Scorpion's Descent, Part 3

Commander Rune Sith
Second Officer
Starbase 001
Kintoka, just outside Valecron City
Scorpion's Descent, Part 3

"I stole those Orbs because they belonged to me," the Wraith declaired in anger towards Sith. He too felt the rivalry between them rekindled. It was like hate was a true comfort they'd gone years without.

"How did you survive??" Sith questioned.

The Wraith smiled, "Why, you of course. When you sent me away, you didn't send me back to the distant realm... just merely a subspace realm." He chuckled evilly, "Perhaps it was your limited mortality that wasn't able to outcast me properly, or perhaps it was something within you that wanted me to remain here in this universe."

The Wraith narrowed his eyes.

"If that is so, then you may not be as pathetic as I thought. In fact, I may be able to accept a considerable amount of respect for you," the Wraith continued.

"Then all this time, you've been building your power. You've been attempting reclaim your strength," Sith realized. "Otherwise you would have come for me sooner."

"I'll never understand why my Alliance fell to your Federation, but that's all cookie crumbs now. After I claim victory over the revenge against you, I'll retake this Quadrant and-- oh, I think I'll start with destroying that space station you've retreated to so many times... Starbase 001."

Sith clenched his fist tighter, and stanced out ever more ready. "How about we just settle for that pretty face of yours and we'll call it even?"

The demoic Wraith lent in, stancing out just as ready. "You crack-wise, but can you wise-crack?"

After that confusing banter was over, the tall Wraith began running for Sith. Sith didn't hesitate to run towards as well. They both lept a kick at each other, but Sith transformed his speed into a rotation. He used his other leg to actually kick accross the Wraith at thier mid-air meeting point.

The Wraith flipped to the side, but landed himself feet first on the ground. Sith landed and dodged a sudden incoming knee from the Wraith. As the Wraith got so close, the Wraith punched Sith in the shoulder with extreme strength.

"Click, chirp!" Zeta had already lept from behind the Wraith, with eight spread legs jamming into the Wraith's back. As Sith was hitting the ground from the previous attack, the Wraith and Zeta were flying over him to hit the ground a few meters away.

Sith flipped to his front and watched as the Wraith screamed in pain, "Yyeeaarrrghhh!!!" The Wraith charged his power and shocked Zeta off him. The giant spider went flying back, as Sith ran to his feet and lept a kick to the Wraith's face.

The Wraith dodged back, and grabbed Sith's leg, swinging Sith around. The Wraith threw Sith into the air, and then jumped after him. As the Wraith was speeding towards an already flying Sith, Sith adjusted his stance to block the incoming attack.

A multi-kick was closing in on Sith, to which Sith redirected each leg with his forearms. When the angle was open, Sith grabbed the Wraith's left leg and pulled the Wraith in for a jab into its face. They both landed on the ground, where Zeta suddenly attached as many as eight thick cables into the Wraith's back and sides.

The cables clamped on and pulled the Wraith off the ground again, "Arrggh!!!" Sith lept up and multi-kicked for the Wraith, to which only half the foot attacks were blocked and redirected by an annoyed being. The Wraith powered his structure and blasted the clamps off him. He turned in mid air and blasted a surge of energy at Zeta on the ground.

Zeta was severly injured and sent back a hundred meters. When both Sith and the Wraith landed, they continued kicking and punching for each other. Sith grew long spikes out of his robotic arm and slashed through the Wraith's chest.

Black blood flung out, to which Sith forced himself to dodge back. As he was leaning back, the Wraith extended his boney arms and bent his elbows uncharacteristically backwards in order to jab for Sith's distancing head. Sith grabbed the incoming unnatrual fist, and tried to hold the force. From the backward bent arm, came more and more Wraith energy attempting to push the leaning Sith into the ground.

"AAaauughh!!" Wind and power pushed into his blocking palms, while the Wraith brought around his other arm. But Zeta grabbed it back from an extreme distance with extended cables. The growing energy for Sith was unwantedly distributed onto Zeta aswell.

"You've failed, mortal!!!" The Wraith yelled in struggle, as he was forced to call upon even more energy. In his state, he was unable to bring out as much power as he once had long ago.

Two sudden tentacles grew out of the Wraith's stomach in a final attempt, and slashed Sith in the shoulders. His own blood flung out as he began to lose strength and the Wraith's aggrivation and power peaked. A shockwave between them, sent them both flying back.


Sith gripped his head in major pain. He didn't know if he was even going to live from this. The pain was just too much, when suddenly he felt someone's hand on his arm.

"Are you alright?" The voice was female, and somewhat familliar.

"Julia...?" Sith put all his strength into looking up at her. She seemed to glow for a moment from the over-exposed white clouds in the sky.

"Sith," she smiled reassuringly. "Everything's okay."

Julia helped Sith to his struggling feet, as they saw the Wraith still unconscious in the distance. Zeta was slowly making his way over to them.

"How are you here?" Sith asked.
Julia smiled again, emitting a warmth that Sith could only feel in his heart. "Some of us had to return. We weren't strong enough to survive in the distant realm..." she glanced over at the Wraith, "I didn't know where to find you, so we manipulated the Wraith into acting upon his motivations of revenge. I'm sorry it came so close."

Sith took a moment to register what she had explained. In the end, it was worth it. He felt glad she did what she did.

"Thanks," he replied lightly.

She looked down, unhappy for a moment, "I really wanted to see you again... but I'm eventually going to have to return to the Prophets."

"Then take me with you," Sith suggested without hesitation.

"But what about your life here?"

Sith shook his head slightly, "I don't care."

Julia knew she could take Sith back, but Zeta was another story. "What about your best friend?" Julia smiled.

Sith patted Zeta on the back upon approach, "Zeta..." He just realized he'd have to leave Zeta behind.

Zeta nudged Sith away, telling him that he actually wanted Sith to go. Zeta knew how important it was for him, and Sith smiled understandingly.

Zeta stepped back as Sith glanced over to Julia.

A light began to form around the two of them and before Sith knew it, he began to feel an existence beyond words or comprehension.

For now, he was with his true love.