Voyager: Black Dragon

an uncompleted series
an uncompleted series
Admiral Kathryn Janeway. A woman of great integrity... walked over and added a pip to Cal's collar. Cal couldn't believe the honour in this moment as one of the greatest people in Starfleet bestowed upon him his first rank of Petty Officer.

"Thanks." Cal made eye contact with her.

"Don't mention it," Janeway replied as she moved on to the next graduating student.

Let it be known that on this day, Stardate 57344.3, that Cal Allerken has graduated Starfleet Academy!
The ceremony continued on, as Cal then glanced around, taking in his peak of happiness. He didn't realize it until it was too late, but he was making eye contact with a girl down the line of graduating students. Why are we making eye contact?

Cal quickly turned his head, peering out into the crowd below. She was pretty attractive though. He looked back, finding that she wasn't looking at him anymore. She smiled to her family in the crowd. Cal looked through his memory to see if he'd seen her before, not realizing that the Pip Ceremony was over. He and all the students were led off-stage.

Off-stage, everyone was talking excitedly. Council Member Chang was there for his son, when suddenly he was called over to a viewscreen on the side-wall. "Council Member Chang? ...Uh, sir... The USS Titan is picking up some strange anomalous readings in the Nitron Sector," The Lieutenant on the viewscreen reported. He was probably on a Ship.

"Okay..." Chang wasn't too sure how to respond to this as Admiral Janeway walked over to find out what was going on. Cal forgone his graduation excitement as he noticed this conversation off to the side. Maybe it was nothing to worry about.
Later that night on Terri St., the graduating class made it out to a Deltan Club where there was loud pulsating music and amazing energy/light displays. Cal was offered shots of bloodwine from his friends, having a great time... until his eye caught onto that girl. The same girl he saw at the ceremony before.

"Hey, do you want to dance?" His friend Lisa asked him.

"Err, in a sec..." Cal replied. He couldn't keep his eyes off this girl. She was talking with her own friends. Cal stepped past Lisa and made his way through the dance floor, approaching the girl. "Hi," he greeted.

"Hi," she replied.

"I'm Cal," he shook her hand.

"Oh, I'm Raine. I saw you at the graduating ceremony." She smiled. Raine felt her heart skip a beat as she talked to him. She hadn't expected to feel this way.

"Yeah, I saw you too... Want to dance?" Cal asked. They didn't even know each other.

"Sure," Raine let out her hand as Cal took it. Cal and Raine suddenly felt a sudden strange vibration in thier hands when they touched for that first second, like a tuning fork.

He let go. "What was that?"

"I don't know," Raine replied in confusion as she examined her hand.

Just then Cal's buddy, Effort budded in, leaning his hand on Cal's shoulder. "Hey Cal! We just found out our Starship postings!"

Cal and Raine looked over at him. "I'm going to be serving on the Titan! You're going to be seriving on Voyager!"

Raine smiled over to Cal. "What a coincidence, I'm going to serving on Voyager!" Raine said. She felt her heart skip another beat.

Cal and Raine, and Cal's friends left the club and started walking down Terri St. "Hey, Sisko's Restaurant is over the next block, wanna get something to eat?" Effort asked.

"I'd better be going," Raine said as she held Cal's hands. They kissed, and she ran off.

"Man, you didn't even take her home!" Effort put his arm around Cal, laughing, as Effort held his girlfriend's hand.

"Watch it buddy, or you won't even take me home," Sela budded in jokingly. Cal's mind wondered from Raine to Voyager... he knew this was going to be the best posting ever.

The USS Voyager trekked through space. Cal stepped out a turbolift, fixed his uniform, and made his way down the hall. He stopped at a wall side and accessed internal circuitry, getting straight to work.

"You're getting a subspace message," a new colleague handed him a padd with the subspace frequency and continued away. Cal accessed a nearby wall control panel, inputting the frequency, finding his friend clicking onscreen.

  "Hey! So, how's it going with Raine?" Effort asked onscreen.

"I'm kind of on duty right now..." Reluctantly, Cal went on to answer his question anyway, "...We went out a couple times the past week, but lately she's been kind of distant with me. I left her a few messages, but she hasn't been answering."

  "Oh, man, I'm sorry. Hey, guess what, Captain Riker said hello to me today!" Just then, all subspace transmissions cut offline. Cal tapped at the console in confusion. He brought up the external sensor readings, with data on strange anomalous readings, and the view screen displayed a white spatial anomaly sitting in space. Cal didn't think he'd actually ever be dealing with this... he knew that this was what Council Member Chang and Admiral Janeway inquired over a week and half ago during his graduating ceremony.

The USS Voyager scanned the small spatial anomaly intensely. Cal entered the Bridge where Captain Tuvok stood, staring at the view onscreen.

Tuvok having been an original member of the Voyager crew lost in the Delta Quadrant for 7 years, had decided to once again take up space travel. This was a great decision, is what his wife would say, hoping that he would not be torn from just one bad experience. What she will never understand is that Voyager was never such a bad experience. There was nothing to report about the anomaly. It was just there. Cal walked over to Raine's station and started tapping at panels.

"You're part Vulcan," Cal opened.

"What? ...How'd... you know...?" Raine stumbled, surprised.

"You cut yourself in a coil junction processor the other day and I saw the green blood" Cal said. Raine just continued her work. "That explains that strange vibration the first time we met... must've been a mind-meld instinct or something" Cal continued.

"...Look Cal. It's just not going to work out between us," Raine started. "There's no substance to our relationship. We never made an intellectual connection," she said to him as she got up to go into a back room.

She began tapping at panels, as Cal entered. He eyed her body, finding it more unbelievably attractive than ever. "I understand... You're right." He replied in standard conversation. Just then she stopped and they glanced at each other. They stared into each others eyes deeply. "But does intellect really matter right now?" Cal asked. Raine's feelings started sparking up again. She realized she didn't really care about the intellect thing. Maybe it really doesn't matter right now. They both then kissed and started making out lustfully.

Lieutenant Meth tapped at his console, scanning the anomaly... which was acting up. Before Voyager existed the small bright anomaly which was spilling out strands of energy and matter. Voyager backed off in confusion. "...The sub-radial output is off the scale!" Meth yelled.

Just then, some dark-blue or brown piece of shell peaked out the ball of energy.

"Scans...!?" Tuvok ordered.

"...Biological life signs!" Meth replied.

A strange multi-shelled space Creature stretched itself out the the anomaly as if it was its birth place... The Space Creature was about the size of a shuttle craft. It curled out the anomaly and floated in space... its shape resembling a cross between a stingray and a komodo dragon, but with hard shelled skin. It arched its head around, scanning space for at least a hundred lightyears.

The Creature then impulsed itself onto the hull of Voyager, climbing around it, examining its material.

"See if you can send a shockwave---" but before Tuvok could finish, the Creature lept off the ship and floated a good distance from it. It then blasted a current of energy at Voyager and sped away. Cal and Raine stopped with each other and looked around the corner from the back of the Bridge to see this Creature escaping onscreen.

"Hull breach to Deck 14!" Meth yelled, as the danger was now gone.

"Seal it." Tuvok ordered. He stared onscreen at the anomaly ball of energy which now seemed harmless again.

The USS Lakota and the USS Voyager sped through space, side by side... they were following the Komodo Creature which was also speeding through space from a safe distance.

Cal and Raine were brought into the Briefing Room by Commander Marquez and were told to have a seat. "I'm disappointed in the two of you. You were caught together in Engineering...err-- kissing!" He was obviously not happy.

"But our duty shifts just ended. If you check the logs, it was 16:05 hours." Cal defended.

"Unacceptable! The Jeffery's Tube hatch in Engineering is no place for that. What do you two have to say for yourselves?"

Raine just looked to the side. She felt what Cal felt; simply caught. She then almost started thinking about her career before Marquez interrupted again.

"I don't ever want to see the two of you near each other again. Do you understand?" Cal and Raine stood up, military style.

"Yes sir." Cal and Raine replied.

Just then Voyager shook from quantum torpedo blows.

  "Tuvok to Senior Staff... battlestations" went over the comm.

Was it the Komodo Creature?

Voyager was forced to undertake evasive maneuvers, arching around and coming about. An enemy Breen Ship sped around firing at them.

"##$GFdfs4nnsdd322?@33!" Came over the comm on Voyager's Bridge.

The USS Voyager sped around returning photon torpedo blasts onto the hull of the enemy Breen Ship. The Breen Ship sped around the same axis pumping out energy draining torpedoes. Each energy torpedo missed Voyager.

"What did they just say?" Tuvok was confused.

"Well, Starfleet's only been deciphering part of Breen language so far..." said Marquez as he tapped at a console.

The Breen came over the comm again. "%Etttsc eeer gggive333 us Dr. Helcarrr88#31!!"

Cal and Raine walked out the Briefing Room onto the Bridge, hearing this. "Dr. Helcar... that's my father." Raine said, looking down.

Cal and a couple other Bridge Officer's noticed her. They knew whatever the Breen wanted, it had to do with her. Voyager shook like crazy, and people went flying. The Breen had ran down part of the shields and struck a major blow to the ventral hull. "D555Dr. Helllcarrr4 was ttttttresponsible ffff3333or the CccCCreat77777ure!!"

Tuvok climbed to the Captain's Chair... Someone was responsible for that Komodo Creature? He accessed the comm channel, "Please, stop firing so we can talk about this--" The Breen vessel blasted another energy torpedo into Voyager's Shields.

"0^66NNo!!!" They weren't in the mood for diplomacy.
The Titan circled in from outer space, blasting quantum torpedoes onto the Breen Ship as it passed by.

"It's the Titan!" Lieutenant Gleason exclaimed from sensor ops on Voyager.

The Breen Ship passed under and pumped energy pulses, causing the whole place to shake like crazy.

  "This is a hit and miss game" Riker spoke over the comm, "Whoever gets hit more, gets destroyed."

"We have taken a considerable amount of damage," Tuvok said.

passed over the Breen Ship the exact same time the Titan passed under, they both launched phasers and torpedoes.

The Breen was hit from below and above simultaneously. The Breen Ship stopped moving and arched around, aiming, and launching four rapid pulses out into space, hitting the Titan. The overload of energy took out the Titan's shields. The Breen Ship then engaged towards them to finish the job, but Voyager passed behind grabbing them with a tractor beam. Voyager pulled the Breen Ship around for the Titan, who rerouted power to weapons and blasted three photon torpedoes into the Breen Ship indefinitely. Voyager had let go and began to speed out of there, as it took the Titan a moment to get its engines going and follow.

The Breen Ship sat in space, exploding its upper hull. Metal fragments drifted.

"FF#^777k33@!!" The Breen swore in anger.

"We did some research on your father and we came across some of his personal logs," Riker spoke to Raine in the Titan's Briefing Room. Her father's logs played on the viewscreen in the background.

Tuvok was also there, "It seems that Dr. Helcar was in deep meditation with a non-corporeal alien lifeform almost 30 years ago."

"Before I was born," Raine looked to the side. All this was new and scary to her, "What are you saying?" She asked.

"The non-coporeal lifeforms are called the, Ni'Kalpha. In your father's logs, he was in the process of trying to conceive a new type of life-form in space with the Ni'Kalpha" Riker explained. The Komodo Creature.

The Komodo Creature sped through space until approaching the Planet Serilia. It clamped itself onto an orbiting Rock and peered over its edge, looking down at Serilia below. The USS Lakota watched in the distance.

"What the hell is it doing?" Captain Piersall observed through the Bridge viewscreen.

Just then, the Komodo Creature blasted an energy beam down to the Planet. The Lakota was hailed from the surface for help. *We require immediate assistance! Repeat - Immediate Assistance!*

"Lieutenant, lock torpedoes and fire!" The Lakota positioned itself over and blasted two photon torpedoes out into space. The first hit and explosion injured the Komodo Creature, confusing its attention with smoke pouring everywhere. The second hit and explosion knocked the Creature off the Rock, sending both spinning back.

The Rock fell into a decaying orbit, but the Komodo Creature shook its head and glanced over at the Lakota. It then sped over, across space, and clamped itself onto the USS Lakota's hull in anger.

Voyager and the Titan dropped Warp and sped around, blasting torpedoes onto the Komodo Creature. At that point, the Creature back flipped off the Lakota and sped out of there.

  *Are you alright?* Tuvok hailed.

*We're fine, thank you Captain.* Piersall replied. *This creature thing... what is it? ...What does it want?*

  *I believe the more sufficient question,* Tuvok inturrupted, *is how do we stop it?*

All three Captains and their first Officers met together in Voyager's Briefing Room. Meanwhile, Cal and Raine met in a hallway. They looked into each other's eyes feeling nothing but lust and love.

"We're not supposed to do this." Raine looked down.

"I don't care." Cal lifted her chin and kissed her.

Somewhere, out in space the Komodo Creature sped, lurking for more things to destroy. It felt a kind of indigestion feeling from its centre... causing him to grow bigger...

All three Captain's met in Voyager's Briefing Room. "From what we can tell, scans of the Creature indicate that it's getting bigger." Marquez pointed to a viewscreen.

"Bigger?" Riker was alarmed.
"We don't know why" Marquez replied.

As soon as the meeting was over, Riker was met by Troi down one of Voyager's Hallways.

"Nice ship." Troi opened. Before Riker could reply they passed by Raine and Cal who were holding hands and talking.

"Shouldn't you two be working?" Riker inquiried.

"Yes, sir." Cal spoke as he and Raine walked off in separate directions. Troi was left with a strange sensation in her head.

"You okay?" Riker asked. Troi watched Cal walk away, and then turned her head to see Raine go down a left corridor. "Yeah... I think."

"Come on," Riker suggested, "We have to do some dragon hunting."

Cal met with Effort in Main Engineering. "What are you doing here?"

"I was busy helping one of the Engineers here and didn't transport back to the Titan in time" Effort replied. "Don't worry about it. My Superior Officer will understand. My question is, how are things between you and Raine?" He nudged him.

"They're actually great" Cal replied. "But our Superior Officer's would rather have it their way."

"I heard she had a meeting with all the Captain's earlier."

"Yeah, she won't talk about it" Cal said, just as Raine entered Engineering and approached them.

"Hey" she greeted.

"Pleasure to make your acquaintance again, my lady" Effort held her hand.

"Cut the crap" she smiled. "We really shouldn't be here talking, you guys. Voyager, the Titan, and the Lakota are following the trails of that Creature."

"How soon until we intercept it?" Cal asked.

"Sooner than you think" she replied.

All three Federation Vessel's sped through space, gaining on the Komodo Creature. Above it, was the Breen Ship just opening fire. The Komodo Creature dodged two disrupter blasts.

"...The Breen." Riker spoke at the Bridge of the Titan.

"Their goals are the same as ours," Troi added, "they want to stop that Thing as much as we do."

The Komodo Creature neared a Planet; Deneb IV. It opened its mouth blasting a thick energy current down to the Planet.

"Open fire." Tuvok ordered from the Bridge of Voyager, just as Raine, Cal and Effort entered. They weren't supposed to be there.

All three Federation Vessels blasted torpedoes out into space at the Komodo Creature. Cal held Raine tightly, as the torpedo knocked the Creature back frivolously. He began to grow...

"It's getting bigger!?!" Captain Piersall complained from the Lakota.

The Komodo Creature was now 50% larger than the average Starship. It arched its head, staring at its enemy's, ready to take them out.

"I know it... I know what's making it grow." Troi stood up from her chair on the Bridge of the Titan.

"Deanna, what are you talking about?" Riker turned around.

"It's Voyager..."

"Voyager? Could you mean someone on Voyager?"

"Yes, but it's not intentional... It's what their doing that's causing this..." She scanned the mental realm. Her empathic powers had grown since the Enterprise. This, she was certain about.
written by Hawku
 an uncompleted series
an uncompleted series