Star Trek: Rise of the Machines




Helana drives her Car down a road in the countryside. She stops at a Forest, finding two empty Cars. One is a grey Car that is smashed into a tree, and the other is a Corvette. "...Oh my God."

Helana kicked her door open and leaped out her SUV. She pulled her semi-automatic Handgun out the back of her pants and slowly made her way through the forest. She followed the tracks and broken branches made until coming to an opening in the foliage.

Looking up she saw nothing... unless you consider a hovering space craft nothing! Because at that point Helana stopped in her tracks witnessing a strange structural object hovering in the sky. It was a Timeship, from the future.

Inside, two Androids were at the controls, scanning the area for omicron particle signatures. "Scans do not indicate the presence of any other Vessel" One said. - "We seemed to have jumped after their exit" the other replied.

"Now we will never find where Kelik went." The first Android commented. "He should have never stolen that Timeship. Suliban don't listen to orders."
Before they could continue thier conversation, a sudden flash appeared out thier window. In the sky, a Federation Nova Class Starship hovered. It opened fire on them, firing photon torpedoes.

"What is that!?" The Android had no clue.
"Scans indicate it is from the 24th Century..."
The screen then clicked on as they were hailed.
*Surrender yourself. You will not continue to operate.* A similar Android came on screen, from the Bridge of the Nova Class Starship. *Surrender!*
"It is Program Beta." The first Android recognized him. He moved a few hover panels around and blasted torepdoes into the sky.

The Starship was hit by the torpedoes, but returned fire. Both vessels hovered in the sky, blasting torpedoes and phasers at each other. The Starship hovered around and blasted phasers along the side of the Timeship. The Timeship returned a polaron burst and blew one of the Starship's Nacelle's. "Reroute power to the Weapons!" Captain Cortez yelled to his crew. The Android Ambassador stood beside him. "Systems are failing!!" An Ensign yelled from her console.

The Starship trailed smoke, but blasted a tractor beam onto the Timeship, stressing their hull. The Timeship buckled under stress, swinging around the sky. It took out the tip of a tree as they sent a spike pulse up the tractor beam, dissipating it. Both vessels were badly damaged and trailed off spinning in opposite directions.

Helana just watched as they left her circle of vision within the Forest. She had never seen any craft like that before, with that kind of fire power. As the shock in her eyes calmed, she lowered her Handgun. She was looking for her Partner but didn't find him. He was gone. "Lei..."

C H A P T E R 1

Two explosions blew off the hull of the Starship as the ship went careening and tilting off axis through the blue sky. It passed over the countryside, as one thruster tried gaining control, only to spin the Starship around. It came to a slow hover, until another explosion blew off the hull sending pieces flying. The Starship dropped into a bunching of tall Trees below. CRASH!!

Not too far away was a House. Terry dropped the TV remote and scrambled around the couch. He peered out the window at the vast landscape. In the background were the mountains. He could see smoke, dieing away from within the Forest in the distance he used to play in when he was a kid. "Mom, I'm going out!"

He yelled as he lifted his jacket from the coat hanger and hurtled out the House. He ran across the grassy field into the Forest. Pushing branches, and ducking overhead foliage. The wreckage was immedaitely found... A huge torn hole in its side, and burns in the hull. It looked like half the ship went into the ground from the crash. "Holy crap."

Terry climbed his way inside, the structure was huge... really huge. The hallways were at a slight angle, but he found an open room. There futuristic control panels lit up the walls, and broken beams and debris littered the floor. There were only two dead people. "Hey... Hey are you okay!?" Terry climbed over piles of debris. The Bridge wasn't even recognizable.

"Have to... engage... dampening field..." The Ensign reached her fingers for her control panel but felt weakness throughout her body. The life in her died.

Terry couldn't believe the death. His breathing increased as he glanced over at the panel she was trying to reach. Not knowing what he was doing, he pressed the dampening field button for her.

Suddenly another wall broke in. More tritanium and hull fragments collapsed at the back. It was completely dark in there, except for a few holes that shone in the light. Terry found two more guys and ran over. The other one seemed dead.

"Don't worry, everything's going to be okay." Terry knelt down and dragged the man by his armpits.
"My ship---" The guy tried speaking, but his head was hit pretty hard and his stomach was peirced with debris.
Terry breathed heavily in fear. "I know I... I know I wasn't supposed to see this." He looked around, almost hyperventilating. "Okay, I'm gonna get the Car. There's a Hospital downtown."

Terry's mother was on the phone in the kitchen of her House, gossiping away to her friends and cooking. Her son's BMW drove from the back of the house and sped out into the street.

In the back seat was the injured man. "What's your name?" Terry asked, driving.
"Cortez..." He could barely form a word, or stay conscious. "Need to get to Sick..."
"Don't worry, everything's going to be okay!" Terry panicked.

He sped the BMW through traffic, into the big City. Before any more time passed, he was in the Hospital with Cortez. Doctor's and Nurses had Cortez in a rolling bed. They ran down the hallway. "Code Red! Code Red!" - "Hook up the IV." - "Put some pressure on this wound!"

Terry watched as they ran Cortez to surgury. He stood there, alone in the hallway. Left with his thoughts.

...Oh crap, I have homework!

C H A P T E R 2

Terry sat in his living room, writing in his notebook and looking over his Chemistry text book. The tv played music videos, and his baby sister was putting toy blocks in her mouth. Terry looked out the window to his backyard Forest, and then stopped writing. "...The government's going to come for it, aren't they?" He spoke to his baby sister.
"Ggggaaa... bllaa..." She was too young to understand, as she tried fitting another block in her mouth.
"Larissa!" He took the blocks out her mouth. "That's bad!"

He picked her up and put her in her playpen, when his mother walked in. "I'm going to work, Terr. Nightshift." She put on her coat and then stopped. "You know, it's actually pretty warm out there now." She put her coat back and walked out. She was wearing a Nurse's uniform. "See ya, Terr. Dinner's on the counter." She left.

"Later." He replied. "Say hello to Cortez for me..." Terry spoke under his breath, before going back to his Chemistry notes.

With that, he dropped his books, and brought Larissa to bed. He hooked the baby-monitor to his belt left. He locked his house and ran out into the field, glancing up at the night sky thinking about the crash. The stars were looking particularly dim tonight.

Terry made his way through the Starship structure, facing some of his biggest fears. He stopped in his tracks, in the dark. The man from before was sitting up against a bulkhead, staring right back at him.

Crickets chirped outside, as they both stared at each other for a good two minutes. Terry was frozen scared. He couldn't believe there was another person right there. "Wait." The guy reached out his arm before Terry was about to make a run for it. "I am not going to hurt you."
Terry returned his angle towards him. He was safely behind a fallen beam. "...Who are you?"
"My name is 48033."
"Okayyy... What's, uh, going on here?"
48033 used his arms to position himself mre upright. It seemed like his legs were paralized.

Terry took a closer look... There was gash in the guy's temple, revealing cybernetic circutry. "What the hell are you!?" Terry backed away... Almost tripping over debris.
"Please remain calm."
"What are you??" Terry was actually more interested in getting his godamn ass out of there.

Suddenly his entrance way collapsed, and more debris crashed down from above. A piece of metal took Terry to the floor. CRASH! - "Augh!!" Terry pushed the metal peice off him and checked himself for injuries. Nope. There, was nothing but a bruise on his shoulder. He sighed in relief.

"Please, I need your help." The Android begged, still in the shadows.
Terry got up. "I have no idea who you are."
The Android spoke again. "I am 48033. Federation Android, Security..." He accessed a more diplomatic subroutine. "I am... not going to hurt you."
"Well you're legs aren't moving. I think you're paralized or..." He remembered the cybernetics. "...A robot?"
"Cybernetic Intelligence. I am an Android from the 30th Century."
"That's impossible."
"It is not. In the future, technology overcomes space and time. Time Travel unites the universal time-continuum."
"It is true. Please. I need your help."
Terry rubbed his shoulder. "Okay, so let's just say it's possible. Aren't there... uh" he searched his memory for the right word, "paradoxes?"
"Yes." The Android felt he was losing his sitting and readjusted himself. "But those can be delt with. Please. I need you to get this ship online."
Terry looked around at the few flickering panels.
"Can you bring the Engine status monitor online?"
Terry walked over to a console. "I can't." The shapes made no sense to him.
"Please, try. Voice commands are getting no response."
Terry eyed the controls. He recognized the title Engine Status and pressed one of the buttons under it. A complete list of errors came up on the console. "Doesn't look so good." Terry commented, having no clue.
The Android looked to the side, in thought. He was trying to process a plan. Unsuccessful. The Android then glanced to the floor.
Terry glanced over. "--Hey, what are you doing in the 21st Century?"
"Trying to stop more Androids like myself who came here. I do not know why they came to this time-period."
"Oh..." Terry glanced at the tactical panel. "What now?"
"...Wait for reinforcements. Thank you for your help."
Terry walked over. "Don't mention it."
"I will be fine, alone. I do not require any nurishment of any kind."
Terry nodded, going along. He didn't know how to treat this type of situation. "Okay."

Just then Terry's baby monitor made noise. Larissa was crying. "I have to go." He then climbed the debris, pushing pieces out of the way and ran out of there.

C H A P T E R 3

Helana drove her SUV down the road. She was confused at what those huge sky-crafts were the other day and was determined on getting answers the only way she knew how, standard investigation.

She stopped her SUV at a House in the countryside, got out and rang the doorbell. "Hi, I'm Detective Helana Rosouski. I received reports of unusual aircraft activity in this region the other day. You hadn't seen anything had you?" She showed her badge.

"No," a housewife happened to answer the door, "but my husband said he saw something in the sky on his way home from work that day. He'd been going on and on about it, I just can't take it anymore. Is it something serious?"

"Nothing to worry about. I believe he was one of the few people to call the station yesterday. Thank you. And if you do see anything unusual, please call me and leave me a message, would you?" Helana handed her a card.
"Yeah, no problem." The housewife took it.

Helana drove down to the next House. Her thoughts trailed, thinking it must've been nice for these people to live way out here outside the city. Their backyards extended for kilometers on end.

Helana stepped out. "Hi, I'm Detective Helana Rosouski. I received reports of unusual aircraft activity in this region the other day. I was wondering if you've seen anything?" She showed her badge again.
"No," Terry's mother answered the door, stirring a bowl of dough. "I've been way too busy these days anyway."
"Do you have a husband or anyone else in the house I could talk to?"
"Sure," she turn around and yelled into the House, "hey Terr! ...Can you come to the door for a second?"
Terry walked over from the tv room.
"Detective Rosouski is looking for anyone who'd seen anything unusual in the sky the other day." She left to get back to the kitchen.
"No..." Terry was left at the door with Helana.
"Nothing at all?"
Something compelled Terry not to reveal the truth. Maybe he wanted to figure out the mystery of what it was himself before anyone. Maybe he was still in shock of seeing a woman die and a machine speak. "No."
Helana could sense the tension in Terry's soul. His eyes communicated a confusion.
"Okay then," she replied after an awkward pause. "Give me a call if you know anything..."

Helana left her card went back to her SUV. Terry stayed at the door, watching as she drove off to the next house. There were so many bunches of small Forests in the area, he wondered if a police search party would even find it.

His thoughts kept cycling right into Physics Class at School. The Teacher went on and on, at the front of the class talking about thermo dynamics. Easy. Terry had it down. He could've given the class his own speech. Albiet the class was completely bored out of thier minds. Little did he know, the remnants of these troubles were about to be over.

Somewhere, across the City, sat the ruptured Timeship. One of many normally unused vessels in the future. It was completely inoperational and the other Android was destroyed beyond repair. The remaining Android looked him over, assessing the situation. "I will use your components to replace my damaged ones." He spoke, as if the other Android was still alive, and starting dismantling it. His neural net was slightly damaged. But what he could process for sure, was that there was another Android and Human out there intent on annihilating him.

C H A P T E R 4

Terry entered the partially destroyed Starship. It still seemed huge, even though it was actually one of the smallest ships in the Federation Fleet.
"Please, help me bring her to Sickbay." The Android stood up. There was a small device placed on his waist that was allowing the motors in his legs to function. "I believe there are a few morgue chambers there."
Terry agreed and picked the Ensign up by her arms. This was so freaky, but Terry was getting used to the weirdnesses. "How are you able to walk?"
The Android's walking wasn't the best, as his leg movements seemed jittered and spasmodic. "I reconfigured an energy transfer module from one of the computers. It does not work so well, but for technology outdated by 600 years it is doing... okay."
They went down a hallway.
"Unfortunately, the device is only powered from within the Starship."
"So you can't leave?"
"No. But all I intend on doing is getting this vessel working again." They stopped at a broken turbolift. "We must find another way."

After returning a few other dead personnel to the morgues, they made their way back to the Bridge. Their survey reported that Decks 4 and 5 were compacted into a single Deck. Terry sat a console and studied it. As time went by, he found studying this more fun than actual school work.

Hours went by, as the Android moved throughout the vessel trying to figure out Systems and conduits. Terry approached him. "Do you have another name?"
"...My type of Android is usually referred to as Beta Program."
The Beta Android continued tapping at panels. "In the future, when machines become more sentient, divisions and wars will occur. In the era I am from, the Androids are divided amongst each other."
"Robotic war..."
"Nevertheless, my people were built on a new program. The Beta. We are flawless, unlike the Alpha Program which contains unethical programming." The computer suddenly beeped, reporting dignostic failures. Beta Android shook his head. "This vessel is... difficult to repair. I cannot process this 24th Century technology."
"I don't know. It doesn't look too difficult. The shapes and directory categorizations are a little off structured than I'm used to with my computer, but I think I can access information." Terry went over to panel to get back to studying it.
This did not concern the Beta, as he went back to his work. The Warp Core was still in tact in Engineering.

As the days went on. Terry gave it to himself to visit the Nova Starship every night. There was something new onboard he discovered every time.

At school, sleep would overtake him, in class. His nights were spent from 9 to 6 in the morning when he had to get ready for school. His mother didn't notice anything different with him, nor did his friends... until one night Terry came across something outstanding.

He accessed the console of Holodeck 2. With backup power online thanks to the Beta Android, this was the only working Holodeck on the ship. In an instant, environments were created. Places on Earth, beaches on Risa, mountains on Vulcan, cities on Qo'Nos... Fighting situations, extreme sports, training programs, holo-novels... It was all there in the database, and night after night he'd bring up a new one, playing the most extreme games he'd ever play in his life.

In Gym Class he noticed his own muscles building. Battle of Kah'Less, he thought; Or was it the orbital kick-boxing? The Holodeck seemed to be sharpening his hand eye co-ordination as he played a quick game of basketball with his class one day. Slam dunk!! He leaped right by Jim Matthew's, the top player on the School Team.
"Hey!" Jim cried.
The crowd cheered as others came in to watch. By this time, a lot of miscellaneous people were noticing a definite change in Terry.

One night he accessed Vulcan Love Slave 2. "Ooo, kinky..." He said to himself as he went on to Basic Starfleet Training Program Omega.

In School, sometimes all he could think about was Joanne Fenton.
"Hey," she said to him as she passed by him in the hallways.
Terry was speechless as his friend, Dane, nudged him. "She just said hello, man!"
Terry was making so much progress in his life, mentally and physically, he realized he still didn't have the nerve to speak with Joanne normally. Every other girl he could talk to like they were another guy. "Damn!" He cursed.
With that, Dane dragged Terry on. It wasn't much of a secret that Terry was in love with Joanne. Even the Teachers in the Coffee Room would talk about him. "That kid's got serious issues, I'll-tell-you-what." One teacher would say. - "Personally, I'm against all romance." Another teacher would go on. To Terry, school was more social sometimes than a learning institution.

C H A P T E R 5

Cortez sat in bed in the Hospital. His head was still in too much pain to think or put everything together. Scars cut across his face.
"How are you feeling Mr. Cortez?" Terry's mother, Alexandra smiled.
"Fine..." He knew he was paralyzed from the chest down, "Now that someone as lovely as yourself has come."
Alexandra blushed. "Well, if you need anything, just let me know."

She left to the Waiting Area where there was a call for her. Alexandra didn't usually get calls at work. "Hello?" A co-worker handed her the phone.

It was not good news.

"What do you mean you've been busy? With what!?" Later that night, Terry's mother went to have a word with him. This was the first time she had ever been upset with Terry. "Your Principal called me today. He said your grades were slipping!" She paused. "Terry, if there's something wrong, please talk to me."
"It's nothing mom," Terry defended. There was no way he could tell her about the Starship... Unless she found it herself. But she never went to that back forest. "It's just..." that mother of his was just too quick, so he thought up a lie and he thought it up quick, "It's basic teenager growing up stuff, mom. You know."
His mother eased up on him. "I'm sorry Terry, I understand. You know that I care about you. But I'm going to have to put my foot down on this. Please do better at school... the important classes, not just the Gym. You know that I really want you to have a good future."
"Yeah, yeah." Terry rolled his eyes and left the kitchen. He knew she meant well.

Transporters Online. He checked the Sensor console. "I can't believe it, the whole city is outlined on this grid..." He had found this room earlier and figured out some of its controls. There was an idea running through his head all day, as he tapped a few buttons on the panel. It was 9AM and classes were starting. Terry stepped onto the Transporter Padd and was beamed out.

He rematerialized in an empty hallway at School, downtown. No one saw him. He looked around. "It worked!" He felt his body, making sure it was still in tact. "I'm alive!"

Terry walked into Astronomy Class just in time, and took his seat. The Teacher walked in and begun teaching. Terry was satisfied, and locked in amazement; thinking about the possibilies. The Teacher was going on and on...
"There are quite a many stars in our Galaxy." The classroom was dark as he pointed to a map being projected on the chalkboard. "Here is Alpha Centari, and here is Rigel and Vega. Antares is located here." He moved his pointer across the map. "This is Wolf 356. There are still many stars we cannot see."
"Oh, don't forget Andor." Terry raised his hand.
"There is no such place," the Teacher replied in his monotone voice.
"Yeah, and Vulcan is over there!" Terry pointed. This was the truth, it really was.
"Terry, that is enough. We have not come across more than what I have here." The Teacher went on. "Now, we will go into a little more detail--"
"And you'll find the Klingon homeworld there; and Romulus!" He saw these maps earlier but it was just occuring to him how close these other Planets really were.
"Terry, that's enough!"
"I'm not making this up, sir... Right here is Cardassia, and Bajor is located here!" He got up. "There's even a Wormhole right here. It leads to the Gamma Quadrant, about seventy-thousand lightyears away!"
"That's impossible, Terry! I've had enough of this. To the Office now!"
"But I'm just telling you. Look, Borg space is--"
"I don't care! No one disrupts my class! To the Office, now!"

Terry left class, angry. He was just telling it how it was. He went outside instead and ran into a couple friends sitting at the front stairs-entrance. They were on Study Period. There were a lot of students outside, due its nice day. In the distance through the crowd Terry thought he got a glimpse of someone he saw before.

Accross the street, Helana watched. She saw Terry with his friends on the school stairs. If something was up with this kid, his behavior would be most evident in his most social and natural habitat. She staked him out. "Something's up with this kid, I know it..."

C H A P T E R 6

Jersey was always a long drive, but Terry always wanted to keep going to School there ever since his family moved out, to keep with his friends.

On the other side of the City, the Alpha Android managed to make his way into traffic. Cars screeched to halts as he looked around in confusion. His positronic net was still damaged from his crash, as he was trying to comprehend his situation.

"Aaahh!!" People screamed and ran out thier Cars. The Police drove over and jumped out. They blasted gun bullets onto the Android's chest, ricocheting right off it.

The Android flung his body forward and pressed his arms into a Car, picking it up. He threw the Car into the air, at the Police. The Officer's dived out the way as the Car crashed down into their Police Cars.

"Back up! We need back up!!" An officer yelled into his comm-unit. He looked over at the Android who was taking in fire, having never seen anything like it before... and that scared him. He was more scared than he'd ever been in his life.

It was day and Terry was in the Starship, poking around as usual. He was fixing the place up, and cleaning burnt walls. This place was like a tree house to him... Unfortunately, his old one was destroyed when this ship crashed onto it. He made his way to an upper Deck and found a door he'd never been through. "Hey, where does this lead?"

He tapped at the console and the door opened. A short way lead to a small room with consoles. The consoles looked to be operations and Helm controls. "What is this? ...Captain's Yacht?" This was interesting.

Terry sat at the Helm and activated the controls. The Captain's Yacht emerged out the saucer section of the Starship, pointed upwards. It hovered in mid air and then launched up into the sky, full speed...

"AAAAaaaaaah!!!!!!!" Terry held on to the Helm and the pressed a few buttons. The Yacht turned horizontal above the clouds. The sky was blue. The view was amazing. "Oh my God..." He looked out the window. He'd never been on an airplane before, he thought he was afraid of heights. "This is so cool..." This was definitely the climax of Terry's found luck. "Cool!!"

He grabbed the controls and sped the Yacht downward through the clouds. The road structures below looked like squares. He banked to the right, heading towards a couple rivers and bursting through a flock of birds. The view was great.

The Alpha Android ran and leaped over a pile of Cars. He flew through the air and landed on the sidewalk. The Cops were still blasting bullets off him.

"They're not working!" One of the Officer's yelled to his partner. By this time, Helana made it to the scene. She watched from a distance with the rest of the 10 Police Cars with Officers behind their doors, firing. "We need the SWAT Team!" Someone yelled.

Helana watched in amazement as the Android tore a light pole out the ground and slammed its head into a Police Car. Offiers jumped for their lives as glass shattered pieces on all sides. The Android was irritated by all the firing. It leaped onto the side of a building and leaped off that over the Police and into the distance. He then ran off down the street.

The Yacht banked right and left over the City. Terry was having the time of his life. "Wohhhooo!!" He dived down towards the ground and pulled up, spinning. The console interface was easy.

Swoosh!! He came down and skimmed the River. Water went flying all around him before he returned back into the sky. But before he knew it, he was headed right for a Goodyear Blimp. He pulled to the right, past it safely, but causing the Blimp to shake for a second. "Uh! ...That was a close one." His heart raced. "Maybe I should head back."

But his console beeped. The Computer voice was still offline, as probably a few systems on the Yacht itself. "Error? What error?" He searched the consoles but couldn't pinpoint it. Even though, he probably couldn't fix it.

The Yacht started losing impulse engines.

The Alpha Android stopped in its tracks peering up into the sky. He saw the Federation Unit... He knew it belonged to his enemy.

The Yacht headed for the ground and the Android ran towards its direction. He knew the Federation was out of place in this time as much as he was. With that, he leaped onto the top of a passing Truck, off that, and onto the roof of a Grocery Store building, and off that into the distance.

"Aaaaauuuhhhgghh!!!" The Yacht slammed along the ground, out side the City into a field. It dragged along until coming to a complete stop. "Ugh..." Terry was on the floor in pain. He'd never been in a plane crash before, he thought he was afraid of them. He was right...

Terry pulled himself to his chair, his head ached. Hopefully his situation wasn't too bad. All he did was take it for a test flight. But out the window in the distance, was the Alpha Android headed straight for him. "Not so good..."