Star Trek: Immortal Coil


Planet Vulcan. In the midst of a long range of tall mountains is a valley where Starships are being built. The valley is occupied by at least a hundred busy but casual Vulcan's and tractor-beam machines, as they are putting together two new type Starships.

A Vulcan operator, Pharal, staggers into the valley approaching the site. The odd Vulcan stops working and notices him, as Pharal is wrapped in a strange vine-like lifeform which has manifested itself underneath his clothes and attached to his skin.
Pharal: "Ughh! ...I need-- assistance..."
He falls, slamming into the grass in pain. The other Vulcan's leap from off the Starship and run over, some more cautious than others.

Wrexet: "Back!"
The Vulcan leader yelled from the Bridge of one of the Starships, which had no hull cover yet. The others backed off from Pharal, as Wrexet activated the phaser array on the incomplete Starship. Pharal looked up with his bloodshot eyes, noticing the discharger on the array swinging around from the back to the side and aiming at him. Wrexet seemed to be familliar with the situation and intended on vapourizing him.

Pharal got up immediately. Adrenaline rushed even though the few vines wrapped around his upper torso and limbs. He called up a great energy which seemed to make the wind blow by.

He kneeled one knee to the ground arching his arms behind him and somehow levitating clumps of dirt and grass from behind him into the air. He looked up at Wrexet ready to attack in anger, but Wrexet couldn't return that emotion. Although Wrexet felt a certain... disappointment for the situation. Wrexet accessed the weapons console, and the Starship fired phasers at Pharal, totally vapourizing him. The vine structure, although, was not vapourized. It fell to the ground.

Wrexel and the other Vulcan's were shocked that it wasn't vapourized.
Lej, a worker: "What is that?"
Norea, another worker: "I do not know."
The Vulcan's spoke to each other in curiosity. Wrexel had no idea what to do next. The pile of vines sitting in the pot hole in the ground seemed start moving like snakes. The other Vulcans started picking up handheld weapons, firing phasers and disrupter pulses at it. It was not harmed. The pile of vines then jumped out the hole taking another Vulcan worker to the ground, this time killing him. Vines shot out from all sides of itslef, stabbing through the others.

Chapter 1

A very large pink and purple Nebula existed a couple Sectors too deep into the Beta Quadrant. A Federation Steamrunner Class Starship, the MERCEDES, sped from out one of the clouds inside the Nebula. They were scanning and taking in molecule samples.

A Klingon Bird of Prey, the TETEKEN, sat peacefully up in another area of the Nebula, also taking in samples. They monitored the excited MERCEDES.
Thorn: "Puh! Humans..."

The MERCEDES curved left and upward, dodging a current of white energy. The Nebula had many diagonal currents of energy that just existed within it. This was not a problem.
Sith: "How are we doing?"
Lisa, tactical: "Great. The Sinate Particles are collecting."

A Borg CUBE suddenly came out from a cloud above. It followed the MERCEDES.

Lisa: "Captain!! A Borg Cube is approaching!"
Sith, runs over to the helm: "What the hell?? Get us out of here!"
Ace: "I'm on it!"

The MERCEDES swung left, but the Borg CUBE matched thier movements. It fired torpedoes, hitting directly onto the ventral hull of the MERCEDES.

The TETEKEN shot out from the clouds above, firing disrupter pulses at the Borg CUBE. The CUBE stopped and fanned a Tractor Beam around the TETEKEN.

The MERCEDES looped around and blasted phasers into the Borg's emitters, knocking the Tractor Beam out and releasing the TETEKEN.
Sith: "I can't believe the Borg are here!"
#Thorn, excited: "This is much better than molecule samples!"

The MERCEDES and the TETEKEN sped through the clouds side by side as the Borg CUBE took off after them in the distance. It then matched thier trajectory and acceleration, following close behind.
#Borg: "We are the Borg. You will be assimilated."

The MERCEDES and TETEKEN broke off in opposite directions, swinging around and firing at the CUBE's sides. A Tractor Beam fanned out and slowed the MERCEDES to a stop.
Sith: "Damn! We can't be fools. We don't stand a chance against them!"
Five Drones beamed onto the Bridge.

The TETEKEN blasted a trilithium warhead into the CUBE. A big explosion left a crippling hole in its side. Pieces flew out everywhere. The TETEKEN circled around again, firing more pulses at the other sides of the CUBE, breaking the Tractor Beam to the MERCEDES.

Ace flew the MERCEDES around. A Drone grabbed an Officer and assimilated him. Crewmen Raine grabbed the arm of an attacking Drone and kneed it in its stomach. She slammed the Drone against a console and dismantled its mechanical hand.

Officers fired phasers at Drones until the Drones adapted. More Officers arrived with phaser rifles, blasting Drones away. A Drone grabbed Raine from behind and assimilated her.

Sith: "Ugh!!"
The Captain was picked up by a Drone, as tubules shot out from the Drone's other arm into his neck.

The TETEKEN blasted another trilithium warhead into the CUBE, exploding another side of it. The Borg thought they had proper defenses to these.

The CUBE fired at the TETEKEN, knocking thier shields offline and exploding a part of thier right wing. The MERCEDES then came around firing into the CUBE's fore navigational systems just before the CUBE ran into one of the Nebula's currents of energy. The CUBE exploded into large pieces as the TETEKEN and MERCEDES impulsed the hell out of there.

The two ships shot out the nebula into space, on a course towards Federation Territory.

Thorn hailed the MERCEDES during Warp.
>Thorn, on screen: "You fought with honour. That battle was great!!"
He saw the pieces of Drones scattered around the Bridge. A fallen Drone laid beside Captain Sith. Sith was on his hands and knees in pain having been pumped with nanoprobes.

Thorn entered the MERCEDES' Sickbay where Doctor Carlina activated the biobed around Sith.
Thorn: "Long-range scans indicate no Borg are after us."
Sith, lying down: "Trilithium warheads? Those aren't allowed, Captain!"
Thorn: "Modified trilithium warheads! Besides, we were no where near Federation space, and the nebula was no threat."

Sith then felt a surge of bio-electric energy throughout his body. The biobed opened and he sat up, staring at his skin. It seemed like some kind of string of vines cabled around his body. It wasn't much, but they stood out in a green color as veins, but on the outside of his skin.

Sith: "What the hell is going on??"
Carlina, scans: "You have some kind of parasite in your system. It's manifesting itself naturally."
Sith: "Damn! This must be a way for the Borg to test out some new assimilation technique."
Carlina: "Actually... My scans show this parasite has been dormant within you for the past week and wasn't going to start growing for another month. The nanoprobes just accelerated it."
Thorn, steps back: "Is it... contagious?"
Sith, glancing his disease: "Jee, thanks for the vote of sympathy."
Carlina: "I doubt it. Although I have no idea what it is or where it could have come from. I don't think there's anything I can do for you."
She glances over at Sith.
Sith: "...I know, I know. You want to conduct more scans."

The MERCEDES and the TETEKEN speed through Warp.

Chapter 2

STARBASE 78 sat out in deep space, infested with parked Federation Starships. The MERCEDES and the Klingon Bird of Prey TETEKEN impulsed towards it. They passed by some Hirogen SHIP, which was flaming in plasma from some battle.

Sith was then placed behind a protective Glass Area in the Starbase's Medical Treatment Center. Doctor's and Scientist's scanned and studied him, finding that his metabolism had improved.
Parsons, enters: "It was a great idea to go with the Klingon's to research that Nebula."
-Sith, nods: "...You gotta get me outta here, Admiral. They're stripping me naked and poking me with probes!"
Parsons: "I hear they want to keep you in there another month or so for extended studies."
-Sith: "What!? Admiral, this thing isn't contagious. I feel fine!"
Parsons sighed, looking at Sith. He sympathized, and felt that maybe he was right: "I have to go."

Parsons left the Medical Center. He had an appointment to be at the Starbase's Brig. Behind one of the cells in the Brig was a Hirogen.
Parsons, enters: "...The word is your encounter with us was a complete misunderstanding. I'm sorry, but we're going to have to keep you in here a while longer until I sort things out with Starfleet."
-Matrox: "That is unacceptible."
He looks him over.
-Matrox: "You know, I bet hunting a Human is a great challenge..."
Matrox activated a control unit on his wrist, and depolarized the forcefield.
Parsons, steps back: "--Security!!!"
Matrox grabbed and picked up Parson's by his neck, throwing Parsons into two Security Guards who were about to fire. Matrox then ran out the Brig.

Some of Sith's crew; Lisa, Ace, Raine, and Carlina, came to visit him at the Medical Center. They weren't sure what to think.
Raine: "How did this happen?"
-Sith: "I don't know. Carlina said I could have contracted this a week ago, but where have I been in the past week...?"
Lisa: "Everywhere. We went to that Klingon Outpost... the Asteroid Field... Vulcan..."

Red Alert suddenly went on. The crew left immediately. Sith tended to his own problem; pacing. The last Nurse left the Medical Center for a moment, as Sith noticed the entertainment screen on the wall. He accessed the panel and used his security codes to get to the room's main system.

Matrox, entered another hallway: "Hmph."
He ran into another Security Officer, and head butted him out.

Sith ran out the Medical Center, pushing past a Nurse.
Fade: "Aahh! Security!"

Sith made a run for it. He didn't want to be cooped up in there a second longer.

Matrox: "Argh!!"
Sith slammed into Matrox down another hallway. They crashed into a Weapon's Locker.
Sith: "Auggh! Out of my way!"
He got up and back.
Sith: "What the hell are you?"
Matrox, gets up: "Hirogen... How dare you take me down. No one has ever done that to me!"
Sith, picks up a phaser rifle: "Well I'm proud for me."
He aims the rifle, but Matrox suddenly grabs it, pulling it and Sith towards him, tweaking Sith's finger off the trigger and spinning the rifle to under his own arm.
Sith: "Hey!"
Matrox, aims: "Now you are my prey."
He fires one phaser beam, missing Sith and hitting a panel on a far wall. Sith makes another run for it.

He takes a ladder to a jeffery's tube.
Sith, taps his commbadge: "Sith to Carlina; when did you guys say you were returning to the Ship?"
#Carlina: "In a half hour; but why--"
Sith: "Okay, thanks. Bye!"

Matrox blasted two Security Guards away while walking down a hallway, looking over his tricorder device. He had Sith's lifesigns on a sensor reading.
Matrox: "...Run."

Sith kicked open a hatch and entered a Shuttle Bay. A group of Federation Officers stopped working and recognized him.
Greg: "Hey there he is!"
Jule: "Get him!"

Sith: "Oh crap!"
He went out into the hallway and ran out of there. All the Officer's chased after him.

Meanwhile, Parsons staggered to his feet in the Brig.
Parsons, taps commbadge: "Report!"
#Harvey: "The Hirogen is still on the loose, and Captain Sith has escaped the Medical Center!"
Parsons, turned and breathed deeply in pain: "Hhhh... I knew he was going to do that."

Sith looses the Officer's through the hallways entering Locker Room 4, and checking internal sensors only to find that his hunter is on his way. Sith grabs an Enviromental Suit, puts it on, and runs out to the External Hatch Level 4a.

He opens the Hatch, looking out into space as forcefields automatically go up. He then leaps out into space, activating thrusters on his boots.
Sith: "Hahaha! I lost him."

Matrox fixed himself up and peaked his head out the hatch into space. He got onto an outside repair platform and activated its thrusters. The platform carried him out into space as he aimed the phaser rifle and fired at Sith.

Sith sped away from the beam, to behind the Federation Starship SONY. It had no idea what was going on as Matrox circled his platform around and snuck up behind Sith.

Matrox leaped off the platform and tackled Sith in space. They both went trekking along a straight course until Sith slammed against the hull of the MERCEDES.

Matrox pushed away, backflipping to a good distance and firing his phaser rifle at Sith. Sith was hit in the shoulder, and slammed back against the MERCEDES' hull as oxygen was released from his suit.

Two guys in Federation DEFENSE PODS hovered over and fired at them. Sith was beamed out.

He rematerialized onto the Bridge of the MERCEDES.
Sith: "Hey. You guys saved me!"
Ace, at helm: "Where would you like us to set course, Captain?"
Lisa and Raine awaited orders.
Sith, glanced over at everyone in confusion: "You're helping me? ...Uhh. Cool."
He stood at the center of the Bridge.
Sith: "Engage thrusters."

The MERCEDES undocked and started moving out. Four more guys in DEFENSE POD's swarmed around, firing double phasers at them.

Parsons entered STARBASE 78's Operations Bridge.
Greg: "We had to beam one of the guys from the Pod's back!"
Parsons: "Why?"
Greg: "The Hirogen punched trough the cockpit and took it over."
Parsons: "Override its navigational systems!"
Greg, taps at panels searching: "I can't find his Pod. He must've reconfigured its systems to mask himself from our sensors! The Hirogen's gone!"
Parsons: "Argh!"
Harvey: "Admiral! The Mercedes is leaving!"
The screen clicked on showing this.
Harvey: "Should I send a ship to stop them?"
Parsons took a deep breath, and thought about it. He knew that Sith could take care of himself: "No. ...Leave him."

The MERCEDES ascended out and left STARBASE 78 behind as the last of the DEFENSE POD's fired. The MERCEDES jumped Warp, out of there. Sith took this calm moment to realize his crew's efforts...

Chapter 3

The MERCEDES sped through Warp.

It dropped back to normal space and approached the Planet Vulcan. Lisa took scans.
Lisa: "...No signs of the vine material."
Sith: "Link up with the Vulcan orbital monitoring satelites. See if you can get them to sweep the other si--"

A large Remen Warbird, the NICEVON, races out of the atmosphere past them. It heads out into deep space.

Sith: "What the--?"

The Remen Commander of the NICEVON approaches a group of Vulcan Leader's who are shoved onto the Bridge.
Nicin: "Well it looks like it's our distant, distant cousins..."
Savven, struggles: "The Federation won't let you get away with this!!"
Nicin: "Relax. No one will even know you're gone... since we've replaced you with clones! Hahaha!"

The MERCEDES arcs around and speeds after them. They blast torpedoes, slicing into the NICEVON's hull. Planet Vulcan is left far behind.
>Nicin: "Crud clumps! Who the hell are you?"
Sith: "The guy who's going to kick your ass!"
>Nicin: "Now, now. How do you know that I'm not on a diplomatic mission?"
Sith, points: "I can see your Vulcan prisoners right there."
>Nicin, just realizes: "Argh!! Whatever! Like we care about a stupid Steamrunner Class vessel."

The NICEVON jumps to Warp and the MERCEDES jumps after them. The stars race past as the MERCEDES launches torpedo after torpedo onto the back of the NICEVON.

The NICEVON takes on damage and drops to normal space. It enters an Ice Asteroid Field meeting up with another Remen Warbird, the PORENA. They both fire disrupter pulses onto the MERCEDES as its entering.

The ship shakes, as Raine is working on a set-up device in Engineering.
#Sith: "Engineering. We need power!"
Raine is the only one available and answers the comm: "But--"
#Sith: "Hurry!"
She's forced to leave her experiment and work on the Ship's systems.

>Tialo: "We have to get rid of them before they tell the Federation what we have done!"
Nicin: "Alright, alright! Leave it to me..."
The NICEVON cloaks, blasting pulses out into space. Each pulse slams into the MERCEDES as the MERCEDES impulses away.

The MERCEDES returns torpedo fire where the last position of the enemy was, but the torpedoes just fly through. The MERCEDES arcs around, blasting torpedo after torpedo, trying to find the cloaked NICEVON.
Sith: "Where are they??"

The MERCEDES gives up and speeds around, seeing the PORENA. They tractor beam a nearby rock, pulling it along. The MERCEDES drops the tractor beam on the rock and lets its momentum take it right into the PORENA.

The rock smashes into the PORENA, taking out thier shields.
Tialo, falls: "Aahh!! Get them!!"

The PORENA tends to its injuries. But the invisible NICEVON climbs over and fires more disrupters into the MERCEDES. The MERCEDES tries to manouver around the PORENA, but they still get hit with great accuracy.

Sith: "Argh!"
Lisa: "Losing systems!"
Sith: "Sith to Engineering. We don't need Warp power right now, so reroute!!"

Raine is busy working on a Borg device. She taps her commbadge.
Raine: "Uh-- alright--"
She gets to a console, rerouting power.
#Sith: "What the hell are you doing!?"
Raine: "Sorry Captain! But I was working on Borg technology."

The MERCEDES blasts the last of its torpedoes out into space. One hits the NICEVON, but it's not enough.

The PORENA gets working again and fires more pulses. The MERCEDES shakes like crazy, while hovering past an asteroid.

#Raine: "I can get you perfect Impulse and perfect Tractor Beam..."
Sith: "Perfect!"

The MERCEDES slams a tractor beam on the nearby asteroid and swings it around. The asteroid smashes into the PORENA as it’s cloaking, and the PORENA is demolished to pieces.

Raine enters the Bridge of the MERCEDES. She has placed some kind of Borg Neural Processing recalobrated Interplexing Beacon device on her temple; the exact device she had been working on.
Raine, falls against a console: "Augh! ...I can sense them... I can hear the Borg...!!"
Sith, runs over: "Raine! What did you--? Why would you do this to yourself??"
Raine, takes a deep breath: "...Ever since the Borg pumped me with nanoprobes, I've had this urge..."

The MERCEDES is suddenly hit by an asteroid from the NICEVON. The MERCEDES pulls the asteroid around, but can't find them.

Raine: "Captain!!"
She breathes heavily.
Raine: "I can sense them...!"
Sith: "I know, you told me."
Raine: "No, I can sense them! Thier technology!"
She points at the view-screen. Sith immediately realizes this.

The MERCEDES fires with Raine at tactical. The cloaked NICEVON is hit.

The NICEVON arcs around in anger now blasting high frequency disrupter pulses, badly damaging the MERCEDES.

The MERCEDES then locks two tractor beams onto two asteroids. It pulls them around, and slams them each right into the NICEVON.

The NICEVON goes toppling backwards, crashing into another asteroid. Pieces go flying. It just sits there, craddled against the rock.
Nicin: "Aahh!! How did they do that!?? They were just a stupid Steamrunner Class ship!!"

The Vulcan's are beamed aboard the MERCEDES as it hovers over.

The MERCEDES repairs systems and then leaves the Remen's in the Asteroid Field, returning to Vulcan to drop off the Vulcan Leaders.
Savven: “Thank you... although you could have been a little easier on us.”
Sith, embarrassed: “...Right.”

Sith approaches Raine on the Bridge. He looks at her.
Raine: "...It's the Borg. They attacked us on purpose."
Sith, fears the truth: "Why?"
Raine: "They want you for some reason."
Sith turns away and stares at the vines wrapped around his arm.
Ace: "They must have known..."
Sith, clenches his fist: "They won't get close enough to know more..."

The MERCEDES leaves Vulcan and jumps to Warp.

Chapter 4

The Ferengi Vessel SEKEL sat out in deep space. It slammed a tractor beam onto a smaller Vessel...
Purn: "Heh, heh, heh! Let's steal all thier technology...!"
Nex, hits him upside the head: "Of course! I swear, I'm working with fools!"
The Vessel is brought into their Shuttle Bay. Nex and Purn contact their crew in the Shuttle Bay over the comm, but over-hear screams and weapons fire. Whoever was in that Vessel is taking over the Shuttle Bay.

Whoever enters the Bridge, holding a smoking pulse rifle. This tall scary Alien stares down upon Nex and Purn. They notice a small cage connected to his belt.
Purn, falls to his knees in fear: "Aahh!! Pl--please don't kill me!"
Matrox: "...Leave."

Pod's and Shuttle's evacuate the SEKEL.

The two top Ferengi occupy one POD as it rockets out into space.
Nex, piloting: "That guy was brilliant! You see? He's the type we should be in business with!"
Purn, still shaking in fear: "--I want my Moogy."

The MERCEDES speeds through space, having been going around contacting species on thier way to Klingon Territory.
Raine: "Why did you think those Caldonians would know anything about your disease?"
Sith: "I don't know. It was worth a try to ask them."

The MERCEDES runs into a Feregni POD. They stop and hail each other.

>Nex, holding a vase: "Wouldn't you love this beautiful Napean symbol? They say it increases one's telepathic focus. Four slips of Latinum...!"
Sith: "Um. It's okay."
Nex is about to try to sell another item, but stops for a second, pointing at the vines around Sith's skin.
>Nex: "I recognize that."
Sith, glances at his crew: "You have? Where!?"
Nex suddenly congures up a conniving plan...
>Nex, smiles: "You're curious about it, I assume?"
Sith: "Yes! What is it??"
>Nex: "I don't know anything about it. But I do know someone who does. I can take you to him for a price...?"

Two of four Ferengi beam aboard the MERCEDES as the POD races along side them through Warp.

The two Ferengi go over starcharts in the Briefing Room, while waiting for the Captain.
Nex: "These Federation morons are so nieve! Maybe through them I can find our Ship and make business partners with that Hirogen!"
Purn, shrugs: "...Where ever the Ship is."

The MERCEDES and POD drops Warp, to the last known co-ordinates of the Ferengi's Vessel. The screen clicks on to a view of empty space.
Sith: "There's nothing here."
Nex: "Well, err, I may need to rethink the co-ordinates. Excuse me."
He leaves the Bridge.

The crew waits. Nex goes to a back Control Room, rerouting a subspace link to Ferenginar High Command.
>Velk: "Don't bother me about your problems! Another Ferengi vessel has been hijacked by some Alien from the Delta Quadrant!"
Nex: "But--"
>Velk: "Those ship's cost a lot of money to build you know!"
The screen clicks out.

The MERCEDES and the Ferengi POD visit Dessica II. Sith joins Nex to a filthy Bar in one of its Cities. Nex approaches a Yiridian merchant.
Nex, waving slips of latinum around: "...So you don't know anything about this Alien ship stealer?"
Yranac, drinking at the bar: "...No."

Sith takes Nex to the side: "Well?? Does he know anything about this thing or not?"
Nex: "Just a second!"

He goes back over to the bar, helpless.
Yranac, grabs the latinum from the Ferengi: "But! ...I did notice your Ship in a nearby System. I figured it was you, but you're here."

The MERCEDES and the Ferengi POD leave. They enter another Star System, scanning space.

Three Ferengi Vessels, the LEVOR, PHREN, and the SEKEL, suddenly drop Warp surrounding them. All three lock tractor beams onto the MERCEDES.
Ace: "They've got us!"
The MERCEDES was still weak from earlier battles.
Sith: "This was a trap!!"
He grabs Nex and throws him into the Captain's chair.
Nex, falls: "No! He's on the Sekel! Believe me!"

Nex, Purn, Raine, and Sith beam onto the SEKEL. The air and lights are low to save power. They make thier way to the Bridge, which they find empty.
Raine, checks the computer: "Nothing. The other two Feregni Ship's are abandonned too. It looks like they're being controlled by a command interlink with this Ship."
Sith walked over and shoved Nex.
Sith: "I should've known better than to trust a Ferengi!"
Nex, backs up scared, looking around: "I-- I don't understand. He was here!"
Purn: "Yeah, he almost killed me!"
Raine, tapping at panels: "Captain, there's a Federation Defense Pod in the Shuttle Bay."

Matrox stood in the darkness of a doorway, flinging out a Ferengi Energy Whip which wrapped around Sith. Everyone looked over in surprise.

Matrox: "Meh, heh, heh! ...I was going to beam over to your Ship and hunt you down but you came over here yourself...!"
He walked over from the shadows, aiming his pulse rifle.
Matrox: "I picked up a few things from my Ship before your people salvaged it."

Sith became loose as the whip was dropped. He grabbed Matrox's pulse rifle when he came close enough. Sith got to his feet and they both struggled for the weapon. They slammed against a compartment, spilling latinum all over the floor.

Nex, scurrying around: "Hehh! Please! Please consider becoming partners with me and my associate. With your strengh and my smarts, we can become very weathly indeed!"

Sith kneed Matrox in the stomach, but didn't let go of the rifle. Matrox tried headbutting, but Sith leaned back dodging it. As they spun around struggling for the rifle, a strange destructuring of the rifle's molecules occured around where Sith's hand was.

Matrox immediately let go. Sith saw this aswell and dropped the rifle on the floor with the latinum.

Sith, backs away: "Huh...??"
Matrox: "You can't be my prey. You're merged with that... thing!"
Sith: "So you know about this parasite?"
Matrox pulls out a small cage, with a wiggling vine in it: "Know about it? I brought it to this Quadrant when I arrived four months ago!"
He tosses the cage on the floor and then goes over to a console.
Matrox: "You cannot be my prey at all!"
Sith falls to his knees in pain. The latinum around him starts to fluxuate, but then stops when Sith gains control of himself: "Wait!"

Matrox beams out and onto the PHREN. It drops its tractor beam and turns around, Warping out of there.

Raine disengages the other tractor beams, and then runs over to Sith's aid.
Raine: "Captain! Are you alright?"
Sith: "Yeah... I just don't understand how I did that..."
He looks around at the latinum, and then picks up the pulse rifle.

Nex and Purn watch as Raine and Sith beam out and back onto the MERCEDES. Nex hits Purn upside the head.
Nex: "This is all your fault!"

The LEVOR and the SEKEL are left as the MERCEDES rotates around and speeds out of there.

Chapter 5

A Borg SPHERE emits a partcle beam out into space, opening a Rift into a green fluidic dimension. The SPHERE starts to enter the Rift but a Species 8472 BIOSHIP speeds out, blasting the SPHERE with a current of energy.

The SPHERE rolls back as the BIOSHIP arcs around firing at it.
#Borg: "Your biological and technological distinctiveness will be added to serve the Collective."

The Vulcan Ship, TONIC, sees this and approaches, firing limited trans-phasic torpedoes onto the SPHERE. The BIOSHIP arcs around, watching as the SPHERE explodes into pieces.
8472ccv: "Interesting."

The MERCEDES enters the System. They see the BIOSHIP suddenly start firing currents onto the TONIC.
Sith: "Hey. They can't do that!"

The MERCEDES speeds around, blasting modified torpedoes onto the BIOSHIP. But the TONIC then fires at the MERCEDES aswell.

The MERCEDES dives downwards, dodging the torpedo.
Sith: "What's going on with them?"
Ace: "I don't know, but we'd better move...!"

The BIOSHIP charges for the MERCEDES, blasting thick currents of bio-electric energy. The MERCEDES jets out of there, deeper into the Klingon Solar System.

Two patrolling Klingon SHIP's see this and quickly head straight on, firing disrupters.

The MERCEDES speeds towards Qo'Nos dodging energy blasts from the BIOSHIP behind. Both Klingon SHIP's are hit dead on, and destroyed.

The MERCEDES fly's around, returning torpedo fire onto the speeding BIOSHIP.
Raine: "Captain, I'm picking up the Tonic. It's heading for Qo'Nos at full impulse!"
Sith: "They're insane."

The MERCEDES fly's around again, veering upward as the BIOSHIP passes underneath. The MERCEDES speeds after the TONIC, towards the Planet.

The TONIC soars down into the atmosphere of the Planet, firing onto Klingon Cities. The MERCEDES soars down after them.

Ground forces launch photon torpedoes into the blue sky, hitting the TONIC as it speeds over them. The BIOSHIP soars down from the sky, chasing after the MERCEDES and firing currents.

The MERCEDES speeds low enough through the City, that the BIOSHIP's blast reaches the center of a tall building in the distance ahead. The building snaps and begins to fall on an angle as the MERCEDES speeds past underneath the falling structure.

The BIOSHIP fires again, vapourizing the falling structure, clearing a path.

The TONIC being followed by the MERCEDES being followed by the BIOSHIP head out flying over barren land. The MERCEDES then slams phasers into the ground. The phasers drag along the ground, sending huge blocks of dirt and stone into the air behind them.

The BIOSHIP is rained on from below by this debris, losing its course. A huge rock from below smashes into the nose of the BIOSHIP, sending the BIOSHIP careening off into the distant mountains.

Ace: "Captain!"
Sith: "What?"
Ace: "The Federation is supposed to be on good terms with Species 8472!"
Sith: "Damn! I forgot I knew that."

The Klingon Bird of Prey, TETEKEN, soars down from the sky, and both the TETEKEN and the MERCEDES fly along either side of the TONIC.

Thorn, hails: "Captain! What is going on?"

The TONIC fires a trans-phasic torpedo out its left side and its right side. The MERCEDES and the TETEKEN quickly dodge them.

Thorn: "I see."

The TETEKEN spins overhead, hovering above the TONIC like a predator. It then pumps disrupter pulses and torpedoes into the dorsal hull of the TONIC, trying to force it downwards.

The TONIC takes on serious damage and goes crashing along the ground, spinning to pieces.

The MERCEDES has left, and searches the mountians for 8472. The BIOSHIP suddenly flys in from the side, blasting currents of energy at them.
Sith, hails: "Please stop! We're not supposed to go to war with you!"
#8472ccv, responds: "SdoefNnzzz, ffFdjjeRw dffeOowTckk!"
Sith: "Okay..."

Both the MERCEDES and BIOSHIP climb back through the sky, as torpdoes from the City below rain past them.
8472ccv: "--TTgggdrrkk nkkkvlll-- are not supposed to go to war with you either!"
>Sith, smiles: "Okay now I understand you."
8472ccv: "Let us just pretend that this did not happen."
>Sith: "Agreed."

The BIOSHIP rockets back up into the sky, towards the rift to its own dimension.

A Klingon Salvage Team starts picking up pieces and debris of the Vulcan Starship Tonic spread all across the Western Countryside. The TETEKEN lands near the place with the most debris, as the Cities have stopped firing.

While the MERCEDES takes orbit, Sith and Ace beam down to the Countryside where the Salvage Teams are picking up pieces.
Thorn, scanning material: "Captain!"
Sith, walks over debris: "...Well this looks like your work."
Thorn, shakes his head: "...This was one of the Vulcan's newer productions. I do not understand what went wrong."
Sith: "I think I recognize this Ship. I visited it last week on Vulcan during its launching ceremony."
Ace: "You recognize it now that it's in pieces?"
Sith, shrugs: "I like puzzles."
Thorn stops scanning and walks over to a wide hull fragment. He leans in and pulls it aside, revealing a dead Vulcan.
Thorn: "...Commander Wrexet."
Around Wrexet's skin are burned markings wrapped around his body, as if the vine parasite had been on him.

Sith and Ace also notice this and glance at each other in surprise.

Chapter 6

The Federation Nova Class Starship, BLADE, approaches Qo'Nos and the MERCEDES that's in orbit of it.
ZKel: "Blade requesting open channel with Mercedes."
>Ace, goes on screen: "Mercedes here."

Meanwhile in one of the Cities on the surface, Sith enters a Medical Facility where Commander Wrexet has been placed under a bio-examination chamber.
Ha'vi, doctor: "Scans indicate that whatever was on him, is defintely the same kind of thing that's on you."
Sith walked over slowly, feeling a strange extrasensory recollection: "...Mind-meld..."
Thorn: "Captain?"
Sith: "This is who I contracted the parasite from. I'm sure of it. What happened to him might be the answer to what's happening to me. An autopsy may tell us more."
Ha'vi, throws down a laser-device: "What do I look like? Your servant!? I don't perform autopsy's for pitiful Humans!"
Thorn walks his way out the room laughing: "Hahaha! Klingon women."
Sith, approaches her begging: "What are you talking about? I'm the least pitiful Human ever to be Human!"
Ha'vi points out the window to a shorter Building across the street: "...If you can best Yavita in a Level 10 match, then I will consider an autopsy."
Sith looks out the window to the public building below. He then gets a strange feeling from it that he can't explain.
Sith: "...Hmm."

He takes a turbolift down to the lobby and runs out the Medical Facility onto the dirt road, walking fast.
#Lisa: "Lisa to Captain Sith. We need your help up here."
Sith, taps his commbadge: "Hey Lisa. How equipped do you think our Sickbay is for autopsies?"
#Lisa: "Captain! The USS Blade has taken orbit with us! They need to have a meeting with you immediately."
Sith: "Understood. I'll be up in a minute."

He enters the building labelled Battle Arena. Inside the Arena, groups of loud Klingons surround a fight, cheering the fighters on.

One of the fighters is a human looking woman. She smacks the back of her bat'leth across her Klingon opponents face. The Klingon falls to the floor but gets up quickly, dodging another attack.

Rohen, in the crowd: "Yaha!! Hahaha! Kill him!"
Sith, walks over: "What is she?"
Rohen: "El-Aurian..."
Sith: "El-Aurian? They're not fighters."
Rohen: "Ha! El-Aurians are whatever they want to be!"
He goes back to watching the fight.

As soon as its over, another two Klingons battle it out. Sith leaves to the next room which is a Bar. He notices the woman taking her place behind it.
Sith: "I'm looking for Yavita."
Yavita, cleaning a glass: "I'm Yavita. I own this establishment. How can I help you?"
Sith notices how extremely attractive she is.
Sith: "You fight good."
Yavita, stops cleaning and looks at him: "...You have quite the parasite. Luckily it doesn't reach that cute face of yours."
Sith immediately takes a seat at the Bar: "I get this strange feeling when I look at you..."
Yavita: "That's funny. You don't even know me. Can you pick up girls as well as you can fight?"
Sith: "Can you fight as well as you challenge?"
Yavita, puts down the glass, smiling at him: "That sounds like a challenge yourself."
Sith, leans in: "Bring it on."

Sith and Yavita enter the Battle Arena. Most of the Klingons have left, except for a few who are drinking and talking at distant tables.
Sith: "The Klingon Doctor across the street told me to fight you at Level 10...?"
Yavita, picking a bat'leth off the wall: "Haha! Very few have been able to reach that Level with me. Ha'vi has been trying for years!"
She walks over placing a small device on Sith's neck and one on hers.
Yavita: "This regulates the synaptic responses. It will increase your reaction time as the computer recognizes what Level we are on."

Sith takes a mek'leth off the wall.
Yavita: "Begin."
Sith clashes his mek'leth sword against Yavita's block. Yavita swings multiple kicks around, as Sith backs away millimeters from each kick. They clash thier swords against each other, from different angle after angle until Yavita hooks her foot around Sith's leg, colapsing him to the floor.
Yavita: "Ha! Lost a few fights in your time?"
Sith: "No, but I have fought a girl."

Some Klingons start watching. Sith jabs his sword forwards a couple times as Yavita dodges them all. Yavita hacks her sword against Sith's clashing again and again, until Sith spins to an angle, cutting Yavita's shoulder.
#Computer: "Level 7."
Yavita: "No mercy? I like that."
She spins her bat'leth around about to hit him until the computer pauses the match.
#Computer: "Incoming message."

Sith walks over to a viewscreen on the wall, as Yavita waits.
>Lisa: "Captian! The Blade is requesting transfers to thier ship."
Sith: "You guys can't transfer."
>Lisa: "We have to! We were supposed to after our mission to the Nebula."
Sith, understands: "Just hold on a while longer, okay?"

He goes back over to the centre of the Arena where the computer resumes the match. Sith and Yavita slash swords, as Yavita hooks her bat'leth around Sith's mek'leth, rendering them useless. She spins them away.

Yavita kicks, and Sith grabs her leg, swinging her around, but Yavita kicks her other foot around to his head, sending him over a table where two Klingons were eating.

Yavita, lands: "Ha! Got you! When you fall, it's with style."
Sith, gets up in pain: "Ugh... Very funny."
He attacks, jabbing her in the stomach over and over. She reidrects his arms and swings around elbowing him the face. Sith recovers and comes back kneeing her in the side. He swings his foot, tripping her to the floor. He picks up the nearby mek'leth and pins her shirt to the ground.
#Computer: "Level 10."
Yavita: "Impressive."
Sith, stares into her eyes: "...I get a strange feeling when I look at you. I sensed it before I came over here."
Yavita tears the sword out and gets to her feet, ready to fight again. She sighs, thinking she may know the answer to this: "I was one of the 42 aboard the Lukul when we were taken by the Nexus..."
Sith takes the bat'leth and swipes Yavita's mek'leth away. He pushes her back, but she kicks him over to the wall.
Sith, thinks for second: "The Nexus? ...That phenomenon caused many El-Aurians to have a certain sensory of space and time ..."
The room becomes crowded with loud, cheering Klingons. Yavita is about to pick another weapon off the wall, but Sith places his hand on the wall, fluxuating it. All the swords fall to the floor, and Sith and Yavita are forced to fight each other over them, puncing and blocking. Sith kicks Yavita away, and then tackles her to the far floor. They become weak from all the fighting.
Sith: "...You must be why I remembered the mind-meld between me and Wrexel, earlier..."
#Computer: "Level 11."

Sith and Yavita are about to fight again when Sith suddenly gets another incoming transmission at the viewscreen.
>Lisa: "Captain, there are only two people on the Blade and they're ordering the transfer. 53 out of 87 of us will have to move!"
Sith, trickling blood: "Then do it!"
>Lisa: "But we are not finsihed reparing the Mercedes!"
Sith turns away, stressed.
Yavita, glances at him, weak: "Looks like you're fighting two battles at once."

Sith realizes his neglect. He sacrifices the match and gets Lisa to beam him aboard the BLADE. He enters the Bridge, weak from the battles.
ZKel: "Captain Sith. Lieutenant Commander ZKel."
Sith, limps over: "Nice to meet you. I'm taking temporary command of this vessel."
ZKel: "But... Admiral Parsons was going to..."
Sith: "Hah! Parsons? He hates star trekking. I'd be doing him a favour."
ZKel: "Yes, sir."

Yavita takes a seat in her Bar. Ha'vi regenerates a wound and then leaves as Sith enters.
Sith: "...When you bruise, it's with style."
Yavita, smiles: "No one's ever gotten that close to beating me before. Too bad you lost."
Sith notices how extremely attractive Yavita is.
Sith, confeses: "I think I'm in love with you."
Yavita takes this in and then looks back up at him.
Yavita: "You're not. It's that extra-sensory thing with my El-Aurian proximity."
Sith, sits, considering this possibility: "Oh."
Yavita moves herself closer to Sith.
Yavita: "Head for Bajor. There you will find the answers to your questions about the vine parasite."
Sith: "But I'm going to get an autopsy done on Wrexet."
Yavita: "Trust me."
Sith, thinks about it: "...."
Yavita reaches over and kisses him: "Die with honour."

Raine enters the Bridge of the BLADE. Sith enters after her.
ZKel: "Captian on the Bridge."
Sith, walks around: "Raine! You're here?"
Raine: "Yeah, I was one of the people who were supposed to transfer at Starbase 78."
ZKel, hands a padd: "There are one of three places for us to go; the Denorios Belt, Nervala IV, or Regulon to study astronimcal phenomenon."
Sith: "Cool. The Denorios Belt takes us near Bajor, right?"
ZKel: "Yes, sir."
Sith: "Then that's where we're headed..."

The Nova Class Starship, BLADE, turns away from Planet Qo'Nos, leaving the MERCEDES behind. The BLADE heads out into space and jumps to Warp.

Chapter 7

The BLADE flys through space.
Raine: "Captain, I'm picking up strange bio-energy readings a couple parsects away."
Sith falls to his knees, clenching his head: "Argh--!!"

The BLADE approaches a huge green-bluish wiggling clump of Vines. There are so many of them making up the slithering lifeform, they are as big as a starship.

Beside the Slithering Lifeform are three BREEN Ship's, and a Remen warbird, the NICEVON.
Nicin activates the viewscreen: "What do you want!?"

Sith gets to his feet: "That thing... I feel a connection to it..."

Nicin: "Does it look like I care!? Why don't you hail someone for important reasons next time!?"

The screen clicks off. Breen SHIP 1 and Breen SHIP 2 fly around, firing torpedoes at the BLADE.
Sith, walks over to the helm: "Ergh--! ...take 'em out."
ZKel: "Aye sir."

The BLADE locks a tractor beam on SHIP 1 and swings their momentum around, pumping quantum torpedoes into SHIP 2.

Breen SHIP 2 is badly damaged and flys away.

Breen SHIP 3 flys over, firing torpedoes, but the BLADE swings SHIP 1 around and smashes it into the SHIP 3. Both Breen SHIP's flame and crumble in chaos, off into the distance.

Sith: "He's working with the Breen now."
Raine: "Maybe he's changed his motives."

Breen SHIP 2 returns, blasting energy spurts. The BLADE takes on damage, but returns fire.

A part of the Breen SHIP explodes, losing navigational sensors. It flys around the area, like crazy.

The BLADE moves closer to the Slithering Lifefrom.
Sith: "I can feel it... it's an accumulation of worms. The same thing that's on me."
Raine: "Captain!!"

The Breen SHIP soars around, passing the NICEVON and crashing into the Slithering Lifeform. Vines are spilled everywhere, wiggling and trying to get a hold of something.

The NICEVON hails the Breen SHIP.
Nicin: "You idiots! Get more Vessel's out here!"

All the BLADE can do is watch in horror.

Slithering vines start grabbing onto each other, making smaller versions of itself. Each just about bigger than a humanoid.

Sith: "They're sentient!"

One of the Slithering Species shoots itself onto the hull of the BLADE, it breaks through and pours itself into a corridor. Passing through forcefields as they go up, it makes its way to the Bridge.
Tack, an officer: "What is that thing?? Phaser it!!"

Five more BREEN Ship's arrive. They, along with the NICEVON, open fire at the BLADE.

ZKel: "Captain, I must warn you, we are not a warship."
Sith: "Noted..."

The BLADE soars around the center of attention and slices phasers along the ventral hull of Breen SHIP 4. A critical system is hit and the SHIP explodes.

Breen SHIP 5 and SHIP 6 fly around firing energy spurts. SHIP 5 grabs tractor beams onto the BLADE. But the BLADE sends a feedback pulse up it. Part of SHIP 5 explodes.

SHIP 6 and SHIP 7 eagle around blasting torpedoes onto the BLADE as the NICEVON approaches it.
>Nicin: "I found this Creature and was trying to speak with it!!"
Sith: "Why? All you care about is getting political power."
>Nicin: "Not anymore. You don't know me!! ...My scans showed me with this Lifeform I could have great power. If only I could merge with it!"

The screen clicks off as more Slithering Species slam into the hulls of all the other SHIP's and the NICEVON, invading them.

The first Slthering Species pour out onto the Bridge of the BLADE. It slides across the cieling and shapeshifts a neck which arcs around, looking over Sith.
ZKel, takes out a phaser: "I got him!"
Sith: "Wait!"
He stares at the colloge of slithering worms.
Sith: "What are you...?"
He reaches his hand out for the Species, but as soon as it sees the vines wrapped around Sith's arm, it arcs back.
'Vine Creature: "Kkkkrrr..."
It becomes irritated and slides around the cieling.
Raine: "Huh??"

The Species slides out through a vent and makes its way off the BLADE back out into space. It speeds away never to be seen again.

Meanwhile, all the Breen SHIP's and the NICEVON are being invaded by other Species such as this.

The BLADE impulses near Breen SHIP 8, causing the Slithering Secies on board it to become irritated and evacuate. It jumps off the hull of the Breen SHIP and speeds off into space.

SHIP 8 and the BLADE open fire on each other.
Sith: "Why are you helping the Remens?"
>Breen_sdej: "Erskkfoo33 fdoo322-- ffdoocccdpd."
Raine: "I can't understand them."
Sith looks to the side, he doesn't know why, but he can. He glances back on screen.
Sith: "Nicin's only goal is to merge himself with one of those vine creatures."
>Breen_sdej: "He promised us the Federation."
Sith: "He doesn't want that anymore. He's gone... mad."

The screen clicks off. SHIP 8 opens fire onto the BLADE. The BLADE phasers SHIP 5, tactically. SHIP 5 explodes, sending a large piece of it smashing into SHIP 8.

The BLADE flys out of there, and jumps to Warp.
written by Hawku
 an uncompleted series
an uncompleted series