Scorpion's Descent, Part 2

Commander Rune Sith
Second Officer
Starbase 001
Renegade Alliance Vessel, Teketeran
Scorpion's Descent, Part 2

Sith ran and ran, through room after room. It was beggining to look like there were no corridors at all on this ship. As he was running, an Android from one room would launch a spring-kick at him. Sith quickly lept higher than the kick and kicked the Android first himself. The Android would crash back through some equipment, allowing Sith to deal with the next threat.

But the next room opted for something different... as Sith came to notice a giant robotic Spider. "Zeta!" He recognized. The Commander ran over and began studying the wires plugged into the robot. When he realized that they were just analytical interface's, he unplugged them, awaking Zeta.

"Click!?" Zeta blurted as usual, still having the limitations in vocal communication.
"Are you alright?" Sith asked. "They must've beamed you aboard too, since you're one of them."
"Chirp, one of them," Zeta mimicked.

Sith quickly checked a small device on his arm; an Omnicronian transporter inhibitor. He activated it, and glanced over at the spider. "This should prevent them from any surprises," he said.

Just then, from the five doors the room had, five Androids stepped through. They each aimed an unfolded disrupter cannon from thier fore-arms.

"Do not move," one of the Androids ordered.

Sith glanced over at Zeta, who launched five large metallic cables from its back out into all directions. Each of the cables arched accross the room and pierced through the upper-bodies of the Androids as they fired thier disrupters too late. They all were forced to the floor, blasting the walls and cielings unexpectedly.

Zeta electrocuted the Androids, as Sith dodged falling panels and debris. When it was over, Zeta cut the cables and ran out the room with Sith.

They both stopped, suddenly being confronted by the lead Android... the Captain.

"Allow me to introduce myself. I am known as Hetekin."
"Well you're about to be known as floor debris..." Sith replied as he was forced to stand so close to the Android.

He lept back, giving some room between them, and taking a stance. Hetekin just walked over to a console and activated the holographic view-screen. On it was a view of a planet, "This is Kintoka. I assume you've been here before?"

Sith stood up normally and looked at the state of the planet. It seemed alright, compared to when he last been here. "Yeah. The Federation helped free the Human slaves on it during the War."

"Well, I am here to inform you it is the home of the Wraith. He exists within a subspace realm, in a coporeal state."

"What??" Sith stepped forward in shock. "But he was killed, long ago!"

Sith thought back to the days the Prohpets and Pah'Wraiths descended to the mortal realm due to constant fighting with each other. Thier powerful battles, going beyond anything a starship could handle... and then he remembed Julia. The female Prophet he helped and fell in love with.

They both had put a stop to this Wraith in particular, in thier final moments together. They were sure he outcasted with all the other Prohpets and Pah'Wraiths when they returned to another more distant realm.

"I want to talk to him," Sith demanded.

"We were programmed to transport you to the surface," the Android said hopelessly. He hoped that Sith would deactivate the inhibiter.

Sith knew that that was what Hetekin was waiting for. Zeta glanced over at Sith as the Commander took the risk that this wasn't all just a trick and deactivated the device on his arm. "Allow the spider to come with me," Sith ordered again.

Hetekin was about to run the transporter when he heard this order. He hesitated for a moment.

"You people owe me that much... a simple request from a patient you once helped back into health. I think I recognize you." In Sith mind, the image of Hetekin stood over his operating bed, trying to fix the fatal injuries he suffered from the accident on Omnicron Theta. The Alliance War nearly cost him his life.

Hetekin nodded and transported Sith and Zeta to the surface of Kintoka.

They found themselves in a grey a wide field of dirt and patches of dead grass. As far as the eye could see, there were mountains and a distant city. From here, he could tell the city was in ruins. "Valecron..."

The grey clouds racked lightning overhead, as they waited for the Wraith to show himself.

"Click?" Zeta blurted through the silence.
"I don't know..." Sith said.

Suddenly another shock of lightning struck above them, and they found themseves surrounded by all the Bajoran Orbs. Looking around, Sith saw that they were still dead; as they had been for the past few years.

"These were reported stolen last year," Sith looked at them. "The Bajoran Government thought it was anarchists that took them..."

"Close," a dark voice said from behind.

When Sith and Zeta turned they saw the Wraith... he had taken form; a tall boney creature with deteriorating skin. Its head, demonic, and as evil as it was the first day Sith met him.

Sith clenched his fist in anger. It was just like old times.