Jackie entered the Prominade, as the whole place was filled with Ferengi.
Lei: "These guys have the biggest ears I've ever seen!"
Just then, Jackie was pulled to the side.

Larr: "Hello there sweety! Could I interest you in a Tarkalian Grub Worm?"

While Jackie was occupied, Lei went over and spoke to a Ferengi at a replicator Bar.
Lei: "I'm looking for someone. He's green, and flys a big ship that prey's like a bird?"
Tenik: "I have no idea what you're talking about. Are you going to buy something or not, Humaan?"

Just then, the voices of some Nausicaans could be heard behind him. They were pushing around a few Ferengi.
Flerge: "We will not ship to you anymore. We have found a better buyer!"
Nont: "Ahh. Heh, heh. Okay then, what do you want then? Go about your business..."
Flerge: "Well we were hoping you'd offer a greater price..."
He took out a disrupter.
Nont: "Aah!! Okay okay! ...How about 34 Bars of Latinum? Sound good?"
Flerge: "Not good enough Ferengi!!"
He pushed the disrupter into Nont, who was at his selling stand. Other Ferengi began backing away in fear of the group of Nausicaans.
Lei: "Now that's not the way to do business."
The Nausicaan turned around to see Lei.
Flerge: "Who said that!?!"
He pointed his disrupter at Lei. The other Nausicaans stood at Flerge's side.
Lei: "Hey, could I interest you in a pack of cigarettes?"
He pulled a pack out of his pocket.
Lei: "They're addictive."

Flerge stretched out his arm and disrupter: "You better hope your head is indestructible..." He paused. "I recognize you... We met at Deep Space 9."
Lei quickly grabbed his disrupter, but Flerge held on. They both had thier hands on it with full arm muscle strength.
Flerge: "Heh, heh!"
Lei: "Haha this..."
He spun his far leg around and kicked the Nausicaan back into the Stand, collapsing it and sending all the mechanical trinkets into the air. Lei found that he had the disrupter in his hand and flipped it around, firing at the Nausicaan to his left and the Nausicaan to his right.

They both fell over.

Flerge got up in anger: "Argh!!!"
Lei: "Tisk, tisk. Business before anger."
Flerge whipped around a metal support stick from the Stand, which Lei arched back and dodged. The stick passed over his chest as he pulled his arm up and fired a disrupter blast.

Flerge leaped towards him, the blast hit the wall, and Flerge grabbed Lei: "Flerge to Tenakken... Transport!!"

Flerge, Lei and the two Nausicaan's were beamed out. Jackie ran over, pushing past surrounding Ferengi.
Jackie: "Lei!!"
She tapped her commbadge.
Jackie: "Jackie to Krone. Lei's been beamed out by some Nausicaans!"
#Krone: "Does that guy ever not get in trouble?"

He beams Jackie out, and departs the Timeship from the Station. Meanwhile, the Nausicaan Transport trucks right through two Ferengi Starships. The Starship's are knocked to the side, as Krone heads the Timeship right after.

The Transport jumps to Warp out of there, prompting Krone to follow. This diversion was not on thier schedule.


Chapter 21

The Timeship blasted the last of its torpedoes in Warp, disableing the Transport before them. They both dropped Warp and re-entered normal space. Krone and Jackie beamed Lei back over.
>Flerge: "What will you do now? Destroy us?"
Lei glanced over to Jackie: "They're criminals, aren't they? We should arrest them."
Jackie, sighed: "They haven't broken any Federation Law because we're not in Federation space. Sorry, Lei."
>Flerge: "I see you've taken on a dampening device... I've come accross that Klingon Vessel myself last week."
Jackie: "Be quiet--!!"
Lei: "Wait! ...You spoke to that green alien?"
>Flerge: "The Suliban? Grgh! He's been going around all over the place, testing out his time-travelling ship. I provided him with Engine parts. If you promise not to destroy me, I will provide you with the means to disable that device."
Krone: "He's lying."
Lei: "No he's not... --Okay, we agree to those terms."
Flerge paused, carrying on the tension.
>Flerge: "Deep within the Gamma Quadrant exists two Asteroids bound by an energy field no being has been able to penetrate. The resonating frequency of those rocks, focused at the precise direction, will disable any technology."
Jackie: "Those are the Asteroids the Borg have been trying to break through."
>Flerge: "The Borg will never be able to penetrate that field. It has been said that that Field was meant to exist for the next five Centuries."
The three glanced at eachother. Jackie and Lei realized that that was where Kelik came from; when they saw him there once before. Kelik may have been from the future, but he was born in the past. Flerge deactivated the viewscreen, leaving the three to thier quest.


Chapter 22

The Dominion Timeship accelerated through space at immense speeds!! Jackie and Krone were at the controls.
Lei: "Listen you two... I just wanted to thank you. For everything."

Jackie and Krone glanced at each other and smiled as they dropped to normal space. Outside the window, Deep Space 9 came into view.
Jackie: "Alright. Our goal is to get to the Gamma Quadrant where the Frozen Energy Field is."
Krone: "The path to the Gamma Quadrant is through the Wormhole."
Lei: "Understood."

The Dominion Timeship sped towards the Wormhole when suddenly the entire space around them dematerialized into the Hangar of a large Remen Warbird.
Lei: "What the!?!"
Krone, scans: "We are inside a Remen Warship!"
Jackie: "A cloaked Warship!"

Just then there was banging at the back doors. The hull was damaged enough from earlier that they could brake through. A league of Remen's stormed the corridors and broke into the control bridge.

Terl, aiming a disrupter: "We'll be taking Raiden."
In the back hallways, Raiden was taken out of his captive cell.

Raiden: "See you never Lieutenant! Hahaha!"

Lei: "...I don't think so."
Lei kicked the Remen's rifle to the side in anger, which was fired into the Remen beside him. Lei then leaped and force kicked Terl back into the other Remen's as they all collapsed. Enough for Lei to step over.

He made it outside in time to see a group of Orions and a group of Remen's, who awaited Raiden.
Raiden: "Gentlemen, gentlemen. Now you see these pesky vermin? They need to be destroyed."
Gehtn: "Very well."
Sune: "Please, let my men do it."

Lei stood at the opening of his Timeship both groups had disrupters aimed at him. He dived as two disrupters were shot at him and missed. Two singes were marked on the Timeship.

Lei's eye caught the direction of next Remen's disrupter weapon and quickly dodged before the disrupter was shot. The energy burst passed right above his chest and splattered against a control panel inside the Timeship. The panel exploded.

Thine: "Hold it right there!"
Swine: "Yeah, don't make a move!"

Lei brought his upper body back up in time to see troops and troops of Federation Officer's beaming into the Hangar. They stood holding Phaser Rifles, all backed up on his side.

Sune: "Whhhaatt!? What is this!?!"
Gehtn: "This is some kind of trap!"
Sune: "A Remen trap!"
Gehtn: "Looks like an Orion trap to me!!!"
They turned on each other, aiming disrupters.

Lei eased his breathing as Thine and Swine walked up beside him.
Lei: "You guys? ...I never thought I'd be happy to see you."
Thine: "Section 31 does not want this alliance between the Remens and the Orions to happen."
Swine: "Section 31 won't let it happen."
Lei: "That's a relief."

Just then, Remen and Orion troops began firing at each other. The Federation troops held back.

Sune: "Aaarrggh!!"
Raiden was quickly pulled to the side and saved by a couple Remen's.

Lei: "No!"
But Lei was held back by Thine and Swine. Before thier very eye's, Remen soldiers and dressed up Orion men were killed off by each other. The bath of violence continued on, loud and damned.
Thine: "Pattern Delta!"
All the Federation troops heard this and were suddenly all beamed out to safety.
Lei: "What's pattern Delta??"
Swine: "We get out of here. The Federation Confinement Vessel is nearby and will beam all personnel on this vessel onto it."
Thine: "It has already cleared out two other cloaked Remen Vessel's in the vicinity."
Swine: "Lucky for us, our sensors picked up defects in thier cloaks that were damaged before."
Lei: "Well thanks for your help. I suppose you'll be attaining me now."
Thine: "On the contrary. We're coming with you."

Lei stared at them for a moment. This was not an option.

He quicky jabbed Thine in the face and then turned to jab Swine. As they blocked he kicked into ther stomachs sending them a foot back. Lei ran into the Timeship and closed the doors.

The Timship flew off the floor and impulsed out through the Hanger doors into space.

Deep Space 9 fanned out tractor beams, as the Dominion Timeship passed nearby. It was too late, they had escaped through the Wormhole.


Chapter 23

Two Federation Starship's sped after the Dominion Timeship through the Gamma Quadrant, until Jackie kicked the Timeship into a faster type of Warp, that left the Federation Starship's in thier ion trail.

The Dominion Timeship dropped Warp and slowly approached two Asteroids with a huge beam of energy between them. Inside this energy was a Suliban Vessel, frozen in time. Borg technology was everywhere, trying to break through the energy barrier.

Lei: "They're still here."
Krone: "Of course. The Borg never give up."
Lei: "How are we going to get past them?"
Jackie: "Well, all we need is a sample of the Asteroid rock."
Krone: "Then we can use it to disable the dampening device."
Lei: "Sounds easy enough."

And then, they sped down to the first Asteroid and sliced phasers into it... finding no effect taken. The Asteroid was untouched.
#Borg: "Intruder alert. They will be assimilated."
Five small Spider Modules broke off the nearby Borg Faciliy, sitting on the Asteroid, and came for the Timeship. They had to hurry.

The Timeship backed off and blasted a photon torpedo into it. An explosion occured, but still... there was no effect. There was only one truth they realized.
Krone, took scans: "Only the Borg have been able to break peices off. They've developed the proper technology all this time."
Lei: "Then one of those Facilities has rock samples."
Jackie, scanned aswell: "No. The Borg are using the samples to try to break through the Energy barrier. They're in the Suliban Vessel."
Lei: "Hey, you're good."
Jackie: "Well I try."

Two Spider Modules clamped onto the Timeship, trying to assimilate it; but Jacke and Krone sent feedback pulses into them, blowing the Modules off. As Krone dealt with destroying them, Jackie and Lei beamed down to the Suliban Bridge.
#Krone: "You guys better hurry up down there! I can't hold the Borg off for long!"

Just as before, the Bridge was frozen with a thin coating of energy. Suliban were frozen in thier tracks. Borg Drones walked around, attending tall Borg Generators, set up to try to break through the energy.
Lei: "Let's stay out of trouble this time."
Jackie nodded. They snuck around two Suliban and tapped into one of the Generators. Inside was a piece of Asteroid, cradelled in an inertia dampening suspension field.
Jackie: "That's it."
Lei: "Whoa. It's so mesmerizing. Tell me why again, I want to go home and not stay here with all the amazing wonders of the Universe?"
Jackie took out the stone: "First of all, the timeline has to be set right, and you belong in another timeline. Second, you have a life there remember?"
Lei glanced at her: "Yeah, the life of a cop..."

Suddenly, a Borg Drone approached them. They were all alerted of the fact that Jackie had taken out one of thier Stones.

Jackie: "Jackie to Krone!"
There was no response. Then... all the Drones stopped in ther tracks, as if turned off. Lei looked around, frozen Suliban everywhere... He saw the frozen Kelik. But then, he saw another frozen Kelik.
Kelik: "Well, well. Look what we've got here."
He wasn't frozen at all. It was the original Kelik! He had deactivated the Drones.
Lei: "You!"
Kelik: "I was going to hunt down the Remen's but you had them captured by the Federation. It's a good thing I followed you here."
Lei: "This is obviously your ship! Why are the Borg trying to break into it?"
Kelik: "You see, there was once a time when I lived in the 22nd Century. When these Asteroids were coming together for the first time, wormholes were sprung out throughout the Galaxy as an after effect. Our ship was pulled right into the Temporal Energy Barrier."
Jackie, shook her head: "Then in the future, the 30th Century, you're going to be finally broken free from this Barrier."
Kelik: "Exactly.. and that is my timeline. We've been living with the Android Federation for a year now. I work on one of thier Stations."

He walked past a Drone.

Kelik: "To overpower the dampening device and add power for a timejump, all that needs to be done is to place that Rock in a Timeship's Temporal Chambers. But who's Timeship will that be? Mine or yours? ...The 21st Century, or the 30th Century?"
Lei: "Tough situation here. I have your answer..."
He leaped forward and kicked into Kelik's chest, sending Kelik back into one of his frozen crewmates. Kelik took out his disrupter and blasted it. The disrupter pulse flew accross the room over Lei and into a Drone. The Drone's shoulder bursted to pieces.

Jackie: "Lei watch out!!"
Another blast came for him, but he quickly spun a nearby Drone around to take the pulse. The Drone's stomach as blown. Technolgoy and guts flew out.

Jackie dove as another blast came her way. It was absorbed into the energy of the ship.

Kelik: "Give me that stone!!"
Kelik got up and ran for Jackie, but Jackie tossed the stone to Lei on his request.
Kelik: "You pitiful Human!!!"
Lei swung around a Drone and kicked it into Kelik's running path. Kelik was knocked down.

Kelik blasted his disrupter into the covering Drone, blowing it to pieces so he could go after Lei again. Lei dodged behind Suliban after Suliban, having them absorb each disrupter pulse Kelik fired.

Lei then swung between three Drone's as Kelik caught up. He spun around each of the three Drone's, pulling their arms around to hit Kelik from unsuspecting angles. Lei rotated one Drone into another Drone, locking Kelik between them. He then kicked and punched Kelik in the face and stomach, taking his Disrupter away.
Kelik: "Argh!!"
Lei aimed it: "Don't move."

But Kelik twisted himself through the locking technologies, his rubbermaid body, and spun them so that the Drone's arm on the left would knock the Disrupter out of Lei's hands. It hit the floor.

Kelik leaped through the air and took Lei to the floor. Lei tried kneeing Kelik's mishapened body, but missed the stomach. Kelik looped his arm around and grabbed the Stone.

...But there was Jackie with the Disrupter. She blasted into Kelik's shoulder, sending him spinning off into a frozen Suliban. Lei got up and caught the twirlling Stone in mid air. They looked at Kelik who was still alive. His shoulder was melted down, and his arm still connected with a small thread.

Jackie and Lei were finally beamed away... and Kelik's cells regenerated his injury.

Jackie: "We have the Stone."
Krone got up. It seemed the Timeship recreated its own torpedo reserves after everytime it ran out.
Krone: "I've taken care of the Borg, but a Cube is headed this way."
They hurried into the Engineering Room where the Temporal Chamber was... but Kelik was already there. He had used the Tranporters from his Klingon Bird of Prey to beam over.



He fired disrupter pulses at Lei and Krone, sending them out of the Room into the hallway. Kelik then walked over to Jackie who had the Stone. He grabbed her in the neck and picked her up.
Kelik: "Yes. Let's install it."
With his other hand he grabbed the stone and slammed it into the Temporal Chamber. This Timeship wasn't so different than his, so he knew what he was doing. Tapping at panels, the Chamber began to glow...

Jackie was choking. In the hallway, Krone was liquefied, seemingly unconscious. Lei got up, there was a smoking hole in his chest.
Lei: "Augh!!!"
He grabbed it in pain. No organs had been pierced. To his left was a weapon he brought in the Timeship earlier. The Rifle.

Kelik: "Too bad you won't be able to see what the 30th Century will be like, Ensign. I'm sorry to say... the Federation isn't doing so well."
He squeezed her neck to kill her, but Lei had stepped in. He pumped the Rifle and blasted Kelik away.

Jackie hit the floor, as the glowing Chamber began to flow with energy. Kelik wasn't out yet. He got up and blasted his Disrupter across the room. Lei dodged the pulse and shot back with the Rifle. Kelik was hit again, smacked into the back wall.

The bullets pierced his green skin, hurting him even more. Jackie got to the controls, changing the timejump settings.
Kelik: "Aaarrgghh!! Human!!!!"

Lei blasted another pack of Rifle bullets into Kelik, smashing him into a back computer console. Kelik was out.

Jackie, smiled: "We did it!"
Lei ran over: "We're back in the 21st Century?"
Jackie: "Almost!"
It was true. The Timship's Chamber was working perfectly. Lei couldn't believe it.
Lei: "Are you okay?"
Jackie: "Yeah I think so."
She checked the hole in his chest. Lei was scarred by this forsaken future.
Jackie: "Let's get you home."

Jackie tapped at the controls, finishing her programmed settings. Lei checked Kelik, who was knocked out for sure; and then walked back over.

Jackie: "Would you like to do the honours?"
She let him have the console. In the background, Krone was taking shape. There was a pause as Lei hesitated.
Jackie: "What are you waiting for?"
Lei: "Um... well--"
He was about to activate the sequence.
Lei: "What's going to happen to you?"
Jackie: "Don't worry about me."
He hesitated again.
Lei: "Then come with me!"
Jackie: "What?"
Lei: "To the 21st Century."

Krone got his head together in time to see Lei impulsively lean over to Jackie and kiss her.

They stared each other's eyes. Lei had just realized his feelings for her. To break thier moment, Jackie painfully slammed her finger into the console.

The Timeship flashed out of timeline, leaving the 24th Century.

Then flashed back in the 21st Century.

Lei was back. On Earth, the Dominion Timeship hovered in from the day sky and parked in the Forest. Tree's blew back and forth from the wind. Lei stepped out the Timeship, with Jackie and Krone.
Lei: "What's going to happen to Kelik and his other Timeship?"
Krone: "We'll be negotiating with him. Perhaps taking him back to his timeline is preferable."
Lei nodded.
Jackie: "I'm sorry, Lei..."
She stepped up to him. There was too much work, too much of a mess to fix up back in the 24th Century.
Lei, smiled understanding: "...So, is it safe to say the future is what I make of it?"
Krone got back into the ship, to wait. Luckily Dominion Timeship's only used half the power Suliban Timsehip's did and they were able to get back.

Jackie laughed at Lei's joke, both feeling sad and empty. She leaned in and kissed Lei, returning her feelings aswell, but which had been hidden for all this time.

Lei was completly shocked at this as she pulled away. Jackie turned without looking back and got in the Timeship. The doors closed and it hovered off the ground.

Looking up into the sky, crowded with tree tops; the Dominion Timeship flashed out of there, and Lei was left to his own domain. The present.


Chapter 24

Lei walked his way through the forest to the main road. It was mid day, the sky was blue, and the weather was beautiful, insisting on a good mood. Unfortunately, Lei's feelings were left arid.

He walks by, glancing at the crashed grey Car. He then jumps into his classic Corvette, feeling a little better.
Lei: "Thank God my car is still here!"

He backs up and positions the Corvette on the road, slamming on the gas pedal. He sped down the dirt highway on his way home.

Home was his apartment downtown. He walked his way inside a semi-good semi-run down building, where the floors were creaking wood, unlocked the door to his Apartment and entered.

His small Apartment was a mess as he left it, and the mail was piling up. But Lei didn't care, he just went over to the couch and fell to his back. Lying there, he thought about what just happened. What did happen? Was it all a dream?

The next day, Lei makes his way downtown in his Corvette. He enters the Police parking Garage with his Corvette and takes his space. Most of his money went to his car rather than his living status.

Lei went through the Police main Foyer to the Captian's Office. He knocked.
Mori, busy with paper work: "Come in!"
Lei, enters: "Captian."
Mori pauses for a moment, realizing who it is: "...Lei. Where the hell have you been?"
Lei: "Well sir, I--"
Mori: "I don't want to hear it! Do you know you've been missing for over a week!? We've apprhended most of Jergen's gang, but Turks' has completely escaped!!"
Lei: "But Captian, I--"
Mori: "And where is Radien god-dammit? You were leading this case. I hope to hell you went undercover and stopped that sorry son of a bitch, I really hope you did."
Mori waited for a response.
Lei looked down: "No sir."
Mori: "Where is he?"
Lei: "He's... gone."
The Captian stood up. He threw his paper down and look at Lei.
Mori: "Well good job, Lieutenant. You know how important this case was, I know your the best of the best. We finally whittled this thing down to its easiest standards and you messed up. You know why? Because you're not strong enough. You may be the fastest fighter on the force, but your devotion to what's right has its limitations. Your duty is to protect and serve, and this is not the first time you've choked at the last minute."
He paused changing his attitude.
Mori: "I just don't know anymore. Look, fill out your report, go to a hospital, whatever needs to be done. I'll talk to you tomorrow morning."

With that, Lei left. He stopped to think. Was he right? It wasn't important. He'd just been chewed out by his Captian, and after everything he'd just been through. No way the Captian could have survived the future.

Lei made his stops at his buddies' desks, keeping vague the explaination of where he'd been. After, he'd make a stop to the Hospital and spend a good couple of hours there. Most of hs wounds weren't close to healed, but they would be soon enough.

When Lei got home, he flew back into his couch again. He was happy to be home. Lei played his answering machine.
*Brianna: "Hey Lei it's Brianna.... I just broke up with Christina. It was horrible. I don't know where you've been, but I was hoping we could get together tonight? You know just like before. Maybe we could talk..."
Lei sat up quickly and stopped his answering machine in fear: "Ugh! Oh God no."
He erased that message before he could here her voice again. But it was after silence he heard his walkie talkie.
*Foster: "Tactical Unit come in. There's some strange--- thing downtown at the C - Mall front entrance. It's reaking havok. We need backup, I repeat, backup!!"
Lei looked on the TV and on the news was a large creature, on the roof of the big downtown Mall. It was throwing large billboard signs into traffic.

Lei quickly gets his gun hoslter on and runs out his door. He makes it downtown, to the scene of the disaster. The Police had the area blocked off, and civilians were crowded behind watching in interest.

Foster: "Lieutenant! I really have no idea what that thing is..."
Lei looks at it. The creature suddenly liquefies and changes shape into a humaniod. It picks up a billboard piece and throws it at the next building: "Oh my God. It can't be..."
Lei makes a run for it... Right towards the Mall entrance. He leaps up onto the roof of a Police Car and jumps onto a nearby ledge. He climbs that ledge to the Roof.
Foster: "Lieutenant Lei, no!!"

He appraoches her, slowly untl she notices him.
Lei: "I can't believe it. It's you!?"
Infinte, drops a billboard pole: "So you are here."
Lei: "What's going on?"
But before she could answer, she was inundated with bullets. The Police from below were launching round after round of bullets. Lei had dove behind the ledge for cover.
Infinite: "Stupid Humans!!"
She was getting hit hard, and couldn't take it anymore. Spitting out bullets from her body in pain she ran off. Infinite leaped off the building ledge and into the window of the next building. After that she was never seen again.
Lei sat up: "Infinite..."

The next day, reports and news rolled all over the incident. In two days the whole thing was forgotten by the media, and they were onto the more interesting entertainment news.

Back at Head Quarters, Mori was all over his men on this case. He wanted that thing stopped now.
Lei: "Sir, I should be leading this case."
Mori: "Yeah I don't think that'll be happening, Lei."
Lei: "Captian! I'm going to lead this god-dammed case whether you like it or not. I already have leads onto that thing's whereabouts."
He knew those leads were dead ends not comparing to his knowledge of who she was, but it was a good enough explainnaiton. Mori rolled his eyes, understandingly at Lei.
Mori grumbled: "Alright, fine. You're on the case. Just don't go missing for another week."

Lei walked his way downtown. It was busy as hell with life and activity. He didn't know what he was going to do at all. He hoped for a miracle.
Darpa: "Lei!"
Lei was at an intersection when he saw him: "What the--??"
The old man walked over from the park accross the way. He approached Lei and smiled.
Darpa: "Yes I am real."
Lei: "You're Jackie's old friend. The one she risked her life trying to save."
Darpa: "Exactly. Now I'm here to save you."
People walked by, trying to get past the two.
Lei: "How?"
Darpa: "Lei, you have no idea what the future is like now. When you left, everything got messed up!"
Lei looked to the side and then back again: "Oh my God... The Borg."
Darpa: "No! The Borg were defeated. They never got through to the Suliban Ship."
Lei: "Then what?"
Darpa: "The Temporal Rift. When you transported through it, your cells were infused with its element!"
Lei glanced at his arms: "My cells?"
Darpa: "Yes! When you travelled back in time, you began pulling the Temporal Rift like an anchor. You destroy most of Federation and Klingon Territory!"

The people were getting annoying so Lei pulled Darpa to the side.
Lei: "Wait a second. How did you get back here?"
Darpa: "That's easy. When the Federation apprehended the remaining Remen and Orion Syndicate partners, Section 31 got thier hands on a Timeship from the 30th Century. The Android Federation Timeship you had been chasing." He paused. "When the Rift began growing again, consuming world after world, I along with countless scientists began studying it. Only I knew who you were and saw the holes left in the Rift left by your transporter beam. I stole the Timeship from two men called Thine and Swine and made my way here where Jackie told me she was taking you."
Some guy just stands there, having listened to the whole thing.
Joe: "Oh! I was, uhh... just passing by."
He walks away in fear.

Lei pulls Darpa inside a nearby coffee shop, and brings him to a table in the back.
Lei: "Alright. So how do we stop all this from happening?"
Darpa: "You know me too well."
Lei: "Well you're a friend of Jackie's."
Darpa: "All I have to do is reprocess yourself through a modified transporter beam. Your cells will be realigned and the Temporal Rift in the 24th Century will revert to its previous state of regression. I wouldn't have been able to do it if not for this Dominion Timeship."
Lei took a deep breath and looked at him.
Darpa: "You know, no one seems to know where this Timeship came from."
Lei: "Where exactly is it...?"
Darpa: "In the park. Cloaked. But you know, I had skimmed thier database and found that their history is filled with thier empire falling and rebuilding. They finally survive in some form in the 30th Century."
Lei: "The Dominon actually goes on for that long?"
Darpa: "It is possible. They may have changed their ways."
Lei rolls his eyes: "I'm still just trying to grasp the fact the Earth changes its ways in the future."
Suddenly he gets a call over his comm-unit. He stands.
*Foster: "Foster to Lieutenant Lei. We're heading along Main St just passing Adelaide. We're inpersuit of that-- thing! Over?"
Lei spoke into the unit: "On my way. Lei out."
Darpa: "No! We have to get you to the Timeship!"
Lei, runs out: "I'll be back!"

He jumps into his convertible Corvette, parked a block down and speeds the down the street with the siren suctioned onto its hood.

Swerving around car after car, he screetches around a corner to see two Police Car's chasing Infnite. She leaps from car roof top to car roof top.
Infnite: "Arrrhh!!"
She leaps into the air angled with momentum towards the first Cop Car. She transforms her lower body into a huge mass and crunches the front of the Cop Car. Then she leaps off back into the air above speeding traffic.

Lei watches as the Cop Car ahead of him goes flying, tail up. Pieces shattering in its wake. The Cop Car flips up into the air and flies backwards right over Lei's Corvette. The Car flys right over Lei's head and smashes into the Garbage Truck behind him.
Lei: "Infinte!!!"

She lands onto the hood of the second Cop Car. Her arms fly around and she picks it up as she jumps off it. Infnite flings the Cop Car diagonally above traffic towards a Bank Building they happen to be passing by. The Cop Car richochet's high off the Building wall and comes training down onto traffic of the interesecting road below.

Infinte lands onto a civilan Car roof watching her throw. As they pass the intersection, Cars can be seen flying up into the air from the Cop Car's interference.

As they head on Lei drives up, speeding beside the civilian Car. Infnite sees Lei and jumps onto his hood.
Lei: "Oh no!!"
His siren falls to the road, and Infnite leans her head over to speak to him. Lei tries to keep it steady with her in his visual range.
Infnite: "Lei!"
Lei: "You ruined my hood!"
Infnite: "Lei, I have come to speak with you!"
Lei: "How did you get here??"
Infnite: "Darpa's Timeship. He has no idea I snuck on board with him."
Lei, sarcastically to himself: "Of course!"
Infnite: "You must tell me the location of Krone!"
Lei swerves the Corvette past a slow Van: "Um okay-- He's not here--"
Infnite: "What do you mean he's not here? This was his last known location!"
Lei: "He and Jackie went back to the 30th Century to put Kelik back in his place. Don't they come back to the 24th Century?"
Infnite: "I have not seen them! It's been years!"
Lei speeds right through a red light, causing intersecting cars to lose thier course.
Lei, looks away to think: "I can't help you then!"
The loud sounds of traffic over take them. Infnite gets angry.
Infinte: "You don't understand. I must return to Krone. He is my true love. You don't understand!!"
Lei: "Listen to me--"
She leaps off onto a Pickup Truck speeding along side.
Lei: "You have to stop this!"

Infnite leaps off car roof after car roof into the distance. She heads down another road, escaping. Lei speeds around the corner after her, but losing her.

Later, the Lieutenant screetches to a stop right at the downtown Park. He jumps out and runs into the middle of the field. There's no sign of the Timeship anywhere. Kids are playing around the area.
Lei: "Darpa??"
He looks around.
Lei: "Darpa where are you!?"
He finally comes to a spot on the field which has grass pressed down in a structural diameter. One of the Kid's throw a frisbee and it flys right on top of the pressed grass.
Keena: "Hey Mister! Can we have our frisbee?"
Lei: "Oh, um, sure thing kid."
He walks onto the pressed grass and throws it to them.
Keena: "Thanks!"
Lei steps away in deep thought. It seemed the old man and his Timeship was missing.

Reluctantly, he went back to his 'Vette... There was nothing he could do. So later that Night, he was invited out with a bunch of his friends from the Precinct.

They went to a Bar and drank all night.
Stein: "Haha! Did you see that chick Chirstina the other night? She was in here trying to pick up the waitress!"
Lei didn't really have as many drinks, and wasn't drunk at all: "Please, I don't want to hear it."
Ralphy: "Ah, we're just busting a gut. Hey, you okay Lei?"
Lei: "Oh, um, yeah. I'm fine."
Ralphy: "You seem kind of pale."
Lei: "No, I'll be alright. Don't worry about." He paused. "I'll be right back."
He went over to the other end of the Bar to talk to the waitress. Maybe having a few more drinks would be good.
Lei: "Hi! Can I get another Beer?"
The Waitress turned around. She was the hottest girl Lei had ever seen, and her appearance resembled the bartender he met on the Ticonderoga.
Julia: "Actually, I was just going off shift. But I can get you one."
She reached over and picked out the most popular brand.
Lei: "Oh... thanks. Hey, you leaving now?"
Julia: "Well I was going to stay a while. I have to wait for my paystub..."
She sat next to him, obviously interested.

Later that night, Lei and Julia headed off to his apartment. Inside, they began fooling around. Lei and Julia went over to the couch, and they were about to kiss when Lei suddenly noticed something strange about her.
Lei: "Oh my God..."
He shoved her away, and she turned into Infnite.
Infnite: "Hahaha!"
Lei: "Ah! Dammit Infnite!"
Infnite: "Now I'm going to give you what you deserve..."
She shapeshifted her arm into a metallic spike and shot the spike at Lei, who quickly dodged it. He began to sober up faster than normal.
Lei: "Argh!!"
He leaped over the couch and grabbed his 9mm Gun. He shot bullets into Infnite, slowing her approach. She then stabbed the spike down at him, but Lei opened his legs and the spike stuck through the wooden floor.

Lei got up and ran to the other end of the room. He shot more bullets into Infnite, but that wasn't going to kill her.

Infnite: "You have to try harder than that."
She moved the bullets stuck within her body and shot them out her palm at Lei. He quickly leaped out his window onto the fire escape. Glass shattered everywhere.

Infnite walked over to look out, but Lei then flew in feet first, knocking her to the floor. Lei ran over to his desk and pulled out a Romulan Disrupter.
Lei: "Then try I shall..."
He blasted the Disrupter at her, missing as she was liquifying to a standing state. She then leaped out the window in fear.

Lei ran after. He looked up and saw she was escaping to the roof, so he climbed the fire escape after her.

On the roof, Infnite launched her liquid arms at Lei. He jump flipped over them and landed his back onto her extended arms for support. He then blasted the Disrupter pulses one after the other, pumping them into Infinte's head.

Her head liquified in pain, shapeshifitng for a grasp of structure. She brought her arms back in, dropping Lei and grasped her head as it came back to normal. Her protoplasm was weaker now.

Suddenly, a Police Helicopter flew overhead. They were patrolling the City when they had gotten calls of disturbance.
*Theadore: "You there! Put your hands up where I can see them!!"
The spot light got the two.

Infnite shot out her arms, grabbing the bottom of the Helicopter in mid air. She threw it to the side, just to get it out of her way. The Helicopter almost lost control, and worked to regain it in the background.

Lei: "I'm not your enemy, Infnite!"
Infinte: "All solids are my enemy!"
Lei ran and leaped over a generator. He fired pulses, which she dodged. She shot her one arm into the Generator, busting it apart. Lei flew off and rolled along the roof top.

Infnite then ran and jumped for another roof top. But Lei blasted his disrupter into her back as she was in mid air. Infnite splattered like silly putty on the roof of the next building.

Lei watched from his Building as she was trying to retake shape in strings.
Lei: "Don't you get it? You're just angry at yourself. You're mad you weren't there for Krone! It's not too late. You can go back and find him!"

Suddenly, the Timeship hovered from below. It flew up behind Lei. He looked at it in awe.

Infnite instinctively shot out her arms at the nearby Helicopter. She swung the Helicopter at the Lei and the Timeship. As it was heading right for him, the Timeship hovered up and out of the way... also beaming Lei out of the way.

The Helicopter, knocking out pipes and objects on the roof, flew past and smashed into the Building accross the street.

Lei rematerialized on her roof, to see the destruction. The Helicopter exploded, sending debris his way. He dodged it and watched the Helicopter fall to the streets below. Cars and traffic swerved around it, honking thier horns.

Infnite couldn't believe the destruction either. She felt stronger now. Now that she demonstrated her power. The sun was rising in the background.
Infnite: "Hahahaha!!!"

Lei was cleansed. His cells were free from the effects of the Rift, but he wasn't free of her. Lei blasted Disrupter pulses at her. Two hit her, and one missed, blowing another generator on this roof.

Infnite slung liquid strings at Lei, grabbing him and picking him up. He blasted pulse after pulse into her, weakening her.
Infnite: "AAAAaAAaahh!!!"
Her anger was more than ever now. She slammed Lei into the ground, shattering patio pieces.

The Timeship flew over and blasted a phaser beam at her. She flew back into the door exit frame, wrecking it. Lei got up in major pain and blasted five more pulses at her, until she vapourized.

The Timship hovered overhead and Darpa beamed down. He walked over and helped Lei up.
Darpa: "You okay?"
Lei: "Yeah... thanks."
They both looked at Infnite's last placement of presence, cringing.
Lei: "That's not too good."
Darpa: "Well it's over now. Thank you for helping me."
Lei: "No problem. What happens to you now?"
Darpa: "I'm no longer able to go back to my time. After you were cleansed, the Rift should be returning back to normal... reversing the timeline it created before you travelled back here."
Lei: "So?"
Darpa: "So now there's two of me. I have become an extra element in the Universe."
Lei: "Oh my God..."

The sun was rising in the background, coloring the skyline a beautiful pink and blue. The two roof's they were on were completely in destruction and mess.

The Dominion Timeship Lei had become so familliar with during his adventure hovered down and opened its back compartment. Darpa began walking towards it.
Lei: "Wait! Where are you going?"
Darpa: "I must find Jackie. I owe her more than I can imagine. She saved me from the Borg."
Lei: "Oh."
He paused.
Lei: "Well good luck."
Darpa smiled: "Will you not come with me?"
Lei: "Heh. I don't think so."
Darpa just looked at him, knowing the process of a young mind.
Lei: "I have a responsibility here. I think I know that limit I had to cross now. After killing Infnite, I realized I did what was right. Even if it did mean killing a good friend's true love..."
Darpa: "Are you sure?"
Lei: "Yeah. Go on."

Darpa walked inside the Timeship. He looked at Lei one last time. But Lei didn't bother to look. He turned and peered out accross the skyline. He knew his place was here...

In deep thought he found himself.
Lei: "Wait."
He turned and ran for Darpa. Maybe this time around would be easier.

written by Hawku