Voyager: Demon Rising

Prologue, Part 1 of 3

Stardate 51829.7

A Ferengi Convoy docks with Deep Space 9. Quarks cousin, Lith, comes out a docking ring with a couple of his Crew, meeting a small welcoming party of two.
Lith: "Greetings. Well if it isn't the great Captain Sisko. I have heard so much about you! ...I hear the Romulans have decided to join the war against the Dominion. That's great profit for me and my dealings with them!"
Sisko, tries to get a word in: "--Eerr... Uh, yes. Well, welcome to the Station. I hope you and your cousin don't cause any trouble..."
He glances to the side and then back changing his tone.
Sisko: "Because if you do..."
He leaves his threat open and the walks away. Quark who was standing there, walks over.
Quark: "Lith, well... the last time I saw you was after your cheque bounced from my account."
Lith, takes out a padd: "Cousin, I have something for you that will cover all of that!"
Quark just glances at him confused.

Later, in a back hidden room behind Quark's Bar, sits a Bajoran Orb. Rom, Nog, and Jadzia are scanning it over for imperfections.
Quark: "This is what's going to cover your debts to me?"
Lith: "Yes! It's a Bajoran Orb... It's priceless!"
Jadzia, closes a tricorder: "There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with it"
Nog:"It's completely authentic!"
Rom: "Where'd you get it, Cousin?"
Lith: "A Tezelian merchant. He was more than happy to trade it with me!"
Quark: "That's because it's worthless! The Bajoran's won't pay for something like this. This is a sacred thing for them."
Lith: "Oh come on. Everyone has thier price!"
Quark walks over to Lith.
Lith, starts to sweat: "But-- you could sell it to the Nausicaans!"
Quark, takes out a Ferengi padd: "...Heh, heh, no."
Lith looks down at the padd in fear.
Quark: "Did I forget to mention the interest on your late payment?"

The Orb is brought to the Ops, where Jadzia and Worf are going over it.
Worf: "Come... let us have dinner."
He and Jadzia embrace, showing their love for each other.
Jadzia, smiles: "Shouldn't you be at home making it for me?"
Worf, changes tone: "That is not the type of marriage this is."
Jadzia just laughs: "Look, I'll be down in a couple minutes."
Worf nods, letting her go and walking away to the turbolift, when suddenly a strange escaped alien comes up on it. The alien is a Tezelian.
Worf: "Who are you?"
Red alert goes on as the Tezelian jumps up and kicks both his feat into Worf's chest. Worf is knocked back, over a console.
Worf: "Uggh!!"
The Tezelian lands on his feet and runs over to Jadzia and the Orb.
Tez: "That Orb is mine!"
He suddenly grabs it, as Jadzia is holding onto it. They pull back and forth for it.
Jadzia: "Ugh!"
The Orb suddenly destabilzes, sending a strange energy flowing through it. Jadzia kicks the Tezelian away as a huge bubble sprouts from the Orb, encompassing around her. She's shocked with energy.
Jadzia: "Aaaauuuggh!!!"
Tez: "The Orb!"

Jadzia is then sent back in time, 10 minutes. The energy stops and Jadzia looks around. The entire Ops is back to normal and there are no signs of the alien intruder.
Kira, walks over: "Hey. I still can't believe what's happening between me and Odo. I can't believe that kiss!"
Jadzia looks at a console, realizing that she had time travelled: "What the--? This is 10 minutes ago..."
Kira: "Jadzia?"
Jadzia: "It must've been the Orb... I have to find it again!"

She runs for the turbolift and makes her way down to a lower Deck. She runs down a hallway and stops, finding Odo apprehending Tez.
Jadzia: "Oh my God! He's going to escape in ten minutes."
Odo: "What are you talking about?"
Tez uses this opportunity to push Odo away and make a run for it: "Hahaha!"
Odo, runs after: "Hey come back here!"

Jadzia has other concerns and turns a corner. She makes her way through the halls and finally entering the hallway where her double is, holding the Orb in the distance.
Jadzia: "Jadzia!!"

Just as the distant Jadzia is about to glance over, Tez in the distance leaps in and kicks the distant Jadzia away. He catches the Orb as its flying and runs down the corridor.
Tez: "I got it!"

He runs past the future Jadzia who starts chasing him.
Jadzia: "Stop right there!"

Security arrives in the background to figure out what happened to the unconscious Jadzia, while the future Jadzia chases Tez into a Docking Ring, entering a Tezelian Starship.

Tez: "Get us out of here. Move it!!"
The Tezelian Ship undocks Deep Space 9 and jumps to Transwarp. Jadzia sneaks behind a computer frame, unnoticed.
Tez: "I have the Orb!"
Cor: "Good! I don't know how that stupid Ferengi got a hold of it. It must've got mixed up in the trade."
Tez: "I was almost captured there for a minute. There was a Changeling who caught me breaking into the Station's Internal Sensors!"
Cor: "Yes, yes, okay. Let's just get out of here. Luckily our vessel can create temporary Conduits."

The vessel speeds on through in Transwarp, as Jadzia hears all this, not knowing what to do...

Prologue, Part 2 of 3

The Sovereign Class Enterprise treks slowly through space. The Bridge is rerouted a long range transmission from Sickbay.
>Bashir: "I'm sorry to interrupt Captain. I was just speaking to your Doctor Beverly Crusher, on some... err, medical advice..."
>He tries to hide his obvious intentions, as O'Brien walks over accessing a console.
>O'Brien: "I'm encrypting our Transwarp data readings into a subspace hyperwave, of the Tezelian Vessel."
Picard, nods: "Understood, Chief. Captain Sisko filled me in a couple minutes ago."
>O'Brien, nods: "O'Brien out."
Geordi takes in the data at the back of the Bridge: "Captain, I think I've got it."
Picard: "Can you determine approximately where they're going to drop Transwarp?"
Geordi: "Yes, and it seems like only a couple parsects away from here."
He points to a diagram.
Picard: "Good. DS9 knew it was going to be around here."

The Enterprise approaches certain coordinates in space, as the Tezelian Starship suddenly drops Transwarp right in front of them.
Tez: "What the hell is this??"
Cor: "A Federation Starship. They're on to us!"
#Riker: "Tezelian Vessel, drop your shields and surrender your prisoner."

Riker glances over at Picard on the Bridge of the Enterprise.
Picard: "I don't think they're going to listen."
Riker: "Neither do I."
Troi, gets up: "Captain... be careful. I have bad feeling about this one."

The small Tezelian Ship soars around, pumping plasma torpedoes into the hull of the Enterprise. The Enterprise starts moving, to arc around.
Tez: "They're taking position."
Cor: "I won't let them defeat me!"

The Enterprise blasts a photon torpedo, hitting the Tezelian Ship and knocking it back. The Tezelian Ship regains its holding in space then charges forward, cutting phasers along the Enterprise as it soars under.
Data: "Sir, I suggest a tractor beam. They seem to come close to the hull often enough."
Picard nods.

The Tezelian Ship speeds away from the Enterprise but soars around, coming back again. It blasts a colloge of plasma torpeodes which hit and cause major damage to the Enterprise, but the Enterprise snatches them with a sudden tractor beam.
Cor: "Argh!!"
Tez: "The tractor beam is interfering with the systems!"
The Tezelian ship starts shaking and flowing with electric currents from the consoles.
Cor: "It's our Transwarp drive interfering..."
Tez looks over to the side in all the chaos. The Orb begins to destabilize.
Tez: "Not again...!"
Jadzia gets up from hiding, in fear of what could be happening with the Orb. The others are too busy to notice.

The Orb envelops the Tezelian Ship with currents of energy. The energy rides up the tractor beam and envelops the Enterprise.
Riker, scans: "We're undertaking an unknown energy...!"

A perfect bubble spreads around both Ships, knocking them with quantum fluxuations. Both Ship's are sent back in time, 3 minutes. The Enterprise drops the tractor beam and scans...

Geordi: "According to Federation time beacons, we went back in time 3 minutes..."
Data: "Captain, it is concievable that the Bajoran Orb of Dimensions could have caused this."
Picard, nods: "Perhaps..."
Riker: "The Tezelian Ship is being flooded with benzine gas from its Transwarp Engines... The ship is going to explode."
Picard: "Beam the Orb onto the Enterprise."
Riker, taps at panels: "I can't... it's fluxuating. If only we could put a transwarp enhancer around it."

The Tezelian Vessel starts to explode around its hulls. Everyone on board is knocked unconscious on the floor. The Orb just sits there.

Picard paces his Bridge.
Picard: "The air is toxic, we can't send anyone down there."
Data turns in his seat: "Sir, I believe I may be able to withstand the benzine gas circulation."
Picard glances over at Riker, who nods at the suggestion.
Picard: "Make it so."
Data gets up and leaves the Bridge. He makes his way to the Transporter Room and beams out. He rematerializes onto the Tezelian Ship.

Just then, the Enterprise of 3 minutes ago approaches. It scans the Enterprise from the future in confusion. But just then, again, the Tezelian Ship from 3 minutes ago drops out of Transwarp approaching both Enterprise's.

Tez, from 3 minutes earlier: "What the hell is this??"
Cor: "Federation Starship's. They're on to us!"
Tez: "Well explain that...!"
He points to a duplicate of thier own vessel, another Tezelian Ship which seems to be exploding in some places.
Cor: "I don't know... But I'm reading another Orb on it."
Tez: "Interesting. We should beam it out."
Cor: "Agreed."

Data walks along a similar Bridge, filled with benzine gas. The ship shakes, as he steps over Jadzia's lifeless body, and the two Tezelian's lifeless bodies. He places transporter enhancers around the Orb, and steps in with it.
Data: "Data to the Enterprise. The enhancers are in place."
>Geordi: "Okay Data, we're getting you out of there."

The other Tezelian Ship locks a transporter beam the exact same time the future Enterprise locks a transporter beam onto Data and the Orb. Data and the Orb materialize and dematerialze in suspense.

The other Enterprise backs away from the situation, still confused, but knowing who the Tezelians are.

Riker, checks his console: "We've got only one pattern."
Troi, rushes over: "Is it Data?"
Riker: "It's the Orb."

Data beams onto Bridge of the healthy Tezelian Ship, finding that it looks like the exact same place he was, only cleaner and no benzine gas.
Data: "Hm."
Tez: "We got the wrong pattern!"
Coz: "Who cares! We have our Orb. What do we need another one for?"
They glance on screen at the future Enterprise which seems to start flowing with dangerous energies.

The Enterprise shakes like crazy. People go flying, and beams start collapsing. The Orb sits on the transporter padd, feeding thick energies into the Ship. The Bridge falls apart.
Picard, holds on: "Reroute power to structural integrity!"
Geordi: "Rerouting systems offline!"
Troi, makes her way over to the Captain: "It's the Orb. It can't handle its molecules being torn apart---!!"

Just then, the Enterprise goes into breaking mode. The other Enterprise backs away, far away. As the healthy Tezelian Ship does the same.
Tez: "They're going to explode!"

The Enterprise suddenly burts from the inside, pieces go flying out into space on direct courses. People and energy go flying out, along with oxygen and warp plasma. A large nacelle slams into the other dead Tezelian Ship, exploding it aswell.

...As the chaos slows, the remaining Enterprise scans the remaining Tezelian Ship. Everything is clean and normal on this Enterprise.
Picard, from 3 minutes earlier: "Explanations?"
Riker: "I haven't a clue."
Data just looks onscreen at it.

The Tezelian Ship suddenly realizes thier situation. Tez and Cor activate its systems and jump to Transwarp.

Tez: "We have to change Conduits."
Cor: "I know! The Federation figured out how to track us last time."
The Tezelian Ship speeds through the transwarp domain.
Tez: "Where are we headed?"
Cor: "We need to get out if this goddamn Quadrant."
They tap all over the consoles, fixing thier course and masking thier signatures, leaving the Enterprise or anyone else unable to track them.

Data is behind them, confused. He looks over and notices the Orb on a nearby console. Jadzia gets up from behind a computer frame, making eye contact with Data. Through mere eye contact, they know they must take over the Ship now in order to control the situation...

Prologue, Part 3 of 3

Data: "Excuse me."
Tez and Cor turn around to see the two Federation Officers.
Cor: "What is that girl doing here? I thought we only beamed one!"
Tez: "She's from Deep Space 9. She must've stowed away!"
Jadzia: "I've came for the Orb. It doesn't belong to you."
Cor: "Yes it does. It's been in my family for generations!"
He looks to the side and then back at them again.
Cor: "I will not have my family disrespected."
He locks the Helm and aproaches Jadzia in a challenge. Jadzia accepts this and takes her position. She jabs a fist, which Cor dodges easily.

Data goes over to reach for a console, but Tez grabs his arm. Data tries moving Tez away, but Tez leaps up and jams his foot into Data's side. Data is sent back against a panel.
Data: "...?"

Cor spins his foot around, kicking Jadzia in the stomach. Jadzia grabs the foot at her stomach and immediately twists Cor around, sending him slamming into the floor.
Cor: "Ugggh!!!"
Jadzia: "Don't mess with me."
She runs over to a panel to figure out how to unlock the Helm.

The Tezelian Ship continues through Transwarp.

Data grabs for Tez's shoulder, but Tez squeezes it free and climbs over Data's extended arm. Tez spits out a second mouth from his mouth which bites for Data's head, but Data quickly dodges it. He throws Tez to the side.
Tez: "Accgh!!"

Data goes over to the Helm to assist Jadzia.
Data: "Greetings."
Jadzia, introduces herself: "Lieutenant Commander Jadzia Dax."
Data: "I--"
Jadzia: "Dont tell me. ...Data."
Data: "That is correct."
Jadzia, goes back to tapping at panels: "Well Data, we have to figure out how to turn this Ship around."

Data searches through the systems, bypassing codes and screens. The Tezelian Ship continues to speed through space.

Data: "I have located some type of hyper-sensors... external."
Jadzia breaks through the Helm controls.
Data: "I am reading a Federation signature."
Jadzia: "What's our location?"

Just then, Cor's arm reaches over and grabs the Orb from the nearby console. Data and Jadzia glance over. The Orb begins to fluxuate.
Cor: "I won't let you defeat me!!"
He concentrates his mental powers onto the Orb.
Cor: "Heh heh heh..."
Taz, gets up: "Cor, what are you doing?"
The Ship starts shaking from the Orb's stress.
Jadzia: "We'd better drop Transwarp!"
Data: "I have picked a suitable location..."

The Intrepid Class Voyager is slowly cruising through space when suddenly the Tezelian Ship speeds out of Transwarp in front of them.
Janeway, stands: "What is that?"
Kim: "It's a Transwarp capable ship... just leaving a Transwarp Conduit..."
He continues to scan, unsure how to take in all this information.
Kim: "It leads to the Alpha Quadrant."

Tez trips running over to Cor, grabbing him. Jadzia watches as Data is busy at the controls.
Data: "We are in the Delta Quadrant."
Jadzia: "Data, we have to do something about them."
Data turns, ignoring a hail.

Voyager hails them.
Kim: "No response, Captain."
Janeway glances over at Chakotay, as all this is happening too fast.
Chakotay: "We could try to go into that Transwarp Conduit."
Kim: "It'd better be fast, because my readings show it's a temporary one. It'll disappate in an hour or so."
Janeway: "The alien's aren't responding... maybe we should just go in...?"

The Tezelian Ship trucks nearer to Voyager, as it begins to flow with energy. Voyager is too preoccupied to notice.

Chakotay: "Shouldn't we study it first?"
Kim: "Everything checks out here."
Tom, scans: "Tachyon particles, resonating imbalances... It seems like a real Transwarp Conduit."
Janeway: "We've been decieved before... but I have a feeling about this one."
She walks over to the Helm.
Janeway: "Janeway to Engineering... remodulate the Warp Core."
#B'Lenna: "Captain?"
Janeway: "We're going home."

Voyager begins moving towards the Transwarp Conduit opening. But the Tezelian Ship continues to flow with energy.
Data: "I'm going to beam the Orb out into space."
Jadzia nods.

The Tezelian Ship backs away as the Orb is beamed out into space... not realizing the Orb is now floating near Voyager and the Transwarp Opening.

Janeway: "Engage."
Kim: "Captain I'm picking up an energy reading!"

The Orb erects a bubble around Voyager alone, as it's stretching into the Conduit. A copy of Voyager is duplicated, 1 second into the past, as the other Voyager succesfully makes it into the Transwarp Conduit.

The first Voyager speeds through Transwarp.
Janeway: "What was that energy reading?"
Kim: "It's gone now."
Tom: "The Conduit's going to collapse a lot sooner due to our weight. I'm guessing in 5 minutes."
Janeway stands relaxed: "Well then... a mile's better than an inch. I'd say either way, this is cause for celebration."

The Voyager from 1 second in the future remains in space, with the Tezelian Ship nearby.
Janeway: "What was that energy reading?"
Kim: "It's coming from an object off the port bow..."
Tom: "Captain. I'm not sure, but I think a duplicate of Voyager just entered the Transwarp Conduit. I stopped when I saw it."
Janeway: "I have a feeling that alien vessel has something to do with it..."

The Transwarp Conduit disappates, as Voyager backs off from the Orb and locks a tractor beam onto the Tezelian Ship. They bring the Ship into their shuttle bay, meeting Data and Jadzia.

Tuvok: "I have confined the two Tezelians to Voyager's Brig. What, may I ask, are you two doing here?"
Tuvok, Chakotay, and Janeway escort Data and Jadzia into the Captain's Ready Room.
Jadzia: "We were trying to track down the Orb."
Data: "Is there anyway we can beam it back?"

Voyager looks out into space at the Orb, floating around. Its structure begins to fluxuate due to the transporter effects and Cor's mental energy. Just then, the Orb explodes, spilling out a slow white energy out into space. It blossoms like a flower, strecthing like a fountain.

Janeway: "What the hell just happened?"
Kim: "I'm reading quantum deterioration off the scale."
He begins to panic. Tom scans.
Tom: "It's moving slow though."
Data goes over to Kim's console and helps: "It looks like it is destroying space at an infentesimal rate..."
Janeway: "Meaning?"
Data: "It is happening slowly, but by my calculations it will consume the entire galaxy in approximately 120 years."
Jadzia: "And that's the Orb of Dimensions?"
Seven of Nine, buds in: "Perhaps it was flawed."
Jadzia: "It must've been Cor."
Data: "I do not think my transport helped it as much either."

Janeway, Data, Jadzia, and Tuvok enter the Brig to interrogate the prisoners.
Janeway: "That Orb has just exploded, due to you guys. Tell us how to stop it."
Tez: "Don't ask me. I have no idea!"
Cor: "Hahaha! ...Oh you people. I told you you couldn't defeat me!"
Jadzia: "He's gone mad."
Tuvok: "Permit me to assit him."
Janeway nods as the Secuirty officer drop the Brig forcefields. Tuvok walks over and mindmelds with Cor, taking on his madness into his own surpression.
Cor: "Uh!!!"
Cor opens his eyes wide, and sees things clearly and logical. The others just glance at each other in response to this. Tuvok then lets go and watches Cor.
Cor: "I--- ...I can stop the Orb's explosion decay..."
Janeway: "How?"
Cor: "It'll--- take a while... a long time... procedures... molecule compormising... terrazel molecules...."
He stresses, but starts to relax.
Tez, interrupts: "You can't keep us here. Don't you know where you are?"
Jadzia: "Where?"
Tez: "Tezelian Space! You can't stay here. Our people will come after us."

Janeway and the others return to the Bridge. Janeway paces in thought.
Chakotay: "If only there was a way to contact the Federation."
B'Lenna: "Maybe the Tezelian's will help?"
Tuvok, struggling in pain: "The... Tezelians will only want thier criminals. Their minds are narrow."
Janeway: "What about that other Voygaer we saw? Who were they?"
Jadzia: "From what I've seen, they're you. Exact duplicates."
Data: "The Orb of Dimensions seems to have had temporal capabilites. Causing such hosts to be sent back in time for a short period. When one is sent back, there becomes two of that one; one from the future and one pertaining to that timeline."
The entire crew stops to think about this. They can't believe what truths are unravelling before them.

Janeway: "Then it seems to me we have one purpose now..."
She glances at the beautiful display of the energy fountain out in space.
Janeway: "We have to stop that thing, or it'll destroy the galaxy."
A few of the others glance over at her and nod... Data and Jadzia glance at each other realizing that they won't be going home anytime soon.

Voyager sits in front of the large blossoming in space, fearing its power but knowing it can be defeated...

written by Hawku